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2009-02-05 Wrestling with signal integrity issues
Engineers are struggling with old and new signal integrity issues as they drive toward designs in the 5-10Gbit/s range.
2014-01-22 Wideband systems for RF signal monitoring
Find out how we can fulfil the requirement for equipment that can capture wideband signals, and can deal with the large amount of data created.
2004-09-16 Unified data model brings signal integrity
Separate EDA environments and databases prevent analyzing signal integrity early in the design cycle, where it is most critical.
2005-01-17 Understanding the value of signal integrity
While extremely valuable, signal integrity is not a panacea. Here are alternatives for developing systems and memory qualification and testing.
2015-09-28 Type-C test fixtures flaunt high signal integrity
The Keysight N7015A claims to offer up to 30GHz, enabling engineers to verify and debug USB 3.1 Gen 2 designs and designs using other high-speed signal standards that support the Type-C connector
2002-05-30 TSMC adopts Cadence's signal analysis for reference design flow
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. has adopted Cadence Design System Inc.'s CeltIC signal-integrity analysis solution for its 0.135m reference design flow.
2007-05-31 Tool tackles power integrity issues in ICs, packages, boards
Aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution for tackling noise and power at the chip, I/O and PCB design levels, Apache Design Solutions announced its Sentinel product line.
2012-02-02 TI, Avago push signal data rates to the limit
Both companies are using the latest process technologies and signal integrity techniques to hit new milestones catering to responding to the need to carry ever more data over networks while keeping a lid on power and cost.
2006-03-10 Test software enhances large data-set signal acquisition/analysis
Test and measurement software from National Instruments and Agilent Technologies make data-set signal acquisition and analysis easier
2010-05-07 Tektronix buys signal integrity test developer
Tektronix has completed the acquisition of SyntheSys Research, a developer of signal integrity test and measurement instrumentation for the computer, storage and communications industries.
2008-06-25 TDR impedance measurements: A foundation for signal integrity
In this Tektronix application note, the methodology of choice for measuring impedances is time domain reflectometry (TDR), carried out using high-performance instruments such as the TDS8000 oscilloscope equipped with the 80E04 TDR sampling module.
2007-07-02 Tame signal integrity in the fast lane
High-speed serial standards have created a demand for design teams to not only think about signal integrity but to also have an in-depth knowledge of how it will affect the performance and reliability of today's systems thus, engineers must first understand what affects signal integrity within a system.
2006-03-06 Tackling signal integrity in serial interfaces
With the move towards serial data links operating at GHz data rates, the digital hardware designer now equally has to pay attention to signal integrity.
2002-03-12 Synopsys, UMC develop signal-integrity test chip
Synopsys and UMC announced they have developed the ATG-SI test chip for researching signal-integrity effects on designs developed in UMC's 0.13?m Fusion process.
2008-01-29 Synopsys upgrades signal integrity analysis suite
Synopsys has announced that the 2007.12 release of its PrimeTime suite has set a new performance standard for both static timing and signal integrity analysis, accelerating turnaround time and design closure for today's nanometer designs.
2000-11-01 Solving signal integrity problems
If you thought of signal integrity (SI) as someone else's problem, think again. It is becoming an everyday concern for engineers and layout designers.
2004-12-31 Software lets signal integrity analyzers meet PCI Express 1.1 specs
Wavecrest announced that its SIA family of signal integrity analyzers meet the new PCI Express 1.1 Specification defined by the PCI-SIG.
2002-02-18 Simplex signal-integrity solution claims boasts faster run times
The SignalStorm SoC signal-integrity solution is claimed to have run times four to 20 times faster than other solutions, as well as an an accuracy to within 2 percent of SPICE using the effective current source model.
2003-03-07 Silicon Metrics adds signal integrity tool
Silicon Metrics has added to its library development suite a new tool that performs signal integrity noise characterization.
2007-01-17 Sigrity ports signal integrity tools to Linux platforms
Sigrity Inc. has ported its power and signal integrity tools to 64-bit Linux platforms, promising to speed signal-integrity analysis for chip, package and board applications.
2015-03-18 Signal/power integrity device targets high-speed PCB design
The HyperLynx SI/PI tool from Mentor Graphics offers tools for pre- and post-layout signal integrity, timing, crosstalk and power integrity analysis to eliminate design re-spins.
2007-03-16 Signal-integrity issues plague multigigahertz era
Engineers want a new bag of tricks to manage signal integrity as data rates soar into multigigahertz territory.
2008-09-25 Signal Integrity: Tips and Tricks
Signal integrity describes the environment in which signals must exist. It covers the various techniques and design issues that ensure that signals are undistorted and do not cause problems to themselves, to other components in the system, or to other systems nearby. This document describes the theoretical background behind signal integrity and discusses some SI engineering techniques.
2003-10-27 Signal integrity: faster and simpler debugging with integrated digital and analog measurement
This application note details steps to debugging signal integrity problems in high-speed digital systems using integrated digital and analog measurement.
2001-07-02 Signal Integrity: Ensuring Reliability In Today's Digital Designs
This paper takes a look on troubleshooting signal integrity problems in digital designs. It presents an integrated measurement solution that can capture and display both domains in one time-correlated view.
2007-07-03 Signal integrity toolkit checks jitter, boasts new Serdes lib
Agilent has pulled the wraps off a new toolkit that identifies and analyzes sources of jitter in multi-gigabit communication link designs.
2005-09-01 Signal integrity puts high-speed backplanes to the test
The proliferation of serial links beyond 10Gbps has exposed signal-integrity issues not typically encountered in the standard digital design laboratory
2010-10-01 Signal integrity network analyzers tout low cost, built-in calibration
LeCroy's SPARQ signal integrity network analyzers offers built-in calibration for up to 40GHz S-parameters
2001-05-01 Signal integrity moving beyond high-speed design
Shrinking edge rates on today's deep submicron ICs make a strong argument for SI signoff on every board design. Signal integrity analysis is not just for high-speed design anymore.
2007-05-28 Signal integrity models roll for RF design tools
Samtec Inc. announces the launch of its interconnect signal integrity models for Agilent's advanced design system RF electronics design automation software.
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