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What is digital signal processing/processor (DSP)?
1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the study of signals in a digital representation and the processing methods of these signals. 2. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a specialised microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing. These processors efficiently and rapidly perform calculations on digitised signals that were originally analogue. DSPs are programmable, allowing parameters to be easily changed.
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2006-11-02 Low-power DSP operates at 108MHz
The new low-power DSP operates from Texas Instruments operates at 108MHz and features 128Kbytes of on-chip memory and a full-speed USB 2.0 interface.
2011-02-16 ISSCS 2011 takes peek at new Imec tech
Among the results to be presented are a biomedical signal processor, a reconfigurable transceiver that eliminates the need for SAW filters and a functional 8bit MCU made by organic thin-film transistors.
2008-08-25 ISP companion chip is rich in features
Aptina Imaging offers its new image signal processor (ISP) companion chip, MT9S311.
2001-03-21 Interfacing the CY7C276 high-speed PROM to the AT&T, AD, Motorola and TI DSPs
This application note discusses how to use Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C276 PROM as program memory for various DSPs. It covers the topic of interfacing the CY7C276 to popular DSPs for program memory only.
2005-01-05 Imaging quality: The next step in cellphones
The main opportunity in 2005 and beyond for cellphones in Asia and the rest of the world will be in the evolution of the camera function of the mobile phone.
2007-08-27 Image sensor integrates MIPI receiver
Micron Technology has designed a MIPI receiver interface into one of its new mobile imaging sensors, helping to advance 3G videophone calling.
2005-11-28 IC Insights sees flat DSP sales for 2005
Sales of digital signal processors are likely to be flat this year, mainly because of a decline in consumer electronics applications, according to IC Insights Inc. The total market will be worth $7.8 billion
2005-02-23 Frontier Silicon 'unveils lowest power, smallest footprint T-DMB solution'
Frontier Silicon launched its new digital baseband processor designed for mobile digital television
2005-10-20 Freescale DSP brings Dolby capabilities to consumer, auto apps
Freescale Semiconductor introduced an advanced cost-effective digital signal processor (DSP) that features Dolby Digital, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone technology functionality.
2006-09-29 Freescale adds more choices to DSC products
Freescale Semiconductor has beefed-up its 16-bit 56F8000 DSC line with the launching of four new members.
2010-10-01 Free DSP + ARM software tools to make programming TI DSPs effortless
TI has just launched two new free software development tools that allow ARM, Linux and system developers to work with the TMS320C6000 DSP.
2010-12-30 FPGA DSP development kits address performance, cost needs
Xilinx's new Spartan-6 FPGA, Virtex-6 FPGA DSP development kits address a full range of high performance to cost effective DSP requirements across the spectrum, including specific focus on peak performance, price-optimized performance and co-processing acceleration. The company developed the kits with AVnet, Mathworks, TI and 4DSP.
2006-11-13 End-user segment growth drives VoIP market
Revenues for the VoIP market reached $256.2 million last year and are estimated to reach $857.8 million in 2009 given the dramatic growth of end-user segments.
2003-03-11 DSP16410CG to DSP16411 Migration Considerations
This document details the differences between the DSP16410CG and DSP16411 and provides information to facilitate migration from the DSP16410CG to the DSP16411.
2003-03-10 DSP16410 to DSP16411 Migration Considerations
This application note details the differences between Agere Systems' DSP16410 and DSP16411 and provides information to facilitate customer's migration from the DSP16410 to the DSP16411.
2006-02-22 DSP tool supports TI processors
Texas Instruments announced new features for the Platinum Edition of its Code Composer Studio IDE and DSP/BIOS real-time kernel for developing DSP systems.
2005-08-04 DSP tailored for VoWi-Fi apps
The DSP Product Division of LSI Logic unveiled its LSI403US DSP that delivers the perfect mix of high performance and small footprint necessary in VoWi-Fi apps such as cellphones, PDAs and other handheld devices.
2011-04-28 DSP enhancement for multicore devices
Texas Instruments unveils the TMS320C6671 DSP, as well as enhancements to its TMS320C6670 radio SoC.
2006-06-21 DSP DAQ systems read piezoelectric signals
Data Translation's DT9841-VIB systems can be used for applications requiring piezoelectric accelerometer readings.
2006-06-21 DSP core delivers 1GHz, targets multimedia apps
Renesas' new VLIW-type synthesizable DSP core operates at 1GHz and can be embedded in multimedia SoCs.
2006-02-10 DSCs target motor control apps
Microchip Technology Inc. has beefed-up its family of 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers with two devices that offer performance speeds of 30MIPS
2005-05-31 DSCs make small apps smarter
Microchip's new 16-bit dsPIC DSCs offer performance speeds of 20MIPS and 30MIPS, self-programming capabilities via Flash memory, and industrial and extended temperature ranges.
2002-12-06 Development kit for TI's DSPs visualizes power
A power-scaling library in Texas Instruments Inc.'s DSP starter kit allows users to visualize the power and current consumed by DSP tasks.
2016-02-02 Data acquisition improvement with digital predistortion
Find out how the THD of a digital signal generator can be improved with a digital predistortion technique, which then enables evaluation of an ultra-low-distortion DAS
2001-03-26 CY7C09449PV/TMS320LC31 interconnection
This application note describes the direct interface of Cypress Semiconductor's CY7C09449PV to Texas Instruments' 32-bit, 40MHz TMS320LC31 DSP.
2001-03-30 Connecting the Cypress VIC068/VAC068 to the TI TMS320C40: A prototype design
This application note high-level as well as low-level details of interfacing Cypress Semiconductor's VIC068/VAC068 VMEbus controllers to Texas Instruments' TMS320C40 DSP.
2003-06-09 CML Micro IC supports FRS digital comm apps
CML Microcircuits has released the CMX882 FRS radio signal processor IC that supports digital communications standards.
2004-01-26 Cirrus Logic DSPs eye AVR, entertainment markets
Cirrus Logic has introduced the CS49500 family of multi-channel audio DSPs that are targeted for the AVR and other digital entertainment markets.
2002-01-11 Cirrus Logic DSP supports DTS 96/24 standard
Said to be the highest-performance single-chip audio-processing solution for high-volume consumer systems, the CS49400 DSP enables home theater systems to deliver the realism of the DTS 96/24 audio standard.
2002-05-06 ChipWrights DSP permits DVD-quality video capture
Optimized for image and video processing, ChipWrights Inc.'s application-specific DSP is said to enable DVD-quality video capture and playback in battery-powered, portable devices.
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