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2004-03-04 Dallas device speeds up power-amp module design
The DS1870 from Dallas Semiconductor biases two LDMOS power amps over temperature and drain voltage/current variations.
2009-05-26 DAC/amp enhances audio quality in mobile apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has begun sampling a single-chip mono DAC and speaker amplifier targeted at improving audio quality in a range of devices such as mobile phones, conference speakerphones, digital radios and PNDs.
2006-08-24 DAC handles signals from multiple Nyquist zones
Maxim said its new 12bit, 2.3GSps DAC sets new industry standards among high-speed DACs that can directly synthesize high-frequency and wideband signals in multiple Nyquist zones.
2006-05-31 D/RF transmitter IC operates from 450MHz to 6GHz
TechnoConcepts announced the upcoming release of what it touts as the first fully software-programmable direct-conversion digital-to-RF transmitter chip that can operate continuously over frequencies from 450MHz to 6GHz.
2005-05-03 Cut design costs in half with this four-channel video switch
Maxim Integrated Products claims that using this four-channel video switch instead of using traditional integrated audio/video switching devices can save money.
2007-05-16 Current-sense amps handle small differential signals
Linear Technology released the LT6106, a high-side current-sense amplifier that can resolve small differential signals from common mode voltages up to 36V.
2008-06-09 Current sense amplifier weathers harsh environments
Linear Technology has introduced the military-plastic-grade (MP-grade) LT6107, a high-side current sense amplifier that operates over the temperature range of -55C to 150C.
2014-09-30 Creating winning designs for wearables
Know the features and functions that drive a wearable product's energy budget and computational requirements, including the selection of MCUs that meet the product's design requirements.
2013-10-01 Create analogue interfaces for low power design
Here are some techniques for bringing the analogue power budget in sync with the rest of the design.
2006-10-17 Core controller enhances GPUs for Intel Santa Rosa
Intersil has introduced a single-phase core controller said to reduce power consumption and enhance the performance of GPUs or graphics cores for Intel Santa Rosa computing products.
2008-02-07 Cordless phone enters next phase
The VTech 6032 is a handset/base combo built around the newly minted DECT 6.0 cordless standard.
2006-03-01 Converters heed call of 'real world'
Intimacy with the real world has radically changed the focus of IC development among analog manufacturers.
2005-12-02 Controllers meet power requirements of Intel, AMD CPUs
Maxim Integrated Products released single-chip 2-/3-/4-phase controllers with integrated dual driver, designed specifically for next-generation Intel and AMD core power requirements.
2013-01-14 Controllers boast low-power proximity detection
Cypress' CY8C20xx7/S CapSense and CapSense Plus controllers with QuietZone technology tout ultra-low power use, high SNR, high immunity to noise.
2005-06-07 Controller saves power at every turn
National's LM5021 PWM controller combines all the best power-saving features needed by designers to build energy-efficient single-ended flyback and forward ac-dc converters
2008-09-17 Controller increases capacity of multiple modules
Intersil has released the ISL8107, a single-phase, non-synchronous buck controller that provides maximum efficiency and flexibility for telecommunications and industrial designs.
2015-05-14 Connecting passive components to logic gates
By adding a few passive components, you can make circuits such as level converters, frequency multipliers, phase detectors, line drivers, and pulse changers.
2003-12-01 Confidence in waterfall curves guides noise analysis
A waterfall curve plot is typically the end-result of the testing and is a significant factor when wireless devices are being compared.
2007-10-04 Compression codec transmits HD video wirelessly
ADI has introduced a video compression codec that enables the wireless transmission of HD video in real-timewithout any loss in picture qualityover home connections.
2016-02-29 Comparison of CPLD-based power mgmt architectures
Know the different sets of compromises and design trade-offs of today's hardware/power management architectures in terms of scalability, design effort and/ cost.
2006-04-27 CompactPCI form-factor board packs eight channels of acoustic A/D conversion
Radstone Embedded Computing is debuting an eight-channel acoustic ADC board designed for military sonar applications.
2012-04-27 Compact TV analyzer suited for ISDB-T, DVB-T testing
Featuring high measurement speed, the analyzer reliably detects even short-term interfering signals that occur at irregular intervals.
2009-12-11 Codec integrates Class W headphone, line drivers
Wolfson's ultralow-power codec with Class W headphone and line drivers extends playback time in portable applications, such as media players, headsets, voice recorders and multimedia phones.
2004-03-16 Co-design strategies tame PC system bus
The design of high-speed buses is only possible through the use of the proper EDA tools and effective methods, such as DOE, to co-design the entire bus.
2008-09-15 CMOS image sensor combines wide range, high resolution
Texas Instruments Inc. announced the availability of a high sensitivity Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CMOS image sensor for the video surveillance camera market.
2002-10-29 CML TETRA IC combines baseband, voice processors
The CMX981 TETRA IC combines a digital-radio baseband processor with an on-chip voice codec/processor and audio PA.
2005-05-27 Clock extraction circuitry times high-speed communications test
What you need to know when testing digital communications systems.
2004-11-16 Clearing interference for cognitive radio
The wireless industry sees the cognitive radio as the 'next big thing.' But before we reach that point, several technical hurdles remain.
2008-04-16 Class G amps key in driving ceramic speakers
Today's portable devices drive a need for smaller, thinner and more power-efficient electronic components. Cellphone form factors have become thin that the traditional dynamic speaker has become the limiting factor in how thin manufacturers can make their handsets. Ceramic or piezoelectric speakers are quickly becoming a viable alternative to dynamic speakers.
2007-02-01 Class G amp drives thin piezoelectric speakers
Maxim has introduced the MAX9788, said to be the industry's first mono, Class G amplifier specifically designed to drive the high capacitive load of piezoelectric loudspeakers.
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