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2009-02-04 Frequency domain tutorial: Understanding spectral components (Part II)
The second part of a two-part series, this articles focuses on describing a quadrature signal, having a real and an imaginary part, that is a function time
2005-07-07 Firm demands changes at troubled Alliance
An investment banking firm has demanded swift and dramatic changes at troubled Alliance Semiconductor Corp. after it quietly accumulated 6.8 percent of the chip maker's stock.
2002-05-07 Equalization and pre-equalization
This application note describes the functions of the Sample Champion system, as well as useful applications of this feature.
2007-10-16 Engineers work on real-time control of artificial limbs
Researchers have reported advances in neural technology as well as the hurdles still ahead for delivering capabilities such as artificial limbs powered by implanted devices that read and harness subtle control signals in the brain.
2008-06-03 DSC kits target embedded control
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced five new experimenter and application-specific development kits for its TMS320F28x digital signal controllers
2009-07-06 DSA takes high-accuracy vibration measurement
National Instruments has unveiled a new portable bus-powered dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) module and a suite of vibration sensors designed for making high-accuracy vibration measurements
2008-09-08 DisplayPort repeater device unrolls from Parade
Aimed at notebook docking station and motherboard applications, the PS8121ED from Parade Technologies improves output signal quality of DisplayPort transmitters or "source" systems by removing signal distortion caused by long PCB traces and connectors within the DisplayPort signal path
2005-04-06 Digitizers get FPGA-based FIR filters
Gage Applied Technologies is debuting finite impulse response filters in FPGAs in its line of 14bit digitizers
2002-11-20 Digitally Controlled Phase Shift Using the DS1669
This application note discusses how the DS1669 can be used to alter the phase response of a signal without changing its amplitude characteristics.
2005-07-18 Digital feedback pulls class D into high-end audio
Earlier this year, Zetex Semiconductors plc announced the development of an amplifier technology that it claims is so different that it warrants the creation of its own new class-one that Zetex calls "class Z."
2005-10-12 Designing your embedded algorithms with high level graphical tools
Using an interactive and iterative graphical approach is necessary so that you can quickly and efficiently move from design, to simulation, to implementation.
2012-06-08 Dealing with drooping DAC and ADC responses
Learn about the troublesome problem of unexpected droop when working on your DAC and ADC responses.
2014-07-03 Configuring complex audio use cases
To manage the complexity of smartphone audio use cases and make sense of all the options, you need a graphical tool where you can draw out your routes.
2005-06-13 Conditioner responds quickly
ZMD America has expanded its resistive bridge signal conditioner RBICLite family with a fast, low-cost device that it claims provides easy PC-controlled configuration
2011-10-03 Choosing the right scope (Part 1)
Here's a tip for selecting the scope best suited for certain applications.
2007-02-16 Choose an oscilloscope with the right bandwidth
This article will provide you some helpful hints on how to select an oscilloscope with the appropriate bandwidth for both your digital and analog applications.
2003-04-03 Catalyst names Mouser Electronics as authorized distributor
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has signed Mouser Electronics to distribute its serial and parallel EEPROMs, digitally programmable potentiometers, and mixed-signal ICs
2015-12-09 Can wearables function as second galvanic skins?
Here are some of the innovative and educational information that will help designers understand theory as well as tools for design in the wearables arena.
2006-12-11 Baseband analyzer is tailored for cellphone chipset development
Rohde & Schwarz said its new baseband analyzer is tailored to the requirements of chipset development for mobile phones and base stations.
2002-05-07 Average in time and frequency domains
This application note discusses and illustrates the average in time and frequency domains when performing MLS measurements in noisy environments.
2009-03-17 Analyzer handles T-DMB, DAB signals
Rohde & Schwarz has announced new options of its ETL TV analyzer for the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) standards.
2005-03-07 An introduction to analog circuit design Part 1: Transistors and Elementary Circuits
Modern circuit design is a
2008-04-21 Ambient light photo sensor mimics human eye
Avago's APDS-9300 low-voltage ambient light sensor, which is designed to approximate the spectral response curve of the human eye, provide precise illuminance measurement over a wide range of lighting conditions
2009-02-06 Agilent rolls million-bit-per-minute SI simulator
Agilent Technologies Inc. has developed a million-bit-per-minute SI Channel Simulator for multigigabit chip-to-chip data link design.
2007-01-30 Agilent intros new digital communications analysis tools
Agilent Technologies has introduced a phase noise application software and new options for the digital communications analyzer.
2004-11-15 Actel announces IP core generator for its FPGAs
Actel introduced a finite impulse response IP core generator optimized for use with the company's flash- and antifuse-based families of FPGAs
2013-11-18 Acromag expands USB-configured process transmitter line
The TT230 and TT330 series are isolated signal conditioners that feature high-density mounting on DIN rails, supporting RTD/resistance and potentiometer/thermistor input signals
2005-03-08 Acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression libraries
Microchip announced two new software libraries for its 16bit dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers
2008-06-16 A guide to basic audio measurements
This article will look at the types of testing required for different audio devices. Then, a device and a signal path will be chosen as an example for testing level, frequency response, total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N), phase, crosstalk and SNR.
2015-11-18 5G air interfaces require channel measurements
In this article, we look at why 5G air interfaces will need channel measurements to meet the upcoming technical challenges.
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