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2004-10-12 Optocoupler driver with tight regulation, overshoot protection
Linear Technology developed an optocoupler driver for isolated power supplies that require tight regulation, fast transient response and overshoot protection
2014-10-10 Optimise load dynamic performance in LED lighting app
This application note analyses the root cause of power-factor correction inductor noise issue based on the small signal model, and proposes a solution
2004-08-26 NI unveils two 200MSps modular instruments
National Instruments announced two 200MSps modular instruments that extend the company's mixed-signal measurement capabilities
2002-04-04 NI data-acquisition modules delivers 1MSa/s per channel
National Instruments has released the NI 6731 and NI 6733 16-bit PCI data acquisition modules that deliver 1MSa/s per channel, making them suitable for applications such as stimulus-response testing of devices that require frequency excitation
2004-12-17 National Semi announces WEBENCH active filter designer
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced its WEBENCH active filter designer, an online design tool aimed to speed the creation of filters for data acquisition and signal conditioning applications
2006-01-19 Multi-channel DAQ board uses switched-cap over-sampling A/Ds
Radstone's VME bus data-acquisition card is replete with analog signal conversion and conditioning based on a pair of Analog Devices AD9260 data converter chips
2013-08-21 Micron foresees next-gen dense flash chips
New technologies signal a bunch of change in the memory industry and companies with the right scale will have the ability to invest in bigger R&D ventures, Micron President Mark Adams explains
2014-04-01 Microchip delivers 8bit PIC MCU family
The 11-member PIC16F170X/171X family of MCUs integrate two Op Amps to drive analogue control loops, sensor amplification and basic signal conditioning
2007-07-12 Making a distance-to-fault measurement using the Agilent CSA
The Agilent CSA spectrum analyzer with the optional stimulus/response measurement suite can help quickly find problems in wireless communication systems
2005-05-06 LED driver allows complete programmability of 18 LEDs
Dialog Semi launched a universal LED controller which provides complete programmability of up to 18 LEDs for the control of lightshows, backlights and signal LEDs in portable devices requiring varying light sequences
2007-12-04 Intro to the six basic audio measurements - Part 1
Much audio testing is concerned with a small number of performance benchmarks, which we call the Big Six measurements: Level, Frequency response, THD+N, Phase, crosstalk and SNR
2010-11-29 IMC-Hall, contactless current sensor is custom programmable
Melexis' MLX91206 is a customer programmable monolithic Sensor IC offering the Triaxis Hall technology. The MLX91206 allows the user to construct small, economical current sensor solutions with quick response times
2013-08-02 High-voltage power amplifier for dielectric applications
Trek's Model 20/20C-HS high-speed, high-voltage amplifier provides high speed of response with slew rate greater than 800V/us and output current to 60mA peak AC
2015-01-23 HDMI protection devices from ST target Ultra-HD devices
The HDMI2C1 series boasts active pull-ups on all display data channel (DDC) lines to maintain Ultra-HD signal integrity and reduce dependence on HDMI cable quality
2007-04-02 Five filter tips for better RF design
As products get rushed into the market and put to the test, shortcomings in frequency management crop up through noise, crosstalk, signal dropouts and even complete transmission interruption. Sam Benzacar summarizes five RF design tips to avoid frequency-management problems
2009-05-07 Firmware boosts oscilloscope throughput
Tektronix Inc. has released a new firmware for the DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000 and DPO/DSA70000B series oscilloscopes that provide up to 20x throughput improvements for all measurements and applications utilizing finite impulse response filters
2008-12-12 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 2)
Part two tackles questions such as What is Input Offset Voltage? What is Input Voltage Noise? What is Large-Signal Voltage Gain? What is Linear Phase Deviation
2004-03-03 Fairchild exec sees progress with China's communication skills
In response to the opening of this year's IIC-China Conference and Exhibition where hundreds of local design engineers attended the ceremony, Fairchild Semiconductor's senior application technology manager Alan Elbanhawy said he was surprised with the improvement of the Chinese engineers' exchange of technology ideas and communication skills
2005-09-01 DSA board on PCI bus from NI with 118dB dynamic range
National Instruments unveiled the PCI-4461 module, which is a 24bit data acquisition and generation module that is said to mark the highest-performance dynamic signal acquisition board on the PCI bus with a 118dB dynamic range
1999-11-10 Digital audio dominates multimedia trends
The recent Analog and Mixed-Signal Conference in California keyed on the three major applications of mixed-signal technology: Communications, Multimedia, and Power Management
2012-02-29 Designing high frequency synchronizer with programmable MTBF features
Read about a high frequency synchronizer circuit with programmable mean-time-between-failure capabilities that is well suited for high frequency clock gating and input signal synchronization applications
2006-05-24 Dedicated IC eases SHA-1 token authentication
The DS2705 provides the master side of a SHA-based token authentication scheme and controls the challenge/response sequence
2007-06-15 CVBS/S-video filter supports SDTV video formats
Maxim introduces the MAX7453 high-performance, three-channel video reconstruction filter and buffer for Y/C (S-video) and CVBS video signal applications
2005-07-28 Clocking requirements spur buffer demand
Alliance Semiconductor expanded its product offering with a new family of high-performance zero delay buffers (ZDB's) and non-zero delay buffers in response to precise, high-performance clocking requirements
2007-08-06 Choosing, designing the best filter for an effective DAQ system
Filters are very necessary and unavoidable "evil" of the signal path thus, designers must understand their options when making the filter decisions
2012-12-04 Challenges of display integrated with touch
Know the opportunities and challenges that still exist with this technology, as well as the response of the discrete sensor vendors
2008-09-29 CD/MP3 stereo 2:1 multiplexer promises ultralow distortion
Intersil has developed the industry's optimal CD/MP3 stereo 2:1 multiplexer designed to deliver ultralow distortion audio source or load selector solutions with very high signal muting
2009-09-10 Capacitive touchscreen tech battle heats up
The race for more robust and accurate touchscreen technologieswith lower power and faster response timeis ratcheting up fueled by the rising demand by smart phone vendors
2013-12-16 Cadence's embedded processors go mano-a-mano
The Tensilica and Synopsys ARC can have as many as 30 controller cores outside the main CPU, handling data movement and signal processing with higher clock rates and higher memory bandwidth
2006-11-28 Buck regulator reduces number of external parts
Intersil's ISL65426 synchronous buck regulator switches at a fixed frequency of 1MHz and uses current-mode control with integrated compensation to minimize the size and number of external components and provide good transient response
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