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2004-11-09 The subsidiary will operate as the China business hub engaging in development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of SII NanoTechnology's analysis and measurement instruments.
SII NanoTechnology Inc. has established SII NanoTechnology (Shanghai) Inc.
2004-11-16 SII voltage detectors consumes 350nA
The S-1000 series of high-precision voltage detectors from SII has been developed using CMOS process, and operates with a current consumption of 350nA.
2005-04-05 SII system for advance processes
SII NanoTechnology will release its SIR7000FIB photomask defect repair system that repairs defects on photomasks for semiconductor devices which accommodate the 65nm node.
2004-10-18 SII serial EEPROMs with high speed, low power consumption
The S-93L46A, S-93L56A and S-93L66A devices from SII are low voltage operation 1Kb, 2Kb and 4Kb serial EEPROMs with a wide operating voltage range.
2004-10-19 SII serial EEPROM features low current consumption
The S-93L76A from Seiko Instruments is a low voltage operating, 8Kb CMOS serial EEPROM with a wide operating voltage range.
2006-06-27 Stepping motors combine small size, high torque
Seiko said its SSM series of super small stepping motors combine extremely small sizes with high torque performance.
2006-01-09 Silicon Image's HDMI transmitters in ASUSTek, Hitachi PCs
Silicon Image announced that ASUSTek Computer and Hitachi have selected its SiI 1930 and SiI 1390 HDMI transmitters for their multimedia desktop and notebook PCs.
2002-02-28 Silicon Image unveils Serial ATA controller, bridge ICs
Claimed to be the industry's first fully integrated, dual-channel 1.5Gbps PCI-to-Serial ATA host controller, the SiI 3112 features an aggregate transfer rate of 3Gbps.
2002-08-09 Silicon Image serdes reduces power consumption
Silicon Image Inc.'s SiI 2024 2Gbps quad-port serdes dissipates 250mW per port - half the power consumed by the company's current SiI 2020A device.
2005-09-13 Silicon Image receiver incorporates latest HDMI v1.2 specs
Silicon Image announced that its High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) receiver, SiI 9033, has added Super Audio CD (SACD) capability in support of HDMI v1.2 specification.
2003-09-09 Silicon Image debuts 3Gbps-capable SATA controller
Silicon Image has released its SiI 3124 that is 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X to 4-Port Serial ATA controller.
2003-06-23 Silicon Image chips support QXGA displays
Silicon Image has expanded their SiI 1000 family of DVI solutions with the addition of the PanelLink SiI 1171 receiver and the SiI 1172 transmitter.
2005-08-26 Seiko launches mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery
SII Micro Parts Ltd (SMP), one of the subsidiaries of Seiko Instruments Inc., announced that it has developed a mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery.
2006-01-05 Receiver complies with HDMI, HDCP
Silicon Image unveils its third generation of ICs compliant with the high-definition multimedia interface and high-bandwidth digital content protection specifications for consumer electronics devices.
2006-03-23 NTS, SIINT announce electron, ion-beam system alliance
Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems and SII NanoTechnology jointly announced a global strategic alliance in the electron and ion-beam systems, service and solutions market.
2006-06-27 NanoInk, SIINT to provide nanoscale repair solutions
NanoInk and SII NanoTechnology Inc. announced that they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to provide nanoscale repair solutions to the photomask industry.
2006-01-06 Low-power transmitter puts HDMI capability into mobile devices
Silicon Image has unveiled the SiI 9020 discrete high-definition multimedia interface transmitter that is low-power and housed in a chip-scale package, two features that make it suitable for mobile devices.
2004-09-03 KLA-Tencor, SIINT to bring surface metrology solution
KLA-Tencor Corp. and SII NanoTechnology (SIINT), a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, have formed a partnership to distribute SIINT's Nanopics 2100 high-speed, high-resolution atomic force profilometer to markets outside of Japan.
2002-07-22 Hitachi TVs to feature Silicon Image DTV controllers
Hitachi America Ltd will incorporate the SiI 907B PanelLink Digital TV controller of Silicon Image Inc. in 10 of its HD projection TV receiver line scheduled for release this year.
2006-08-09 Carl Zeiss NTS, SIINT expand joint workstation portfolio
Carl Zeiss SMT's Nano Technology Systems division and SII NanoTechnology Inc. introduced the latest member of its CrossBeam family of combined scanning electron and focused ion beam workstations.
2006-06-23 Asustek selects Silicon Image storage processor for motherboard line
Silicon Image announced that Asustek has selected the SiI 4723 SteelVine storage processor to deliver a RAID-powered backup feature in its P5W DH Deluxe desktop motherboard.
2011-01-19 Temp sensor IC enables efficient LED lighting
Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) launches the S-5855A Series of pulse width modulation (PWM) output temperature sensor IC for LED lighting designs.
2011-12-15 Serial EEPROMs boast 300,000 data writes
The SII S-25AxxxB series touts memory capacity from 8-256Kb and 50-year data retention.
2011-11-03 Sol'n enables DAB, DAB+ on mobile devices
Mirics' solution targets ARM processor-based applications, bringing region independent mobile TV and radio reception.
2012-01-03 Seiko, A*STAR partner on HDD tech
The research collaboration will develop pivot assembly for 2.5in, 5mm HDD, targeting the current limitations of both flash-based SSDs and conventional HDD.
2008-04-23 Seiko touts 'thinnest' chip-type double-layer capacitor
Seiko Instruments will introduce the world's thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double layer capacitor, part number CP3225A, in October.
2003-01-21 Seiko Instruments to set up lab in Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Seiko Instruments Inc. has collaborated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the enhancement of its fine semiconductor process technology.
2011-04-30 Samsung Galaxy S4 teardown
UBM TechInsights teardown specialist Allan Yogasingam identifies Broadcom's newest NFC IC and other design wins inside the Galaxy S4.
2013-04-30 Samsung Galaxy S4 dissected
UBM TechInsights teardown specialist Allan Yogasingam identifies Broadcom's newest NFC IC and other design wins inside the Galaxy S4.
2011-02-21 LDO in HSNT-4(0808) package consumes 0.9?A
Seiko Instruments' ultra-small LDO voltage regulator ICs enable high component density designs, improved power dissipation and thermal shutdown protection.
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