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2009-08-19 Zinc oxide nanospears boost solar cell efficiency
Microscopic, spear-shaped zinc oxide crystals on a silicon surface may produce more efficient solar cells
2012-09-06 Suntech Power, Hanwha Solar sign collaborative research deal
An advanced processing technology being pioneered at UNSW to improve the efficiency of first generation silicon solar cells has the competing solar makers into unlikely collaborators
2008-04-01 Solar startup out to beat coal on price
MIT professor Ely Sachs plans for a startup company to develop an improved silicon-based solar cell that can beat coal on cost efficiency.
2009-12-24 Solar Energy, ITRI Taiwan ink PV deal
Solar Energy Initiatives and the ITRI Taiwan have entered a business and technical collaboration agreement to build, integrate, test and commercialize solar products and solutions
2010-08-20 Solar cell spot price to grow 2.87% in Q3 2010
Spot market price of solar cell wafers continues to rise with strong demand, and it is estimated to reach $1.43 per watt in Q3 2010
2004-02-04 Solar cell production gains momentum, buyers jack up demand
According to a November 2003 survey conducted by Global Sources Electronic Components, demand for solar cells is on an upswing as buyers increase their inventory levels and order volumes
2011-12-08 Silicon solar cells show 23.3% efficiency
The newly-developed interdigitated back-contact silicon solar cells feature n-type base float-zone (FZ) silicon substrates and SiN single layer anti-reflective coating
2011-04-29 Silicon solar cell breaks record with 19% efficiency
Sunrise Global has set a new record for mass produced conventional solar cells with a peak efficiency rate of 19.2 percent
2003-05-26 Silicon solar cell achieves 20 percent efficiency
SunPower Corp. has announced that it is sampling the A-300 silicon solar cell that is suitable for rooftop and communications systems.
2008-10-15 Silicon is still at the center of IMEC's solar research
Crystalline silicon technology remains the big bet in solar cell research at IMEC, but the group is also exploring options in silicon thin films, compound materials and organics.
2002-07-29 Sharp installs third solar cell production line at Shinjo plant
Sharp Corp. has installed a third solar cell manufacturing line for multi-crystal silicon solar cells at its Shinjo No. 3 plant in Nara Prefecture, Japan.
2013-03-06 Research sheds light on solar-to-storable fuel conversion
MIT researchers bring the concept of an "artificial leaf" closer to reality, improve the efficiency of harvesting sunlight, and plan the production of a commercially viable prototype.
2007-08-03 Organic solar cells to beat silicon-based alternatives
A new composite material for plastic solar cells formulated by Ohio State University researchers promise to beat today's inorganic silicon-based solar cells
2007-08-14 Organic solar cell tech touts new efficiency record
Plextronics announced that its organic photovoltaic technology has achieved a new efficiency record of 5.4 percent in the conversion of solar light to power for single-layer solar cells
2009-10-14 NREL adopts Synopsys TCAD for solar cells
The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has selected Synopsys' Sentaurus TCAD to create solar cell models
2014-09-25 Novel method paves way for cheaper solar panels
Researchers developed a new method called "hybrid deposition" to create perovskite solar cells, made from a mixture of inexpensive organic and inorganic raw materials
2006-10-18 Kyocera, SunPower mark solar breakthroughs
Kyocera Corp. and SunPower Corp. separately claimed major breakthroughs in the solar-cell arena
2004-08-12 Kyocera solar module with 15.7 percent conversion efficiency
Kyocera developed a multicrystal silicon solar module that offers one of the world's best module conversion efficiency at 15.7 percent
2010-10-13 Korea thin-film solar plant set to rise
A joint venture between Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd and Saint-Gobain will build an 850-module per year CIGS thin-film solar cell manufacturing plant in South Korea
2009-05-06 Japan solar cell makers eye 1GW production
As power plants go green, Japan's solar cell panel developers are expanding their focus from residential applications to deployments on a grander scale, targeting 1GW-class production within a few years
2009-07-17 IMEC, partners join hands on solar cell R&D
IMEC has established new partnerships with solar cell material and equipment suppliers for the newly launched wafer-based silicon photovoltaics industrial affiliation program (IIAP).
2013-09-30 Imec Si PV cell exhibit 20.1% efficiency
The i-PERC-type solar cells were made on Imec's Si solar cell pre-pilot line using RENA's InPilot tool for rear-side polishing/emitter removal and SoLayTec's spatial ALD tool for Al2O3 deposition
2012-04-04 Dye-sensitized solar cell touted as world's first
KMSA's AK-300 PV reference cell has been designed using an optical filter mounted on a stable crystalline silicon solar cell rather than using traditional dye materials.
2010-04-12 Dow Corning, IMEC team on solar cell research
Dow Corning and IMEC have signed a three-year contract for joint research on next generations of crystalline silicon solar cells
2011-12-01 Cu electroplating cuts solar cell fabrication cost
Kaneka and Imec have detailed a silver-free approach in manufacturing heterojunction silicon solar cells that tout higher efficiencies
2010-09-22 Black silicon makes better, cheaper solar cells
Scientists say hole-studded silicon wafers make for more efficient solar cells
2012-09-07 3D Si solar cell prototype unveiled
Solar3D created a working prototype of a 3D silicon solar cell that according to the company produces at least 250 percent of the power of a basic silicon solar cell.
2011-12-28 Shadow state' ups solar cell efficiency
The quantum "shadow state" allows not only one but two high-energy electrons to be produced by optoelectronic energy conversion.
2005-05-13 Zhejiang solar cell makers to boost production capacity
Solar cell manufacturers in Zhejiang are increasing output amid positive market forecast. There are about 15 solar cell makers in the province. They account for 10 percent of mainland China's total solar cell output. Demand for solar cells is expected to go up by 30 percent this year
2010-10-19 Yingli grows solar capacity
China solar cell manufacturer Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. announced it is increasing capacity to 1.7GW
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