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2002-01-30 Tin-silver copper alloy to be used in consumer applications
The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative Inc. (NEMI) has reported the latest findings of its Sn3.9Ag0.6Cu lead-free assembly project during an industry forum held at the APEX conference in San Diego.
2014-06-23 The lowdown on batteries: Zinc/silver-oxide
This battery is known for its high energy density and flat discharge curve. It has found use as a backup power source in the space industry, as well as for the military in some specialty areas.
2011-04-29 Smart Modular to be acquired by Silver Lake
Smart believes that by becoming private, it will have the flexibility to deliver to customers the benefits of its long-term strategies and better manage the volatility of the DRAM cycles.
2006-12-07 Silver-filled adhesives withstand harsh conditions
Master Bond's Polymer System AC85 adhesive and sealant features long-term durability, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, due to its oxidation- and chemical-resistant properties.
2011-03-08 Silver, diamond make cooling composite for defense systems
Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers have developed a composite of silver and diamond for cooling microelectronics used in defense systems such as phased array radars.
2012-06-26 Silver to replace gold as Fano resonance material
Silver nanostructures exhibit a resonance feature that is useful for a multitude of sensing applications.
2005-07-07 Silver Telecom's new PoE module complies with IEEE 802.3af
Silver Telecom launched its IEEE 802.3af-compliant Ag9000 series of Power-over-Ethernet modules that is designed for any Ethernet peripheral up to 12W.
2001-09-03 Silver overcoat spray
This application note provides a source for optical-quality high-reflective spray used for testing optics with rough surfaces.
2013-05-10 Silver lining for Japanese fabs
The latest chatter on the streets of Tokyo is that at least one foreign company is bidding for a fab that a Japanese chip company is trying to dump.
2003-05-08 Silver epoxy adhesive suits microelectronics apps
Tra-Con Singapore's Tra-Duct 2958 snap cure, conductive silver epoxy adhesive is designed for use in microelectronics systems.
2011-04-28 Silver box reference design touts 92% efficiency
Infineon has developed a marketable silver box reference design that enables PC and server power supply units to achieve up to 92.35 percent efficiency at low material costs.
2005-08-26 Seiko launches mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery
SII Micro Parts Ltd (SMP), one of the subsidiaries of Seiko Instruments Inc., announced that it has developed a mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery.
2010-09-21 PV industry to remain among top silver consumers
Silver inks will continue as favored electrode manufacturing material, according to study
2006-04-05 Process for depositing silver epoxy delivers higher throughput
DEK announced that it has successfully developed processes for depositing silver epoxy and B-stage adhesives for die attach apps, delivering higher throughput and repeatability.
2009-01-08 PowerTrench MOSFETs support 80 PLUS Silver spec
Fairchild Semiconductor has released a highly efficient synchronous rectification MOSFET solution that enables power supplies to meet the 80 PLUS Silver specification.
2010-07-23 Power supply designs meet 80 PLUS Silver and Gold specs
Power Integrations has published two new standby power supply reference designs targeting applications that require more than 90 percent full-load efficiency.
2004-08-17 Oki 0.15?m ARM core achieves Silicon Verified Silver Status
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has claimed that its 0.15?m ARM7 hard IP core family is the industry's first ARM-based core to achieve Silver IP status on 0.15?m technology at UMC.
2008-04-25 Novellus exec sees the silver lining
Undaunted by reported downturns in the chip industry, Andrew Goh, president of Novellus' operations in Southeast Asia, remains optimistic about the growth prospects of the semiconductor industry.
2000-06-15 L6561-Based Switcher Replaces Mag Amps in Silver Boxes
This application note demonstrates the L6561, a Transition Mode PFC (Power Factor Corrector) controller, as a higher-performance and lower-cost replacement for mag amps (magnetic amplifiers) in achieving auxiliary regulated power rails.
2004-02-18 Kyocera introduces silver coating technology
Kyocera Ind. Ceramics Corp.'s silver coating technology produces high-reflectance mirrors for a wide-range of advanced optical applications.
2006-04-18 Intel invests in silver-zinc battery developer
Silver-zinc battery developer Zinc Matrix Power has received a $7 million investment to establish and staff a pilot production facility in Camarillo, California.
2008-04-14 Warning: Toxic nanoparticles in your socks
Scientists are raising concerns on toxic nanoparticles being woven into fabrics as 'odor neutralizers' in socks and as antibacterial agents in bandages.
2006-01-02 Using lead-free PCB finishes in circuit test
Know your options for lead-free PCB finishesHASL, OSP, ENIG, immersion silver and immersion tin.
2003-02-06 Sigma 6 acquires membrane switch manufacturer
Sigma 6 Inc. has acquired Silver Graphics.
2013-08-05 Semimetals show heat to electrical conversion efficiency
Researchers in Japan found a layered semimetal compound that offers unprecedented efficiency of heat to electric current conversion, outlining its potential to be used as a thermoelectric material.
2013-05-13 RNCP series resistors ready for anti-sulphur usage
RNCP series of resistors forgoes silver or any other susceptible metals in the terminations to cause sulphur contamination and provide outstanding stability and higher power ratings.
2013-07-01 Researchers find replacement for indium in electrodes
A team of researchers from ASU created a sturdy, transparent and indium-free electrode from silver and titanium dioxide that could replace indium-based electrodes in some applications.
2006-08-07 Philips sells semiconductor unit
Royal Philips Electronics has divested and sold a majority stake in its semiconductor business to a trio of equity firms: KKR, Silver Lake Partners and AlpInvest Partners.
2013-11-12 Nanostructures allow specific filtering of colours
The team from A*STAR IMRE fabricated arrays of silver nanoscale pillars that can selectively reflect light of any desired colour.
2012-07-09 Material constrains of concentrating solar power
A recent study conducted by the Chalmers University evaluates the potential material restrictions for a large scale application of CSP technology.
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