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2009-02-16 Self-aligning nanotech targets display, solar markets
Cima Nanotech, which has been working with Japan giant Toray Industries, said that it is preparing to launch production of its self-aligning nanotechnology films.
2009-11-12 SEIPI clocks 25 years promoting Philippine electronics industry
Celebrating 25 years, SEIPI pursues its vision of transforming the Philippines into a regional center of excellence in the electronics industry.
2003-08-13 Seiko Epson establishes showroom in Beijing
Seiko Epson Corp., together with its local sales company, Epson (China) Co. Ltd., has opened a showroom in Beijing.
2008-03-25 Sealed tact switches tout 1 million operations
C&K Components has developed new versions of sealed through-hole subminiature tact switches with a variety of configurations and that offer a life expectancy of up to 1 million operations.
2006-04-05 Sealed switches operate up to 1M cycles
CIT Relay & Switch launched the ST series of through-hole tactile switches for a broad range of applications.
2008-08-01 Scrutinizing power-supply stability in a multiloop system
Analyzing a power system's stability begins with a look at the open-loop Bode plot of a buck or flyback converter's power stage. From this plot, the designer extracts phase and gain data for the frequency range of interest.
2002-07-12 Sanshi fuse holder rated at 660Vac
The NT NH surface-mount fuse holder from Wenzhou Sanshi Fuses Co. Ltd holds up to three fuses and is rated up to 660Vac.
2008-03-14 SanDisk unveils MP3 player with microSD card slot
SanDisk, the inventor and a major supplier of flash storage cards, has unveiled an MP3 player touting a microSD card slot.
2012-10-08 Samsung plans Silicon Valley innovation centre
Samsung Electronics is planning to open several innovation centres outside South Korea as part of a project to reinvent the company and catch the next wave of business opportunities.
2008-04-28 Samsung brings 3D experience to plasma HDTV
Samsung's Series 4 450 plasma HDTVs enable consumers to have an interactive 3D experience for enjoying a wide range of content, including movies, video games and Web content.
2013-08-16 SACM drastically improves drop-shock performance
The SACM solder alloy from Indium Technology offers drop shock performance far superior to other SAC alloys, without compromising on thermal cycling.
2006-04-26 Rugged switches target control panels
The Series 14 switches from EAO target control panel applications with simple installation, long life and lower maintenance costs.
2010-04-20 Rotary switches provide laser marking
C&K Components has developed a RTE series of DIP switches that feature SPDT, SP3T and SP4T rotary functions as well as rotary binary-decimal and hexa-decimal coding.
2016-04-13 Room temp superconductors soon to come
Corrected theories by several research groups resulted to improved technology as far as superconductors are concerned. Find out how room-temperature superconductors are being developed in this article.
2014-05-13 RoHS, WEEE initiatives cultivate e-waste recycling market
The thriving activity in e-waste recycling is prompting a ripple effect across the supply chaincost fluctuations, increasing volume of e-waste, and the need for environmentally-sound recycling processes.
2006-10-02 RoHS era drives changes in design priorities
Months after the enforcement of the European Union's ban on the use of six environmentally unfriendly materials, designers have clear evidence that failure to meet the RoHS directive means lost sales.
2008-03-04 RGB multichip LED modules light up at 50lumens/W
Allegro's SEPM series RGB multichip LED modules deliver 50lumens/W with all LEDs illuminated, along with high optical output of 25lumens, with all LEDs illuminated.
2008-05-08 RFMD restructures, veers away from wireless systems
RFMD is reducing its investments in wireless systems, including cellular transceivers and GPS solutions, to focus on core IC component opportunities, including cellular front ends and other components.
2002-10-22 RFC bulkhead connector operates to 11GHz
The RFS-2030 N female bulkhead connector from RF Connectors is designed for use in board to panel feed-through OEM applications with a frequency range from 0Hz to 11GHz.
2009-03-12 RF filters suit up to 6GHz frequencies
Now available from Syfer Technology Ltd is a range of SMD low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and band-stop filters for frequencies up to 6GHz.
2004-01-01 Revisit the global supply-chain evolution
The tumultuous downturn has offered automated test equipment (ATE) vendors to fine-tune this supply chain business management model to meet new challenges.
2005-07-19 Resistor eases visual inspection
A new line of partial wrap termination resistors from International Mfg Services provides an exposed solder fillet that is designed to facilitate visual inspection of the flip-chip's termination joint
2010-08-13 Reset switches in stainless steel, plastic
C & K Components has developed a robust and compact reset switch with low operating force to ensure ease-of-use and activation precision. These switches, designated as the LF series, are ideal for use in pump and furnace controls.
2009-04-07 Researchers tap viruses for 'green' batteries
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers claim that genetically-engineered viruses can be used to assemble tiny batteries that can then be printed on plastic films.
2013-12-04 Researchers find way to counter electromagnetic attacks
A team from Fraunhofer INT demonstrated how to defend against electromagnetic attacks, developing a measurement instrument that can detect where the attacks originate.
2013-07-23 Researchers develop low-cost sol'n polymer LEDs, PV cells
A team of researchers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology created a plasmonic material that claims to improve performance of polymer-based optoelectronic devices.
2013-11-11 Researchers develop cost-efficient inkjet-based circuits
A Georgia Tech team created a novel method to rapidly and cheaply make electrical circuits by printing them with commodity inkjet printers and off-the-shelf materials.
2012-07-30 Researchers boast world's smallest semiconductor laser
Physicists at the University of Texas-Austin say they have developed the smallest semiconductor laser that operates well below the 3D diffraction limit.
2013-01-21 Research: Optical fibre design cuts insertion loss
The fibre structure presented by a team from A*STAR was based on a new type of photonic-crystal fibre that removes the limit of the total strength of the optical signal received at the far end.
2013-04-15 Research: DNA enables precise graphene patterns
MIT and Harvard University engineers used folded DNA to control the nanostructure of inorganic materials to create nanoscale patterns on sheets of graphene.
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