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2007-06-01 XA offers better simulation accuracy
Promising a new approach to fast Spice simulation, Synopsys Inc. introduced Discovery AMS 2007, a group of solutions that includes the XA simulation technology option for the NanoSim and HSim fast SPICE simulators.
2008-10-24 Simulation tool upgrades multicore architectures
Gemini Design Automation, an EDA start-up, has released its simulation technology with an objective of finding solutions to the challenge of verifying complex analog and mixed-signal designs.
2008-11-04 Simulation tech enhances mixed-signal designs
Gemini Design Automation, a new company focusing on the setbacks of verifying complex analog and mixed-signal designs, has launched a fast SPICE-accurate simulation technology specifically designed to leverage the throughput advantages of multicore computing.
2004-06-16 Simulation fulfills its promise for enhancing debug and analysis
In the past, simulators did not prove realistic or feasible for debug analysis; however, advancements in fast simulation technology and analysis tools have enabled developers to speed up the development cycle. This article will discuss these enhancements.
2006-09-14 Remcom licenses 3D EM simulation tech to Agilent
Agilent Technologies and privately held Remcom announced that Agilent has licensed 3D electro-magnetic simulation technology from Remcom.
2002-12-11 Nassda aims Critic timing technology at ASICs
Extending its fast circuit-simulation technology into digital design, Nassda Corp. has claimed a breakthrough with a transistor-level, full-chip, dynamic timing analyzer.
2006-07-14 Mentor integrates fast-SPICE with simulation platform
Mentor Graphics announced the integration of the fast-SPICE simulation technology with its mixed-signal simulation platform, ADVance MS.
2014-05-21 Mentor expands with electromagnetic simulation tech
Mentor Graphics has acquired Nimbic, Inc.a move that will enhance Mentor's ability to address enterprise-wide challenges for chip-package-board design.
2005-12-06 Litho simulation vendor opens Japanese subsidiary
Full-chip lithography simulation vendor Brion Technologies announced that it has recently opened a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan
2012-03-14 Fujitsu Labs develops fast simulation tech for ARM systems
According to Fujitsu, this technology is able to faithfully reproduce hardware operations with cycle-for-cycle real-time accuracy
2008-03-14 Enhanced HSPICE revs up circuit simulation
New multithreading capabilities in the latest release of the HSPICE simulator speed up circuit simulation by taking advantage of multicore computer architectures
2007-05-01 Develop, test handset apps with simulation tools
Simulation technology helps software developers write and test high-level application code on the desired OS, then run the application on a particular hardware platform even before the hardware is available.
2002-04-19 ATMOS selects Avant!'s Star-SimXT simulation
ATMOS Corp., a provider of high-density 1T embedded memory products for SoC applications, has selected Avant!'s Star-SimXT simulation for full-chip analysis and verification of its SoC-RAM embedded memory macros that range in size from 1Mb to 64Mb
2006-07-12 Ansoft simulation software included in Cadence Connections Program
Ansoft announced that its Nexxim, the company's circuit simulation software for high-performance IC design and signal-integrity analysis, has been accepted into Cadence's Connections Program
2004-06-11 Agilent, CST to bring 3D EM simulation tech
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Computer Simulation Technology (CST) have signed an exclusive alliance to bring three-dimensional (3D) electromagnetic (EM) technology to a wider range of RF and microwave design engineers.
2005-03-28 Agilent claims RF simulation speedup
Improvements to its frequency-domain simulation technology are resulting in RF simulation speedups of up to 50 times, according to Agilent Technologies' EEsof EDA division.
2005-06-27 Acacia Tech licenses simulation tools to National Instruments
Acacia Research Corp. has announced that its Tech Search LLC subsidiary has entered into a non-exclusive license with National Instruments covering a portfolio of patents that apply to computer simulation systems
2005-05-24 Xoomsys simulation speedup technology moves closer to beta sites
Xoomsys, an EDA startup with a technology said to speed simulation using industry standard simulators, is about a month away from moving its technology to beta testing and expects to begin shipping its first product later this year, according to Anjaneya Thakar, the company's president and CEO.
2002-01-21 X-FAB adds new mixed-signal technology to its CMOS process platform
X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG has added a new mixed-signal technology called XC06 high-voltage process to its 0.65m mixed-signal CMOS process platform
2003-12-18 UMC says design methodology reduces simulation time
By providing detailed, foundry-specific modeling for RF components, United Microelectronics Corp. claims it can reduce electromagnetic simulation time from a matter of hours to minutes. The company's new Electromagnetic Design Methodology (EMDM) is aimed at customers designing RF CMOS ICs
2002-04-22 TransEDA licenses formal-verification technology from SRI
Making a concerted effort to be seen as more than a simulation add-on tool vendor, TransEDA plc has licensed raw formal-verification technology from Stanford Research Institute and plans to turn this know-how into formal and semiformal verification tools within a year.
2002-08-22 Tower Semiconductor adopts PDF Solution technology
PDF Solutions Inc. has partnered with Tower Semiconductor Ltd on a program to enhance the yield and performance of 0.185m CMOS process technology at Tower's Fab 2
2012-09-21 The golden age of simulation-driven design
Find out what it takes to design for reliability nowadays.
2001-06-01 Technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits
This application note discusses the underlying basis of, and need for, technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits incorporating FETs.
2008-09-12 Synopsys, Ovonyx develop simulation model for PCM
Synopsys Inc. and Ovonyx Inc. have teamed up to develop of device simulation models for phase change memory (PCM) based on Ovonyx's PCM technology.
2003-04-21 Synopsys acquires Qualis technology
Synopsys has purchased the verification IP assets of Qualis and its affiliated companies which perform verification methodology consulting and training.
2015-08-19 Start-stop vehicle technology and battery management
A start-stop system is a small step on the road to re-architecting vehicle functions in the quest for better fuel economy. However, it comes with its own set of challenges.
2005-09-02 ST shifts 128Mb NAND flash memory to 90nm process technology
STMicroelectronics announced that production of its 128Mb NAND flash devicethe NAND128W3A2BN6Ehas been transferred to 90nm process technology
2009-01-27 ST 65nm RF platform includes GoldenGate simulation
STMicroelectronics has added Agilent Technologies' GoldenGate RF IC simulation in its 65nm Design Platform
2003-05-02 Speeding up simulation
The paper presented by Rajesh Bawankule at the recent DVCon can help engineers to speed up verilog without spending a single penny.
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