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2004-11-25 Intersil's new tool provides extensive simulations
Intersil's new tool enables its customers to conduct simulations in both the time and frequency domains while maintaining complete control over every component and simulation criteria.
2001-09-27 GSM receiver simulation
This application note is intended to demonstrate the simulation of a GSM receiver example to verify signal levels, spurious products and demodulation performance
2006-01-12 Faraday adopts Mentor's Eldo simulation tool
Mentor Graphics and Faraday Technology jointly announced that Faraday has adopted Mentor's Eldo simulation tool as their internal SPICE simulator for cell library and IP characterization.
2010-06-08 ESL modeling, simulation tool generates C code
CoFluent Design set to present a pre-release demonstration of the embedded C code generation feature in its CoFluent Studio ESL modeling and simulation software environment
2008-03-14 Enhanced HSPICE revs up circuit simulation
New multithreading capabilities in the latest release of the HSPICE simulator speed up circuit simulation by taking advantage of multicore computer architectures
2013-07-24 EMC simulation addresses ECU validation issues
A more straightforward validation of electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved by combining tools.
2003-12-22 EDA industry tool sales decline in third quarter
EDA tool revenues declined in every major category during the third quarter compared to the same period a year ago. Still, the EDA industry managed to eke out 1 percent sequential growth thanks largely to the inclusion of new intellectual property companies in the report, according to the latest data from the EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Services (MSS
2011-09-23 Double simulation tool boosts wafer quality
The TrueMask DS is a mask-wafer double simulation accelerated workstation that improves mask write-times
2008-07-08 DesignWare IP tool supports SATA 3.0
Synopsys Inc. announced that its DesignWare SATA Verification IP now supports SATA 6Gbit/s transfer rates as defined in Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification.
2006-03-30 Design, simulation tool expands its MOSFET library
Fairchild's FETBench online design and simulation tool has an expanded library of low-voltage MOSFETs for computing, ultraportable and DC/DC converter applications.
2003-02-18 CFDRC licenses Simmetrix simulation modeling suite
CFD Research Corp. has licensed several modules of Simmetrix Inc.'s simulation modeling suite
2009-08-24 Capacitive touch algorithm simulation
This application note explains how to use the Microchip capacitive touch simulation tool to customize sensing algorithms to a project's specific needs.
2001-09-27 Bluetooth system simulation
This application note describes the basic nature of the Bluetooth signal and demonstrates a corresponding SystemView simulation file
2001-09-27 Baseband simulation of communications systems
This application note describes the application of baseband processing to the SystemView simulation tool.
2003-03-24 AWR tool suite focuses on RF closure
Applied Wave Research has announced the release of the Microwave Office 2003 EDA software tool with a special focus on RF closure
2006-09-06 AWR rolls out system-level RF simulation tools
Applied Wave Research has announced its RF Architect system-level simulation tool that provides an RF budget analysis as well as so-called frequency heritage inspection capabilities.
2004-09-27 Altera kit empowers engineers using Mentor tool
Mentor announced the availability of the Altera Stratix GX design kit for ICX.
2005-04-01 Acquisition brings MultiSim tool to NI
National Instruments has acquired Electronics Workbench, purveyor of the popular MultiSim board-level simulation package
2007-06-29 3D simulation tool simplifies wireless design
Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the release of its Antenna Modeling Design Systema 3D, dedicated design, modeling and verification tool for antenna systems and placement
2008-08-20 3D EM simulation solution rolls for RF module design
Agilent Technologies Inc. has developed the EMDS-for-ADS, an integrated design flow solution that includes full 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation for RF Module Design
2004-09-29 Xilinx tool suite targets system-level design
Xilinx introduced v6.3i of the Platform Studio for system-level embedded processing design on Xilinx Platform FPGAs.
2003-07-29 Verisity ties testbench tool to Aptix accelerator
Verisity Ltd and Aptix said that Aptix will integrate its System Explorer hardware accelerator with Verisity's eCelerator testbench offering.
2007-01-09 Verilog simulator offers faster RTL, gate-level simulation
SynaptiCAD has released VeriLogger Extreme, a compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator, priced at $4,000 on Windows platforms.
2009-01-21 Verification tool provides step-by-step approach
OneSpin Solutions has amended its software and packaged it in a way that supports a step-by-step approach for beginners.
2003-12-18 UMC says design methodology reduces simulation time
By providing detailed, foundry-specific modeling for RF components, United Microelectronics Corp. claims it can reduce electromagnetic simulation time from a matter of hours to minutes. The company's new Electromagnetic Design Methodology (EMDM) is aimed at customers designing RF CMOS ICs
2002-04-11 TransEDA SoC verification tool combines emulation, simulation results
Designed to accelerate SoC verification, TransEDA plc's VN-Cover Emulator allows users to collect coverage data, and merge them with simulation results to measure a design's verification completeness
2003-06-05 TransEDA debuts property verification tool
TransEDA has announced a property and assertion capture and validation tool at the 2003 Design Automation Conference
2004-11-22 Toshiba adopts Mentor ADVance MS tool in LSI designs
Mentor Graphics Corp. revealed that Toshiba Corp. has adopted its analog/mixed-signal HDL language, Verilog-AMS, for the design and verification of complex analog and mixed-signal LSI (large scale integration) designs.
2005-02-01 Tool vendors dispute report of downturn in ESL
Did the emerging ESL tools market take a
2012-05-31 Tool tests MOST speeds and PHY
Ruetz System Solutions' TTsuite is based on the standardized test specification language TTCN-3 and uses the Graphical Presentation format of TTCN-3.
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