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What is a simulator?
A device that is used to represent the behavior of a physical system through its analogous characteristics.
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2008-07-11 Temperature simulators are fully programmable
Prime Technology LLC has introduced the RTD-500 series of programmable temperature simulators that is designed specifically for performing highly accurate calibration of temperature controllers.
2004-06-16 Simulators shred the limits of mixed-signal design
Under pressure from 90nm processes and rising clock frequencies, analog/digital SoC tools have stepped up to meet engineers' needs.
2008-01-18 Simulators eliminate need for 'paid' satellite time
Tampa Microwave's new satellite simulator products eliminate the need for live 'paid' satellite time, saving time and expense for system users and product developers.
2006-02-20 RFIC and system-design simulators link
Xpedion announced an interface to Simulink from The MathWorks to couple system-level and transistor-level simulation for RF design.
2007-11-09 FPGA simulators produce CameraLink images
GiDEL has announced their new PROC_CamSim product that can automatically generate CameraLink images during image and vision system development without the use of real cameras.
2000-02-18 DSP-21000: Developing DSP applications with ADSP-21000 family simulators-Basics
The ADSP-21000 family of simulators runs on PC-compatible computers using the Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later operating system and on SUN4 workstations using the UNIX operating system running in a MS-Windows emulation mode. This chapter presents the application specific aspects of the Windows based simulator software.
2006-05-17 Aldec simulators validated for Lattice devices
Aldec announced that Lattice Semiconductor has validated Aldec's Riviera and Active-HDL simulators for use with Lattice devices.
2001-04-26 Accurate Fourier analysis for circuit simulators
This application note presents an accurate and flexible approach to Fourier analysis, which is based on the direct computation of the Fourier integral, within the context of circuit simulation.
2001-09-27 A Methodology For Combining System Level And Circuit Level Simulators To Examine Trade-Offs, Constraints, And Second-Order Effects For Wireless Designs
This application note provides a combined analysis of circuit-level and system-level simulation to aid RF design engineers in examining the pros and cons of each simulation level.
2015-11-23 What makes hardware emulation so compelling
Here is a quick assessment of the evolution of hardware emulators over the past two decades, comparing where things stood in the 90s to where they are today.
2006-11-29 Virtual prototype support rolls out
Bluespec Inc. will roll out within the week a new version of its Bluesim simulator that supports virtual prototyping for software development and hardware validation.
2007-01-09 Verilog simulator offers faster RTL, gate-level simulation
SynaptiCAD has released VeriLogger Extreme, a compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator, priced at $4,000 on Windows platforms.
2007-07-09 Verification tool for ARM-based wireless systems debuts
Mentor Graphics Corp. today extends support of iSolve emulation-based IP products for ARM processors to enable the high-speed verification of wireless and multimedia applications and reduce time to market.
2004-01-01 Verification platform for Jeda language rolls
Jeda Technologies released Jeda-X, a commercial product based on the Jeda hardware verification language.
2013-02-18 Using popular wires to reduce EMI/RFI
We combine the twisted pair and lowpass filters to produce spectacular rejection of radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference.
2003-01-08 Tharas signs ICON Design as distributor in India
Tharas Systems Inc. has named ICON Design Automation Pvt. Ltd as its distributor in India.
2002-10-17 Synopsys expands open-source offerings
Synopsys Inc. has released an open-source version of a switching power exchange format at its semiannual EDA Interoperability Developer's Forum.
2007-09-20 Synopsys delivers system-level library
Synopsys has introduced the DesignWare System-Level Library that provides SystemC transaction-level simulation models for assembling virtual platforms.
2005-04-07 Philips, Penn State refine surface potential transistor model
Scientists from Philips Research and the Pennsylvania State University have developed a model of MOSFET behavior based on the extensive use of the surface potential measurements.
2002-10-15 NEC to provide microwave parameters on the Web
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd has created a free service to provide microwave device parameters to users in SP2 file format, enabling direct input to simulators used for application circuit design.
2003-10-29 German emulation firm opens U.S. subsidiary
Bringing its rapid prototyping and emulation systems to U.S. shores, ProDesign Electronic & CAD Layout GmbH has set up a U.S. subsidiary in Oregon.
2008-03-14 Enhanced HSPICE revs up circuit simulation
New multithreading capabilities in the latest release of the HSPICE simulator speed up circuit simulation by taking advantage of multicore computer architectures.
2012-12-24 Easing system simulation with hardware models
Hardware models can accelerate integration and system verification tasksif they are available early enough in the design flow.
2004-10-27 Agilent EDA tools to verify UWB for design prototyping
Agilent Technologies Inc.'s advanced design system (ADS) EDA software and ultra-wideband (UWB) design guide have been selected by Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) to help prove UWB design concepts for advanced design prototyping.
2004-08-20 AdTech Ceramics offers microwave design assistance
AdTech Ceramics has added a design process using the art 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) simulators and proprietary numerical simulators that can yield market differentiating performance while maintaining cost effective solutions.
2005-05-24 Xoomsys simulation speedup technology moves closer to beta sites
Xoomsys, an EDA startup with a technology said to speed simulation using industry standard simulators, is about a month away from moving its technology to beta testing and expects to begin shipping its first product later this year, according to Anjaneya Thakar, the company's president and CEO.
2007-06-01 XA offers better simulation accuracy
Promising a new approach to fast Spice simulation, Synopsys Inc. introduced Discovery AMS 2007, a group of solutions that includes the XA simulation technology option for the NanoSim and HSim fast SPICE simulators.
2004-04-12 SynaptiCAD joins graphical debugging market
Offering a graphical debugging system that can control Verilog, VHDL, and C++ simulators, SynaptiCAD has announced BugHunter Pro.
2008-05-26 Spice simulator speeds past rival tools
Legend Design's MSIM high-accuracy Spice circuit simulator runs five to 10 times faster than most popular Spice simulators when characterizing the CCS Timing Model under PrimeTime accuracy requirement.
2006-09-21 Spice circuit simulator speeds time-to-results
Magma Design Automation has released a circuit simulator that dramatically speeds time-to-results for simulation and analysis while maintaining the accuracy of leading Spice simulators.
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