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2015-03-11 Diodes unveils low-power multi-channel load sink drivers
The ULN2003V12 and ULN2003F12 both integrate an input RC snubber circuit and support 3.3V to 5V CMOS logic inputs, making them compatible with a range of MCUs and logic devices.
2016-05-16 Transistor arrays pack 1.5A sink-output driver
The TBD62064A and TBD62308A from Toshiba are geared for driving constant-voltage unipolar stepping motors and relays, and for multi-channel, general-purpose, low-side driver power applications.
2005-08-16 Latched sink drivers deliver flexibility through MOS, bipolar mix
Allegro Microsystems offers the A6800/01, A6821/41, and A6832/33 latched sink drivers for LED displays, gaming and medical systems
2007-12-10 Agilent beefs up DisplayPort test capability
Agilent Technologies has expanded its DisplayPort test solution for design, characterization and debug, as well as compliance testing for source and sink
2013-12-23 40V, 2.1A LDO boasts wide monitoring capability
The LT3086 from Linear Tech includes a programmable power good status flag, cable drop compensation and easy paralleling.
2011-08-05 Voltage regulator touts 2.5C36V output voltage
Linear Technology's three-terminal, adjustable shunt regulator operates from -55C to 150C and has a 100mA sink capability and 0.4 percent initial reference voltage accuracy.
2007-07-25 DDR2 SO-DIMM has thermal heat-spreader
To improve convection cooling, Virtium Technology Inc. announced a thermal heat-spreader for its DDR2 SO-DIMM, SO-RDIMM and SO-CDIMM.
2012-05-22 Utilizing LM5114 evaluation board
Here's a look at an evaluation board designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional boost dc-dc converter to evaluate the LM5114.
2003-02-13 Microsemi IC drives >100 RGB LEDs
The LX1991 six-channel LED sink driver from Microsemi Corp. is capable of controlling the brightness of >100 standard green, red, or yellow LEDs
2006-10-10 Thin heat spreaders cool all types of systems
Celsia Technologies has announced the availability of its MicroSpreader line of thermal management products equipped with an optimal cooling design for all types of systems and devices.
2007-09-24 Semiconductor light source plugs directly into AC power outlets
Seoul Semi's Acriche line of semiconductor light source has the capability to plug directly into AC power outlets in homes and offices without the need for an AC/DC converter
2007-09-25 Power conversion ICs deliver up to 150W
Power Integrations has unveiled the TOPSwitch-HX family of AC-DC power conversion ICs that enables best-in-class efficiency over the entire load range and delivers up to 150W with a heat sink
2013-06-05 Low-side gate drive IC in SOT-23-5L package
The IRS44273L claims to offer 1.5A (typical) sink and source capability, fast switching performance and integrated under-voltage lockout protection with minimal board space requirements.
2007-11-12 LED drivers offer dot correction, grayscale functions
Texas Instruments has introduced two 16-channel, constant-current sink, LED drivers with dot correction and grayscale on one IC for high-quality video
2013-06-03 IR's compact low-side gate drive IC reduces solution size
The IRS44273L provides a simple solution for IGBT and MOSFET gate drive, offering 1.5A sink and source capability, fast switching performance and integrated under-voltage lockout protection.
2013-03-05 Gate drivers target IGBT, SiC FET designs
TI's UCC27531 and UCC27532 output stage gate drivers claim to offer efficient output drive capability, short propagation delay and increased system protection for isolated power designs
2007-12-14 Drivers load up to 150mA to three HB LED strings
Maxim has introduced 3-channel HB-LED drivers that feature three 36V rated, open-drain, constant-current sink outputs capable of delivering up to 150mA to three separate strings of HB LEDs
2007-06-13 Buffer interface with negative gate bias for desat protected HVICs
In this application note, a buffer circuit with negative gate drive capability for the gate driver families IR2x14 SSPBF and IR2x38 QPBF are presented
2008-03-03 Maximize Class-D driver benefits
Notes Alex Mihalka of International Rectifier, Class-D audio amplification circuits offer high efficiency and small size compared to the more prevalent linear Class-AB topology. Solid-state drivers that deliver 1A or more gate-drive current with 100V capability for driving half-bridge topologies to power levels of 500W into 8 ensure quality audio
2005-01-20 Tiny MCUs come in tiny 3-by-3-by-0.85mm
Philips' new 8bit MCU family with two new devices is targeted at space constrained apps.
2002-05-21 STMicro shift register controls automotive LEDs
STMicroelectronics' STPIC6595 power-logic 8-bit shift register features low-side DMOS output transistors that can drive 100mA loads, including automobile LEDs for turn signals, relays, and solenoids.
2009-10-23 PWM controllers power DDR3 DIMMs
The IR3522/IR3506 chipset tracks accurately and enables margining between VDDQ and Vtt outputs.
2005-04-13 ON Semi controller extends battery life for notebook apps
ON Semiconductor announced the expansion of its power computing portfolio with the introduction of the NCP5214.
2005-11-03 New GPIO and LED drivers from Maxim
Maxim Integrated Products expanded its serial-bus-controlled GPIO and LED drivers with MAX7319-MAX7329.
2013-04-01 Linear Tech unveils low frequency clock
The LTC6995 combines a programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logicconfigurable for long duration power-on reset and watchdog timer applications.
2002-12-13 DC/DC converter exhibits fast transient response
The KM series of surface-mount dc/dc converters from Smart Modular Technologies accepts a 12V input with a transient response >300A/?s.
2008-07-24 XPLA3 I/O cell characteristics
This paper describes the features and benefits of the I/O cells provided by Xilinx CoolRunner XPLA CPLDs.
2013-06-26 Xbox 360 E mimics predecessor
Xbox 360 E adopts Xbox One's looks and may have cured Red Ring of Death, says teardown team at iFixit.
2009-02-26 Will DisplayPort get a second chance?
With the of widespread emergence and popularity HDMI, why is there more than 180 computer and consumer electronics companiesand countingactively supporting DisplayPort, another audio/video interface standard?
2009-02-19 Voltage regulators reckon energy efficiency
International Rectifier has introduced its second generation of SupIRBuck integrated point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators for energy-efficient, high-performance server, storage and netcom applications.
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