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2005-12-05 Surface-mount switches provide six actuation choices
NKK Switches expanded its surface-mount switch line with a wide range of actuation types and sizes. The new surface-mount switches are available in six actuation types that include toggle, pushbutton, slide, DIP slide, DIP rotary and tactile.
2007-01-16 Submini slide switches suit logic-level apps
Designed for logic-level applications, the AS series slide switches from NKK switches are rated for 0.4VA at 28Vac/dc maximum.
2006-10-11 SMK ships samples of single-side momentary slide switch
SMK has announced the development and sample shipment of its JSS series slide switches (single-side momentary).
2007-03-26 SMK claims 'shortest' slide switch for portables
By arranging the switch spring horizontally rather than vertically, SMK said it has developed the industry's shortest slide switch at 1.55mm
2005-11-09 Slide switches supply more choices
CIT Relay & Switch launched a new series of RoHS-compliant subminiature slide switches.
2007-12-20 Slide switches feature very low profile
C&K Components has developed a series of miniature slide switches that feature an actuation height of only 2.5mm.
2010-03-04 Slide switches enable compact electronic apps
Alps Electric Europe has developed the SSAJ series of 0.7mm-high slide switches that enable the design of more compact electronic devices.
2009-05-29 Slide switches achieve up to 1000,000 cycles
Alps Electric Europe GmbH has released the SSAG series of double-side or single-side (right or left) recoil type slide switches.
2005-04-22 Slide switch with 1.5mm travel
With the SSAD series, Alps Electric offers a family of low-profile, surface-mountable slide switches with a 1.5mm travel length, a mounting area of 6.7-by-3.2mm and a height of 0.7mm.
2005-08-31 Slide switch offers two mounting options
NKK Switches has introduced its new SM series of RoHS-compliant slide switches that give designers a choice of side-by-side or end-to-end mounting in space-constrained applications.
2009-04-08 Single-sided slide switch flaunts thinner design
SMK has developed the 1.2mm-thin JSS slide switch to help prevent unintended operation of equipment by using the property of momentary action (spring-back system
2007-05-18 Single-side momentary switches slide to the right
SMK announced the availability and shipment of samples of the JSS series slide switch (single-side momentary), right direction parts
2002-08-05 NKK slide switch suits HF apps
The FS series of slide switches features a minimum isolation of 40dB (1GHz) and is targeted for applications that feature a frequency >30MHz.
2007-10-22 Miniature slide switches fit space-limited PCBs
C&K Components has released a series of low-profile, cost-effective miniature slide switches designed for applications with limited PC board space and height restrictions.
2010-10-06 Miniature slide switch family gets surface-mount option
C&K's JS Slide switch family offers surface-mount option for limited-space applications
2008-08-22 Low-profile slide switches offer right angle actuations
C&K Components has developed a family of miniature slide switches designed specifically for applications where height or surface area is restricted.
2004-03-18 Light Country slide switches rated to 0.3A
Light Country has announced the availability of its MSS series of miniature slide switches that are rated at 0.3A, 4Vdc to 6Vdc.
2009-07-20 Flexible slide switches tailored for mobile apps
C&K Components has unveiled the OS series of compact two-position slide switches that feature flexible design for easy integration into standard and custom mobile communication devices.
2002-11-05 Dicgu slide switches lasts 30,000 cycles
The company's ss009-01P-22 slide switch features a mechanical and electrical lifespan of 30,000 and 10,000 cycles, respectively
2008-06-30 Rohm launches Hall effect IC switches
Rohm Electronics formally introduces its complete line of Hall Effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2006-03-09 Mini slide switch is RoHS compliant
EAO's new miniature 1K2 switch occupies a board space of 10-by-2.5mm with a height of 4.5mm, excluding the actuator.
2004-10-04 Light pipe operates with board-mounted push-button switches
BivarOpto released a new light pipe designed to operate with board-mounted push-button switches
2005-04-27 Guide of RoHS-compliant switches
NKK Switches has announced the release of its latest Switch Guide complete with new RoHS-compliant switches
2004-04-16 Alps switches shrink by 50 percent
Alps has shrunk its line of lever and push action switches by 50 percent while maintaining their operational feel and life span
2004-03-04 Alps switches offer near-silent operation
Alps Electric's SPED3 series of push switches features a near-silent operation because of its ratchet structure
2005-06-29 New capacitive touch sensor interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduced CapSense technology, a new capacitive touch sensor interface based on its Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal arrays.
2004-02-25 Global router, switch market up 13 percent in Q4 '03
The worldwide revenue for service provider routers and switches totaled $1.4B during the fourth quarter of 2003, up by 13 percent from the third quarter of the same year
2007-03-12 China RoHS creates better market dynamics, says knitter-switch
For Germany-based switch vendor knitter-switch, the RoHs implementation in China will boost the company's capability to increase their market share in the country.
2015-01-08 Tearing down the simple and effective Mr. Coffee
The ubiquitous coffee machine satisfies many conflicting design demands, but it also serves as a source of parts and even a temperature controller.
2012-02-13 Implement multitouch sensing in automotive apps
Understand the fundamentals of capacitive sensing and the evolution of touch sensing technology in automotive environments.
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