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2003-10-29 Rambus technology adopted by S3 Graphics
Rambus Inc. has licensed its RaSer cell for PCI Express connectivity in their line of graphics processors for desktop and mobile PCs to S3 Graphics Inc
2014-04-16 Quantum dots make colourful luminescent solar concentrators
A luminescent solar concentrator serves as a light-harvesting antenna which concentrates solar radiation collected from a large area onto a much smaller solar cell, enabling its potential as solar panels that can double as house windows
2008-02-27 Qimonda details 30nm DRAM road map
Qimonda AG has disclosed its technology road map to the 30nm generation featuring cell sizes of 4F?
2013-09-05 QFN-type packages to boost flatpack/chip carrier category
IC Insights noted that with its low cost, small size and excellent thermal performance characteristics, QFN quickly became the mainstream package of choice for many low-to-medium I/O count ICs
2009-02-19 Power converter harnesses green energy
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has developed an integrated mixed-signal chip that can convert the output from a single solar cell into a usable power source
2010-01-11 Optimizing MCU power efficiency for ultralow-power designs
Trends such as single-cell operation, charging/discharging closer to battery thresholds, and the need to control motors and/or high brightness LEDs have changed how developers must approach power optimization
2004-06-01 Optimizer vows custom speed for standard blocks
Startup Zenasis Technologies says its cell-based timing-optimization tool can analyze blocks of up to 600Kgates
2013-03-07 Online storage cuts NAND flash capacity in mobile devices
Memory capacity per cell phone has declined to 12.8GB on average in 1H13, compared to 13.2GB the same time last year, noted IHS
2002-01-14 ON Semiconductor charge controller boasts 0.55A standby current
The NCP1800 is a single-cell Li-ion/-polymer battery charge controller that consumes a standby current of only 0.55A
2005-03-04 National Semi dc-dc converter suits RF power amps
The LM2706 dc-dc converter from National Semi is designed for powering RF PA from a single Li-ion cell
2010-12-13 NanoBattery tips programmable triggering
mPhase Technologies Inc. has prototyped a MEMS-based multi-cell reserve battery that has very long shelf life
2008-07-11 NAND flash pushes beyond 10MBps
NAND flash density has already reached 16Gbit per die and beyond with 2bit/cell multilevel-cell (MLC) technology but program performance has remained in the 10MBps range
2007-09-27 Moto Fone packs a punch of simple, elegant features
Quietly launched in rural India initially, the F3 Fone is aimed mostly at first-time cell users in markets offering low-cost prepaid or monthly service
2007-06-05 Module brings GPS functionality in handsets
The highly integrated and compact ACFM-7102 quintplexer from Avago delivers a significant improvement in insertion loss while delivering high GPS to cell band, and GPS to PCS band isolation
2003-08-04 Lithium batteries run 40mAh nominal capacity
The CR1225 button-cell type lithium battery from Changzhou Main Power Battery Manufactory is suitable for small-size memory packs and pocket calculators.
2002-02-20 Linear Tech step-down switching regulator provides 300mA output
The LTC3405 synchronous step-down switching regulator delivers up to 300mA of output current from a 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage range making it suitable for single-cell Li-ion battery-powered applications such as cellular phones, PDAs, and digital cameras
2004-04-13 Linear Tech converter IC suits TFT-LCD panels
The LTC3450 from Linear Technology is a complete power converter solution for small TFT liquid crystal display panels
2004-03-22 Linear CCFL regulator produces minimal switching noise
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC1697 device that is designed to drive a single CCFL fused in small handheld displays
2005-10-24 Li-ion battery charger reduces component count, system cost
Intersil expanded its portfolio of fully-integrated single-cell Li-ion battery chargers with the release of the ISL9204 that accepts input voltages up to 28V but is disabled when the input voltage exceeds the OVP threshold
2006-05-03 Li-ion battery charger delivers up to 2A
Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTC4001, a 2A capable, switch mode battery charger for single-cell, 4.2V Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries
2006-08-30 LCD boost converter delivers 100mA at 24V
Designed for single-cell portable products, the new boost converter from Advanced Analogic Technologies delivers 100mA at 24V for OLEDs, LCDs and CCDs
2005-10-14 Kopin unveils Digital iVision for mobile video apps
Kopin Corp. is set to launch the first generation of Digital iVision products aimed for mobile video applications. The technology offers mobile users the ability to see theatre-quality images from video eyewear small enough to put in a pocket
2006-11-27 Intersil battery charger accepts two power inputs
Intersil's single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery charger accepts two power inputs, normally one from a USB port and another from a desktop cradle
2008-11-26 Intel, Micron roll 34nm NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have mass produced their jointly developed 34nm, 32Gbit multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory device
2010-08-20 Intel, Micron codevelop 3bpc NAND flash
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. have produced a 3bit-per-cell (bpc) NAND flash memory using 25nm process technology
2013-01-30 Intel readies mSATA SDD for Ultrabook apps
The Solid-State Drive 525 series comes in a small mSATA form factor and boasts a 6Gb/s performance
2003-11-27 Intel crafts 65nm test SRAM
Using 65nm design rules, Intel Corp. announced that it has made fully functional 4Mb SRAMs with a cell size of 0.57?m
2006-06-14 Infineon introduces first BAW filters using WLP tech
Infineon Technologies announced the extension of its Bulk Acoustic Wave filter product portfolio for UMTS/W-CDMA cell phones at the MTT International Microwave Symposium
2005-06-16 IC simplifies software development
Dallas Semi's new fuel gauge IC is optimized for single-cell applications, but can accommodate multicell applications
2015-08-04 IBM, Macronix give PCM drift one more shot
The innovative approach to the problem of a 2bit/cell MLC drift is intended to find a means of reducing the statistical spread of the resistance levels of the MLC
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