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2000-05-08 Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your SMD Assemblies
The application note mainly focuses on thermal characteristics of surface-mounted packages, while providing guidelines for rework, solder pastes, mounting and static-sensitive devices.
2003-06-30 Maximizing the Effectiveness of your SMD Assemblies
This application note discusses the proper procedures and techniques to maximize the SMD Assembly.
2000-12-04 Maximizing the effectiveness of your SMD assemblies
This application note covers various topics in optimizing the efficiency of SMD assemblies. These topics include thermal characteristics of surface-mounted packages, mounting guidelines, attachment to board, solder pastes and other related discussions.
2000-11-30 LP2980, LP2981, LP2982, LP2985 micro SMD demo boards
This application note describes the characteristics of the demo board designed for use with the micro SMD versions of National Semiconductor's LP298X low dropout regulators.
2008-11-06 LM2755 charge pump LED controller with I?C compatible interface in ?SMD
The LM2755 is a charge-pump-based, constant current LED driver capable of driving 3 LEDs with a total output current up to 90mA.
2002-12-26 Littelfuse SMD fuses are lead-free
The company has introduced the 467 series of SlimLine Fast-Acting SMD fuses, which features lead-free fusing element and terminations.
2002-09-26 Littelfuse lead-free SMD fuses trips at 0.2s
The 466 series of surface-mount fuses from Littelfuse can cut off current flow to a circuit in as little as 0.2s at 300 percent its rated current, and is targeted for use in surface-mount devices, PCs, and office equipment.
2004-03-08 Ligitek Electronics to expand SMD-LED capacity
Ligitek Electronics Co. Ltd is expected to triple its monthly capacity for SMD-LED lamps from three million to 10 million units this month.
2002-01-16 Lianyungang Jiangyu to invest $3.5M in SMD production lines
Lianyungang Jiangyu Electronics Co. Ltd plans to invest $3.5 million in new SMD production lines, with a designed annual capacity of 20 million crystal components of full series 0705 models.
2012-06-08 Learn about LP5907 micro SMD eval board
Read about a board designed to enable the evaluation of the LP5907 voltage regulator.
2005-09-30 Knowles Acoustics rolls out digital SiSonic SMD microphones
Knowles Acoustics announced its new digital series of SiSonic surface mount microphones that is based on the company's MEMS microphone technology.
2002-12-05 Jitter test results in smd ceramic oscillators (VCC1 series)
This article provides a clear understanding of jitter in SMD ceramic oscillators with definitions, jitter measurements, and actual data.
2014-05-19 Infineon outs leadless SMD package for CoolMOS MOSFETs
The ThinPAK 5x6 package guarantees more flexibility in PCB designs and better switching performance, which paves the way for more efficient power conversion while cutting overall system size
2010-04-21 Implementation of discontinuous PWM in TinyDIP/SMD SPM
This article investigates the use of Fairchild Semiconductor TinyDIP/SMD Motion-SPMTM (Smart Power Module) without heat sinking.
2002-12-12 Hualianxing SMD crystal operates to 85C
The company's SMD crystal measures 7-by-5-by-1.3mm and is rated for operation over the -40C to 85C temperature range.
2001-05-30 How to make padstacks flip with SMD parts
This application note shows the proper procedure to create SMD padstacks that will flip when the component is flipped.
2009-01-29 High power LED, ceramic base SMD, VLMxxx Series
Driving high power LEDs while minimizing lowest possible heat for any given IF, provides not only the advantages of efficiency on its electro-optic properties but would also extends its service life.
2003-06-20 Hermetic Surface Mount Device (SMD), Its Advantages and Solutions to Assembly Integration.
This application note discusses the advantages of using hermetic surface mounted devices and presents several procedures for Assembly Integration.
2006-05-31 Fischer offers positioning pins for SMD male, female headers
For better fastening of SMD headers onto PCBs, Fischer Elektronik now offers designs with positioning pins for double-row male headers (SL LP 6 SMD) and female headers (BL 16 SMD).
2003-03-06 Euroquartz offers VCXOs in 7-by-5mm SMD packages
The VCXO-97000 series of VCXOs from Euroquartz Ltd operates over the 1.8MHz to 160MHz frequency range and is available in a 7-by-5mm SMD package.
2004-05-19 Crystek 5GHz VCO available in SMD package
Continuing to expand the frequency range of its high-performance voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) lines, Crystek Crystals Corp. has added a new 5GHz model in a 1.27-by-1.27cm standard surface-mount package to its CVCO55 family.
2011-05-04 Cree launches first water-resistant, high-contrast SMD LED
The CLX6A-FKB PLCC6-type LED is the industry's first water-resistant, tall LED package for outdoor use, while the CLVBA-FKA is Cree's first black-body RGB surface-mount LED for indoor video screens.
2014-12-30 AVX reveals high CV tantalum SMD chip capacitors
Featuring undertab terminations, the F98-AS1 series targets automotive, commercial, industrial and medical applications, as well as input/output lines of small power supply circuits and smartphones.
2013-07-08 AVX breaks 125V barrier with TCJ series SMD Capacitors
AVX'S TCJ 100V and 125V tantalum polymer capacitors exhibit a benign failure mode, eliminating the ignition failures that can occur in standard MnO2 tantalum technology.
2006-04-21 Audio amp housed in micro SMD package
National Semiconductor Corp. introduced a Boomer 1.3W mono Class AB audio amplifier for cellphone handsfree and ringer functions.
2007-05-02 Agilent 16196A/B/C/D: Correlating RF impedance measurements when using SMD test fixtures
Recent performance improvements of impedance measuring instruments have caused the performance of applicable test fixtures to be the limiting factor in achieving acceptable measurement results.
2012-09-20 AEM's SMD electronic fuse for LEDs minimise board space
AEM Components' AirMatrix 2410 family enables flexible board placement and is compatible with standard pick-and-place technology, reducing assembly cost and saving board space.
2003-06-11 Yageo delays production in Suzhou plant
Passive component maker Yageo Corp. has postponed its production operations in Suzhou, mainland China to Q4 this year instead of last month.
2007-05-15 White LEDs showcase 280mcd luminous intensity
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new series of ultrabright white SMD LEDs that use high-efficiency InGaN technology to provide exceptional brightness of up to 280mcd.
2000-07-01 Trends in multi-chip package integration
Wafer level packaging (WLP) technologies have recently attracted much development activity, innovation and investment. Here are some of the opportunities and obstacles for WLP and multi-chip package integration approaches.
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