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2009-01-26 Tiny IR receivers come in 3 versions
Vishay Intertechnology has expanded up its optoelectronics portfolio with a new series of ultra-miniature SMD IR receivers for remote control systems.
2009-09-29 TCXOs deliver 0.5ppm frequency stability
AVX Corp. has expanded its SMD temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) series to include AEC-Q200 approved versions.
2011-08-11 TCXO offers 10C52MHz output frequency at 3.3C1.8V
Taitien has released a TCXO solution that boasts 0.5ppm frequency stability from -30C to 85C and 0.5ppm aging rate for the first year in the 5 x 3.2mm SMD ceramic package.
2003-08-13 Talismanic tactile switch fits digital camera apps
The SMD tactile switch from Talismanic Electronic Co. Ltd is suitable for use in digital camera shutter buttons.
2003-11-27 Talismanic switch has 500 milliohms contact resistance
The SMD double action tactile switch from Talismanic Electronic Co. Ltd is a double-action rotary button type device that features a rating of 12Vdc, 50mA, contact resistance of 500 milliohms, and insulation resistance of 100 megohms.
2003-07-15 Talismanic detector switches suit portable apps
The SMD detector DIP switch series from Talismanic Electronic Co. Ltd have up to 5Vdc rated voltage.
2003-12-30 Taizhou Abel crystal resonator eyes portable equipment
The SM-26FB SMD type tuning fork crystal resonator from Taizhou Abel Electronic Co. Ltd are designed to suit portable equipment and low-cost SMD apps.
2003-12-19 Switronic releases lever, encoder switch
Switronic Ind. Corp. has released the IL-1512 SMD push lever switch and IE-1511 encoder switch that are designed to suit digital cameras. The push lever switch features high temperature resistance material (ARLEN C230N) that can resist to 280C temperature, a rating of 5Vdc 10mA, operating force of 25050gf, and lifespan of 100,000 cycles.
1999-11-10 Surface mount soldering recommendations
The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability.
2009-10-28 RTC boasts low current drain, wide operating range
Micro Crystal has launched a SMD package real time clock (RTC) that typically draws just 130nA @ 3V.
2003-08-20 Raychem rolls lead-free PolySwitch devices
Raychem Circuit Protection has announced that its SMD family of PolySwitch resettable devices is now available as lead-free components.
2010-02-03 PTC thermistors handle rapid temp changes
TDK-EPC has released the SMD series of PTC thermistors equipped with AEC-Q200 Rev-C qualification designed for use in automotive electronics involving frequent and rapid temp changes.
2007-12-04 Power inductors offer extended inductance
Renco Electronics has expanded the RL-8100 series of SMD power inductors with extended inductance values, higher current capabilities and additional package sizes.
2003-11-24 NSC cellphone audio subsystem offers 3D sound
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a Boomer audio subsystem for cellphones that integrates amps, volume and mixing controls and 3D sound in a miniature micro SMD package.
2005-12-23 National unveils two new amps
National Semiconductor introduced a Boomer mono Class D audio amplifier in one of the industry's smallest micro SMD package, as well as a high-power stereo Class D amplifier.
2006-08-17 National unveils 'smallest' Boomer Class AB amps
National Semiconductor has introduced two Boomer Class AB amplifiers in a 0.4mm-pitch package, said to be the world's smallest micro SMD package.
2002-12-19 Low cost DECT Power Amplifier PH9 7005
This application note describes the use of two of the 5th-generation silicon bipolar RF transistors in SOT3 43R plastic SMD package in a two-stage PH9 7005 power amplifier designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems.
2005-04-06 LED drivers with 'smallest' footprint
National Semiconductor's three new charge-pump-based white LED drivers feature a tiny chip-scale 18-pin micro SMD package, providing one of the smallest footprint in the industry.
2003-06-27 Lead Bending and Soldering Considerations for International Rectifier's Power Semiconductor Packages
This application note is intended to address how the legs of through-hole packaged devices be bent safely without endangering its reliability and how through-hole and SMD parts be soldered safely.
2010-04-12 Kyocera takes over Sony LCD plants
Kyocera Corp. has reached a definitive agreement with Sony Corp. and its subsidiary Sony Mobile Display Corp. (SMD) to acquire part of its TFT LCD design and manufacturing business.
2003-12-05 Koyo Electronics buzzers eye cellphones, PDAs
The AD-8054 series of SMD type of electromagnetic buzzers from Koyo Electronics Co. Ltd is designed to suit cellphones, PDAs and pagers.
2003-10-01 Joint Tech modular jacks have selective gold-plating
Joint Tech Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd has released through-hole and SMD versions of its RJ45 series of modular jacks.
2003-12-30 Jenjaan Quartek crystals offer up to 50ppm tolerance
Jenjaan Quartek Corp. has released its JJ-13 SMD series of crystals in NMA, NMB and NME types.
2006-07-24 IR LED delivers 100 beam angle
TT electronics Optek Technology has expanded its IR SMD product line with the introduction of an 880nm wavelength IR LED that delivers a 100 total beam angle.
2008-11-25 IR emitter claims highest radiant intensity
Vishay has introduced an 870nm SMD IR emitter offering what's claimed to be the lowest forward voltage and highest radiant intensity of any such device in the PLCC2 package.
2007-05-30 Inverter IC trims power use in white goods
Mitsubishi Electric Europe's M81500FP inverter IC is not only the world's smallest IPM for the 90W range but is also the first in its class is integrated in an SMD package.
2002-09-11 Inphi, u2t develop 40Gbps photoreceiver
The XPRV2021 40Gbps photoreceiver combines Inphi Corp.'s 4334TA TIA and u2t Photonics AG's waveguide-integrated pin photodiode into an SMD package ready for integration into OC-768 communication systems.
2003-12-22 Inpaq PPTC offering suits computer apps
The PFS series of SMD type polymeric positive-temperature-coefficient (PPTC) device from Inpaq Technology Co. Ltd features current ratings from 0.50A to 1.6A, and voltage ratings of 6V. Suitable for use in computer applications, the PFS1812I050, PFS1812I075, PFS1812I110, and PFS1812I160 have a maximum current of 40A, maximum dissipated power of 0.8W, and resistance of 0.3 ohms.
2001-04-20 Innovative mounting techniques enhance thermal performance of the surface-mount D3Pak Package
This application note is intended to compare the thermal performance of various mounting methods for the D3PAK including classic SMD PCB mounting, insulated metal substrate (IMS) mount down, etc.
2002-11-28 HDE crystal oscillator operates to 85MHz
Hubei Dongguang Electronics' SMD crystal oscillator operates from 1MHz to 85MHz and exhibits a frequency stability of 25ppm.
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