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2007-03-05 Low-reflectance touch panel suits automotives
SMK has announced the development of a highly heat-resistant, film-plus-glass type, low-reflectance touch panel for use in automotive applications.
2006-10-12 Low-profile jack targets slim A/V, automotive designs
SMK has announced a low-profile 3.5mm-diameter vertical 4-pole jack (LGT8509-0100F) for A/V and automotive equipment.
2006-09-19 Low-profile jack enables portable audio devices in cars
SMK's 3.5mm 3-pole jack was designed to enable portable audio devices to be connected to in-car audio equipment, particularly where smaller configurations are required.
2006-03-17 Jack boards reduce digital noise
SMK announced the development of the new vertical type AP-3T�V series thin jack boards.
2006-10-04 Internet connection module with serial-Ethernet converter
SMK recently announced an Internet connection module with a serial-Ethernet conversion function, allowing an equipment with a serial port to easily connect to the Internet.
2003-09-23 Earphone, microphone unit has square-type connector
SMK Corp. has released a stereo earphone, microphone device that features a square-shaped connector that is suitable for mobile phone apps.
2006-04-20 Crimp connector comes with safety guide
SMK Electronics offers a Pb-free crimp connector for use in power supplies in small equipment.
2006-09-21 Coaxial connector suits small, thin mobile devices
SMK's new coaxial connector has a mounting space of 6.85-by-3.8mm, said to be one of the smallest in the industry, making the device suitable for smaller and thinner designs.
2006-03-14 Card connector suits cellphones, digicams
SMK announced that they have developed a card connector for microSD and TransFlash cards.
2003-08-11 Bluetooth serial port adapter has built-in SMT antenna
SMK Corp.'s VRB2211 Bluetooth serial port adapter is Bluetooth v1.1 compatible with a rated upper protocol stack.
2007-04-26 USB 2.0 connector features 10.5mm profile
SMK has developed a type A vertical Hi-Speed USB connector with a low-profile receptacle.
2009-04-01 Touch panel packs multi-touch input functions
SMK has developed a capacitive touch panel featuring multi-point and gesture input functions for cellphones, smart phones and digital still cameras.
2007-04-19 Thin, horizontal MT switch is industry's shortest
SMK's thin, horizontal MT switch has a profile of 1.1mm and is said to be the industry's shortest such product.
2009-04-08 Single-sided slide switch flaunts thinner design
SMK has developed the 1.2mm-thin JSS slide switch to help prevent unintended operation of equipment by using the property of momentary action (spring-back system).
2007-05-18 Single-side momentary switches slide to the right
SMK announced the availability and shipment of samples of the JSS series slide switch (single-side momentary), right direction parts.
2009-07-21 RF module packs built-in 2.4GHz antenna
SMK has introduced a RF module with a built-in 2.4GHz band antenna compatible with Zigbee RF4CE.
2007-05-02 Remote control fits in notebook PC's ExpressCard slot
SMK has announced the development of a 23-key card-size remote control that can be stored in a notebook PC's ExpressCard slot.
2009-01-12 Rack, panel connectors fit amusement equipment
SMK Corp. has released the RP-1 series of rack and panel connectors offering 30 2mm-pitched pins, targeted for unit-to-unit connection of amusement equipment.
2009-02-17 PV cell connector gets UL-certified
SMK Corp. has announced that its photovoltaic cell module connector for power generation systems has earned the recognition from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for the U.S. market.
2007-04-24 Multipin plug/socket suits portable audio devices
SMK has announced the development of a small 21-pin plug/socket to address the growing connection requirements of portable audio and car audio equipment.
2007-07-06 FPC connectors offer up to 80 pins
SMK launches the EF-51 series of 0.5mm spacing FPC connectors targeted at applications such as LCD and PDP panels, HDD-DVD recorders, car navigation equipment and MF printers.
2009-02-18 Connector plugs offer molded locking system
SMK Corp. has released the VC series of sub-miniature type B (SMB) coaxial connectors that feature molded locking system for automotive applications.
2009-04-15 Coaxial connector tailored for car navigation apps
SMK has developed the TC-15 series of rectangular coaxial connector designed for a 75? impedance for reception of terrestrial digital broadcasts for in-vehicle navigation equipments and car TVs.
2009-04-07 Bluetooth headset is microphone-free
SMK has developed a full-duplex system microphone-free Bluetooth headset featuring an earphone unit that functions both as an earphone when listening and as a microphone when talking.
2010-09-09 TV remotes morph into motion sensors
As TVs and STBs offer more services, their remote controls need to keep up as well, transforming from the traditional clickers to multi-sensor controllers.
2006-06-20 Serial interface decoder targets tiny cameras
STMicroelectronics introduced the first video de-serializer interface for use with MIPI CSI-1 and SMIA CCP2 class 0 serial interfaces.
2011-02-11 Over 250 million RF4CE chips to ship in 2015
IMS Research attributes RF4CE's projected remarkable growth to the chip's early activities, the remote control's transition from IR to RF, and the industry's support and enthusiasm for the technology.
2005-06-14 Japan maintains third ranking in global connector market
Japan has maintained being the third largest connector market in the world, following North America and Europe.
2013-11-05 Hillcrest unveils sensor hubs for Android 4.3
The SH-1 features the firm's Freespace sensor fusion, gesture recognition and context-aware algorithms that come pre-integrated with Atmel's SAM D20 ARM Cortex M0+ based MCU.
2012-05-24 Hillcrest takes motion control to TCL TVs
Hillcrest has licensed its Freespace motion control solution to TCL's current and future products. The first TCL smart TV use the software is expected out this month.
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