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2008-09-08 VxWorks 6.6 SMP
This document explores multicore technology and the choices and challenges it presents to the device software developer, and how the symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) features in Wind River's VxWorks platforms enable VxWorks users to move into this exciting new area of technology.
2014-06-27 Understanding multicore basics: AMP and SMP
There are a variety of choices in terms of both hardware and software architecture, the selection of which is strongly dictated by the application. Now that multi-core embedded systems is on its way to becoming the standard, there are broadly two options to consider: Asymmetric Multi-Processing and Symmetric Multi-Processing.
2013-04-24 SMP Series Connectors tweaked for 8GHz or less
Pasternack's latest SMP connectors are specifically designed for low frequency, high density applications where the benefits of a small RF connector are utilised.
2007-03-06 Leon processor supports Linux SMP
The Leon 3 licensible Sparc processor, developed by Gaisler Research, has symmetric multiprocessing support, in the form of a port of the Linux 2.6 OS, the company said.
2012-08-06 Latest version of Aonix Perc Ultra SMP now supports Java 6
Atego's latest embedded Virtual Machine and compilation technology for Symmetrical Multi-Processor systems features Java 6 language support.
2007-05-07 Java development framework supports SMP multicore
Pervasive Software Inc. introduced Pervasive DataRush, a Java development framework that supports symmetric multiprocessing multicore CPUs.
2001-08-24 100MHz 2-way SMP Pentium II Xeon processor/Intel 440GX AGPset AGTL+ layout guidelines
This application note presents a layout guideline to provide the system designer with the information needed for the 100MHz two-way SMP Pentium II Xeon processor and 82443GX AGTL+ bus portion of PCB layout.
2013-10-14 Use multi-core with multi-OS software architecture
Here's a look at the architectural choices from the hardware capabilities to the software options, and how to make them efficient.
2011-04-25 Ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with capability current up to 4A
Vishay has released ultrafast avalanche rectifiers with the capability current up to 4A.
2008-05-05 SMB networks go green with 65nm GbE switches
Broadcom's 65nm single-chip GbE switch solutions were designed to support low-power modes and comply with industry standards, while using packaging materials free of lead and other harmful toxins, enabling 'green' switch products for the SMB market.
2001-06-01 Single-mask simplicity needed for SoC
The move to multimillion-gate chips made it necessary to adopt design-reuse strategies for new SoC devices.
2005-08-26 Seiko launches mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery
SII Micro Parts Ltd (SMP), one of the subsidiaries of Seiko Instruments Inc., announced that it has developed a mercury/Pb-free silver oxide battery.
2003-10-08 Sarantel antenna requires 140mm? board space
Sarantel Ltd has announced a small, passive, surface-mount version of its GeoHelix GPS antennas for apps tightly integrated surface-mount antennas.
2002-06-01 On the move with Real-Time Linux
A brief discussion on how the latest developments in Real-Time Linux for user-space processes provide a good choice for embedded applications.
2003-10-22 NEC, ARM ink long-term partnership
NEC Electronics Corp. and ARM Ltd have entered into a long-term strategic partnership.
2003-09-16 Multiprocessing with real-time operating systems
The article focuses on a specific type of multiprocessor system, the tightly coupled SMP, and how it is supported by a typical RTOS.
2003-05-27 Frequency response compensation for SMx generator series
This application note presents ways on how to use the UCOR (User Correction) function of the generators SME, SMIQ, SML, SMP, SMR, SMT and SMV to compensate for non-linear frequency responses.
2002-04-08 Aliner to install additional equipment this year
Coxial connector manufacturer Aliner Ind. Inc. has plans to install about 20 CNC machines this year to increase the current monthly capacity for SMP coaxial connectors to 2 million units.
2012-01-18 TV SoC geared for smart TVs
The Newman Ultra combines ARM Dual-Cortex-A9 SMP application processors and ARM Mali graphics processor, as well as dedicated audio and video decoders.
2008-09-16 Single-chip multiprocessing steps up
SoC design options for software-friendly multiprocessing have been limited. Now, SoC design components, such as the MIPS32 1004K coherent processing system, mean on-chip symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) under a single OS is a real option.
2010-05-18 RTOS packs real-time responsiveness for multicore
Express Logic has developed ThreadX/SMP, an enhanced version of ThreadX that provides synchronous multicore support with real-time responsiveness called "Real-Time SMP
2012-06-15 Coaxial interconnects reduce risk of assembly errors
Radiall and Molex's SMP-MAX series of RF coaxial interconnect solutions for wireless telecommunications allow board-to-board distance tolerance of up to a 2mm gap without a spring.
2008-02-15 Wireless processor offers control, networking, security
Cavium Networks Inc. has introduced a wireless processor with integrated control processing, networking processing and security capabilities.
2003-05-16 Wireless home multimedia networks require multiple design strategies
Four technologies are presented that when used together will optimize an SoC for maximum performance, power economy, and low cost in a wireless home multimedia network.
2011-09-21 Wind River introduces network acceleration platform
Wind River has announced the availability of Wind River Network Acceleration Platform, a multicore solution for improved networking performance.
2007-11-05 What's the future for NEC Electronics?
A big question remains for NEC Electronics: Four years after being spun off from parent NEC Corp.and several management changes lateris the chipmaker heading in the right direction or is it destined to sink?
2010-03-26 What you need to know when choosing virtualization solution
Choosing a virtualization solution can be intimidating. Here's a list of 10 important questions that any embedded engineer or manager should weigh carefully.
2015-01-13 ViXS touts first video SoC with12bit HDR technology
Available in the second quarter of this year, the XCode 6800 delivers lifelike images with its HDR feature. It also has a set of peripherals including HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2.
2004-12-17 Vishay unveils new package type for rectifier, TVS products
Vishay disclosed that it has launched a new package type for its rectifier and transient voltage suppressor products.
2008-05-13 Virtualization: Creating a new software development infrastructure
Although developers readily look to software itself to drive innovation, few have considered their development infrastructure a possible vehicle for change. With the advent of virtualization in the development process, that's about to change.
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