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2002-08-20 Wolfson audio DAC offers 112dB SNR
The WM8718 24-bit differential stereo DAC that offers a 112dB SNR and -100dB THD.
2008-05-02 WiMAX MIMO transceiver improves SNR by 10dB
Maxim Integrated Products claims the MAX2839, is the industry's first single-chip, 2.3-2.7GHz, WiMAX MIMO RF transceiver in high-volume production.
2002-08-19 TI ADC allows 60dB SNR
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced the release of a pair of dual 10-bit, 40MSa/s ADCs that feature an SNR of 60dB.
2002-07-23 STMicro headphone amplifier has 110dB SNR
The TS482 stereo headphone amplifier from STMicroelectronics delivers 110dB SNR and a power supply ripple rejection of 85dB (5V).
2006-08-22 Sensor improves SNR, reduces signal badwidth
IXYS said its new sensor is a complete sampled data subsystem that includes a unique adjustable digital filter that improves signal to noise performance while also reducing signal bandwidth.
2010-01-19 SAR ADC achieves 94dB SNR with no cycle latency
The device offers a temperature-compensated internal reference with a production-tested 0.1 percent initial accuracy and 20ppm/C.
2010-01-14 Pyroelectric IR sensor packs high sensitivity, SNR
From Murata Manufacturing comes the smallest pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensor that enables the sensor to be used in compact, low-profile electronic devices and equipment.
2009-04-01 Mobile music market meets DAC with 102dB SNR
ST-Ericsson NV's STw5211 DAC combines Playback Time Extender with 102dB of SNR across the whole audio path and allows cellphone companies to make music phones while doubling typical 10hr playback times.
2014-07-07 MEMS mic gives 64.3dB SNR within 235?A
The device from Knowles uses three times less power than other digital MEMS microphones. It measures 20 per cent smaller, 3.5mm by 2.65mm by 0.98mm, and has the highest SNR of any low-power mic.
2002-05-07 Measurement of SNR, THD, THD+N and IMD
This application note discusses and illustrates the process of measuring SNR, THD, THD+N and IMD.
2005-09-06 Maxim's ADC delivers -82dBFS, 80dB SNR and 96dBc SFDR
Maxim rolled out a 16bit 80Msps ADC that promises to set new industry standards in the elite class of ADCs that achieve 80dB or greater signal-to-noise ratio
2002-04-29 Linear Tech ADC has 77dB SNR
The LTC1744 14-bit ADC from Linear Technology Corp. offers a sampling rate of 50Msa/s and a 77dB SNR, making the device suitable for high-end communication, imaging, and instrumentation applications, such as those found in basestation transceivers and broadband software radios.
2008-01-31 Improve SNR in multiple ADCs
The constant innovation and development in the wireless communications field comes with a demand for faster and higher resolution high-speed data converters.
2004-04-28 Datel ADC offers -95dB peak harmonic, 93dB SNR
Datel's ADS-953 optimizes signal return paths and provides internal, local decoupling to obtain a -95dB peak harmonic specification.
2011-01-31 Class-G headphone amp delivers 100dB SNR at 6.5mW
Texas Instruments's TLV320DAC3202 Class-G headphone amplifier integrates DAC and power rails to deliver audio playback quality and extend battery life in moderately priced phones and other portable CE.
2005-03-24 Audio amplifier with 100dB SNR
The new stereo audio amplifier from ST provides high quality audio signal for the smallest portable devices with its SNR of 100dB and power supply rejection ratio of 62dB at 217Hz with grounded inputs.
2004-07-20 AKM modulator generates 110dB SNR
Asahi Kasei Microsystems released a Class-D two channel modulator that can generate 110dB signal-to-noise ratio.
2008-05-14 ADCs claim 'highest' SNR, low power draw
TI has introduced a family of 16bit, single-channel, 40MSps and 80MSps ADCs that promise the highest SNR with very low power consumption.
2009-10-22 ADCs achieves up to 91.5dB SNR
True bipolar inputs with software-selectable input ranges allow easy connectivity of the ADC to inputs and sensors.
2005-07-22 ADC with 68dB SNR at 210MSPS
A 13-bit, 210MS/s analog-to-digital converter (ADC) featuring 68dB signal-to-noise ratio and 79dB SFDR, at the maximum sample rate of 210MS/s and an input frequency of 230MHz was recently unveiled by Texas Instruments
2005-09-29 ADC delivers 72dBFS SNR, 84dBc SFDR at 170MS/s
Texas Instruments announced its new 14bit, 170MS/s ADC that offers 72dBFS signal-to-noise ratio and 84dBc spurious-free dynamic range at the maximum sample rate of 170Msamples/s and an input frequency of 150MHz
2005-12-07 ADC delivers 72.2dB SNR response up to 70MHz
Linear Technology's new 14-bit 105Msps dual high speed analog-to-digital converter delivers a flat SNR response of 72.2dB up to 70MHz, as well as SFDR of 88dB at baseband.
2005-08-30 ADC delivers 68dB SNR, 75dB SFDR at 250MSPS sample rate
The new 13bit analog-to-digital converter from Texas Instruments promises best-in-class dynamic performance at high input frequencies
2009-03-02 ADC claims highest SNR at over 500MHz
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched the ADS54R463 monolithic 12bit, 550MSps ADC, which provides more than 200MHz of signal bandwidth in applications where high resolution, accuracy and linearity are critical.
2011-01-12 18-bit serial ADC uses unipolar supply to achieve 101dB SNR
Linear Technology Corp.’s LTC2379 ADC uses the successive approximation register converter architecture to deliver 18 bits resolution at up to 1.6Msps throughput, and a technique called digital gain compression to allow excellent performance from a unipolar supply.
2002-05-02 What is your measurement accuracy?
This application note describes a Windows-based program that enables the VNA user to estimate the "uncertainty" for conditions associated with a specific measurement making users meet the analysis requirements of the ISO standards.
2003-12-08 TI ADC eyes advanced signal processing apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced the availability of a 14-bit, 125MSPS low-power (750mW) ADC, which targets medical and test and measurement apps.
2003-12-01 Testing an A/D's power supply rejection ratio
This article describes an easy way to measure the system's AC power supply rejection and quickly determine how badly the power supplies are corrupting the system dynamics.
2008-09-15 Stereo audio codec fits portable systems
Nuvoton Technology Corp. has introduced the WAU8822, a flexible, cost-effective stereo-audio codec for portable audio applications.
2004-07-01 Speedy A/Ds demand stable clocks
Understanding the factors that affect converter accuracy will establish just how good a reference clock must be.
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