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2002-08-13 Apple tries software spark to ignite Firewire
Trying to ignite more market activity around the Firewire interface it helped define, Apple Computer Inc. will provide a free software stack to device makers implementing the high-speed interconnect
2006-09-28 ADI exec sounds off on global engineering talent
ADI's R&D chief says its engineering recruitment program at universities worldwide typically brings in about half of the company's new engineering hires from North America and half from Europe and Asia
2007-06-08 Addressing the hidden embedded software crisis in the industry
The growing complexity of embedded software development requires a more reliable and scalable approachone that adopts early developer testing practices and implements automated software verification to prevent and detect more defects sooner
2004-11-01 Wanted: New class of engineering generalists for DFM
Symposium sees need for 'tall and fat' engineers to help 'reintegrate' IC production.
2012-01-27 US engineering salaries on the rise said that their survey found that Silicon Valley salaries averaged at $104,195. This is up 5 percent over last year's results.
2006-12-21 RS-232-to-USB connector cuts engineering time
The U232 module from Timewave Technology is an RS-232-to-USB converter that offers a simple but effective way to save some engineering time
2001-08-09 Contactless smartcard design using the EM simulation software
This conference technical paper discusses the core technology of HF in contactless smartcard system, as well as the optimetrics analysis and design flow using an EM simulation software
2005-07-01 Toshiba, Sun deliver Java tech handset for 3G services
Toshiba Corp. has adopted Sun Microsystems Inc.'s high-performance Java software implementation for cell phones to deliver its latest handsets for Vodafone, a mobile operator
2010-10-12 Synopsis moves into optical design
Synopsys Inc. has acquired Optical Research Associates in a move into new markets including displays, solid state lighting, semiconductor lithography equipment and cameras.
2006-01-13 Skyworks' Indian design center passes SEI-CMMI Level 3
Skyworks announced that its Indian Design Center successfully went through SEI-CMMI Level 3 appraisal, as defined by Carnegie Mellon University.
2010-05-06 SDK boosts GPU, CPU app performance
AMD has launched the ATI Stream SDK v2.1 that helps developers accelerate application performance by leveraging the CPU and GPU resources in a given system.
2003-08-05 OS offers stable platform for automotive apps
Metrowerks has launched the OSEKturbo OS v2.2 that was developed in accordance with the SEI's highest CMM rating.
2004-05-14 Local talents propel India's tech industry
As more multinational companies settle their investments in India, the demand for more capable and qualified manpower will also increase.
2004-05-19 IP Infusion, Greenfield Networks announce routing suite
IP Infusion and Greenfield Networks have announced the availability of the IP Infusion ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite software for the Greenfield Packetry switching family and its reference design systems - GH3032 and GH6000
2012-04-23 Indian institute offers campus-wide MATLAB, Simulink access
Manipal Institute of Technology aims to let students gain hands-on experience with software used widely in industry, and let the faculty engage in research and devise curriculum based on the tools
2005-10-04 India's TCS launches R&D lab for emerging technologies
India's largest software services company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has opened
2005-08-22 IBM opens research center in Bangalore
IBM opened a new research center in Bangalore that will focus on developing innovative technologies and solutions, acting as an extension of IBM's India Research Lab in New Delhi
2011-06-24 Freescale collaborates with three companies
Freescale has signed collaboration deals with Spansion, Wind River, and QNX. The deals include a memory module and advanced software solutions for embedded systems
2007-12-26 Engineous, Fujitsu integrate IT technologies
Engineous Software, provider of the FIPER software, and Fujitsu, developer of the SynfiniWay IT framework, have partnered to develop an integrated solution combining FIPER and SynfiniWay
2006-05-16 Embedded experts: Fix code bugs or cost lives
The Therac 25 was supposed to save lives by zapping tumors with targeted blasts of radiation. Instead, the device delivered massive overdoses that killed three patients and injured several others because of software glitches by a lone programmer whose code was never properly inspected and tested
2009-07-03 Developing ad hoc networks
Here's a look at networks that have the ability, to a greater or lesser extent, to organise spontaneously.
2002-11-08 Avnet signs Product Development as service provider
Avnet Cilicon has announced the addition of Logic Product Development Co. to the Avnet Design Service Provider Program.
2007-12-11 AMCC intros evaluation kits for 405EX, 405Exr chips
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has released low-cost, easy-to-use evaluation kits for its Power Architecture 405EX and 405EXr processors.
2008-07-01 A perspective on professional organizations
Jack Ganssle gives us a question: Are professional organizations worthwhile?
2002-07-26 YDI, AMD to jointly market semiconductor storage, analysis products
Yield Dynamics Inc. has inked a relationship with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to market integrated, fab-wide data storage and analysis products for semiconductor manufacturing.
2004-03-12 Xilinx expands distribution channel to India through Nu Horizons
Xilinx Inc. and Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. have expanded their product service and market distribution agreement to include India.
2005-07-28 Wipro targets latest outsourcing trend: R&D
Wipro Technologies, the software and hardware engineering services arm of Wipro Ltd, said it is expanding its product engineering operations - its terminology for outsourced R&D services - into new technology areas and markets.
2004-08-09 Wipro licenses its IEEE 1394 technology to Zoran
Wipro Technologies, the software services division of India's Wipro Ltd, has licensed its IEEE 1394 audio-video link (Avlink) software stack to Zoran Corp., a provider of digital solutions-on-a-chip for applications in the growing markets of digital entertainment and digital imaging
2005-05-26 Windows-based synchronizer correlates data-acq signals
Data Translation is now debuting a software correlation feature for synchronizing signals called Align and Resample
2010-03-26 What you need to know when choosing virtualization solution
Choosing a virtualization solution can be intimidating. Here's a list of 10 important questions that any embedded engineer or manager should weigh carefully.
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