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2010-08-09 Multicore software analysis tool supports OCTEON / OCTEON II
CriticalBlue's Prism software enables Software Developers to immediately analyze the benefits of migrating their software to Cavium's Multicore (OCTEON and OCTEON II) Processors
2013-10-14 Use multi-core with multi-OS software architecture
Here's a look at the architectural choices from the hardware capabilities to the software options, and how to make them efficient
2012-05-17 Tool eases migration to 28nm, 20nm
Sagantec's nmigrate layout migration and optimization tool can migrate and DRC-correct cell layout and make sure the layout adheres to all advanced design rules, including coloring for double patterning
2002-10-22 Tecnomatix to acquire Teradyne optimization software line
Tecnomatix Unicam Inc. will acquire Teradyne Inc.'s CIMBridge CAD/CAM optimization software product line
2006-10-05 Software stack addresses migration to Linux clusters
Addressing the rapid migration to Linux clusters, Platform OCS is a pre-integrated, vendor-certified software stack that promises consistent delivery of scale-out application clusters.
2005-10-28 Software limits multi-core ICs, panelists say
Multi-core ICs promise efficiency and performance, but will require new programming models that hide software and hardware details, according to panelists at the GSPx 2005 conference here Tuesday (Oct. 25
2012-04-04 Software dev't tool for ARM big.LITTLE processing
Synopsys' Virtualizer Development Kit contains multiple reference designs, analysis and debug software tools for the Cortex-A15 MPCore processor
2009-04-23 S29NS-N to S29NS-P migration
This application note aims to ease migration from the S29NS-N to the S29NS-P
2009-04-22 S29GL-N to S29GL-P migration
This application note serves as a guide for customers using the S29GL-N 110nm MirrorBit products to migrate to the S29GL-P 90nm MirrorBit products.
2003-11-24 Motorola software libraries support rapid migration
Motorola Inc. has released its TD-SCDMA module library for the MRC6011 Reconfigurable Compute Fabric device.
2009-03-06 Migration from AL-D to AL-J (8Mbit-16Mbit
The two devices S29AL008D and S29AL016D manufactured with the 200nm floating-gate technology are being migrated to the next-generation AL-J 110nm floating-gate technology.
2008-05-12 Maplesoft's engineering software tool gets upgraded
Maplesoft has released the latest edition of its Maple math and engineering software
2007-08-16 Linux software optimized for Intel network platform
MontaVista Software has launched the MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 5.0 optimized for use on the Intel IXP435 multiservice residential gateway reference platform
2005-04-04 IBM inks storage software virtualization deal with Cisco
Cisco Systems is the 1,000th customer to buy IBM's storage virtualization software, IBM said
2007-05-16 Hybrid backplane eases migration from cPCI to CPCIe
MEN Micro Inc. has developed a family of CPU boards and I/O cards for a hybrid configuration that is said to significantly simplify the migration path from 3U CompactPCI to CompactPCIe
2008-09-18 Freescale to acquire communications software provider
Freescale Semiconductor has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Intoto Inc., a provider of software platform products for networking and communications equipment manufacturers
2007-07-03 Freescale platform simplifies migration to multicore
Freescale has launched its PowerQUICC-based Multicore Communications Platform that boasts power reduction and integration advantages.
2005-06-08 Embedded controllers simplify migration for cost-sensitive apps
Freescale says its two new ColdFire device families ease the migration to 32bit performance for applications that require low power consumption and flexible integration at an affordable price point
2005-03-08 Development kit speeds migration to 32bit ARM MCUs
Atmel and IAR Systems are offering a full featured ARM development kit for $295. The development kit supports Atmel's ARM7-based MCU called the AT91SAM7S32.
2006-09-01 Core charts 8/32bit MCU migration path
With the 68K/ColdFire MCU core, OEMs can now easily upgrade from 8bit to 32bit capability with the same on-chip peripheral functions and tool sets.
2006-06-01 Call to arms on software-defined radio
Cellphones shipping in 2010 using the pending Long Term Evolution standard, now being drafted by the Third Generation Project Partnership, will support data rates of up to 100Mbps.
2011-05-04 Cadence suite bridges hardware and software gap
Cadence Design Systems has announced what they claim as a breakthrough in bridging the gap of hardware and software electronics to reduce system integration time by up to 50 percent
2004-01-07 Cadence acquires process migration provider Q Design
Moving to expand its custom layout capabilities, Cadence Design Systems will announce its acquisition of Q Design Automation.
2010-02-23 Barclays: Apple, software drive mobile market
Apple and software are in the driver's seat in the mobile market but platform fragmentation may be ahead, according to analysts from Barclays Capital who shared their observations from the Mobile World Congress
2006-06-30 Atmel solution eases 802.15.4/ZigBee migration
Atmel has announced an 802.15.4/ZigBee solution that promises seamless migration to wireless networking for the more than 30,000 AVR-based designs
2006-06-07 ARM9 MCU supports migration from ARM7
Atmel's ARM9 MCUs share the same programming as ARM7 controllers, allowing direct migration among controllers of different ARM cores
2005-01-06 Accelerated Tech software provide increased I/O performance
Accelerated Tech announced the Nucleus PCI-X software that promises to meet the needs for increased I/O performance in the server environment
2004-11-22 Migration Guide for AMD Am29LVxxx/ST M29WxxxD to Intel StrataFlash memory (J3
This app note details the hardware and software differences between the Intel StrataFlash memory (J3) and the AMD Am29LVxxx (LV)/ST M29WxxxD flash memory devices
2003-06-20 Migration from SST28xF040 to SST28xF040A
This application note describes how an SST28xF040A can be used in place of an SST28xF040 with no hardware or software changes
2003-10-27 Migration from LH28F032SUTD to LH28F320SKTD
This application note identifies the hardware and software changes needed to convert a LH28F032SUTD to a LH28F320SKTD
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