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2002-11-05 Chipmakers differ on migration to TD-SCDMA
Chipmakers took different views on how much their development work will be affected by China's drive to use TD-SCDMA technology in a regional 3G mobile network, with assessments of the impact ranging from slim to severe.
2014-07-18 EMI and EMC considerations for energy meters
This application note tackles the metering type-tests along with different tampering conditions. It also provides the best practices to create a robust metering system.
2014-07-17 Differences between FXAS21000 and FXAS21002
To enable easy software migration, this application note highlights minor register map and digital feature differences between FXAS21000 and FXAS21002.
2010-12-29 Voice processing modules free for VoIP transcoding, gateway designers
Now available in object code, TI’s VoLIB and FAXLIB offer flexibility and reduced development time for designers of VoIP transcoding and gateway solutions.
2013-12-05 Updating automotive ECUs over-the-air
Find out how to get the growing amount of software in vehicles under control, reduce the costs and raise customer satisfaction at the same time
2007-12-10 Tool designs massively parallel processors
Ambric has released aDesigner, a software development tool suite for the Ambric Am2000 family of scalable, massively parallel processor arrays
2012-10-19 Team up to fast track mobile infrastructure, data centre network performance
LSI and 6WIND announced the availability of the 6WINDGate packet processing software for the LSI Axxia communication processor family
2003-02-25 STMicro, Aspects collaborate on Java SIM card solution
STMicroelectronics and Aspects Software Ltd have signed a license agreement to provide a system solution for a Java Card technology based GSM SIM
2006-03-16 Rx: New test techniques
New measurement approaches require faster and more efficient and reliable instrumentation and software
2015-10-19 Renesas aims to streamline embedded dev't for IoT
Synergy helps automate the implementation of graphical interfaces, network connectivity and device configuration, and frees developers to focus on innovation in their core application competence.
2002-06-13 Quartus II, Precision Synthesis to support SDC format
Altera Corp. and Mentor Graphics Corp. have announced that their Quartus II design software and Precision Synthesis software products will support the Synopsys Design Constraint format used to define ASIC design constraints when using tools from multiple vendors
2009-10-20 PXI platform handles LTE tests
Aeroflex's modular PXI equipment is now able to characterize LTE terminals, chipsets and RF components.
2011-01-21 Picochip, Continuous Computing, Ixia team up on LTE
Picochip, Continuous Computing and Ixia have collaborated to validate the Trillium LTE and femtocell wireless protocol software using picoArray harwade via IxCatapult
2005-01-17 Philips Semi pushes ARM outside MCU envelope
Two trends are converging on the 32bit MCU segment, accelerating CPU power growth, memory size and I/O sophistication.
2012-07-02 Multi-core networking in Linux user space with zero overhead
Find out how multicore network SoCs work, and how to leverage them efficiently for data path processing.
2010-04-01 Migrating from MSP430F541x/F543x to MSP430F541xA/F543xA
This application note aims to facilitate the migration of designs based on the MSP430F541x/F543x device family to the MSP430F541xA/F543xA device family
2008-08-27 Migrating from MSP430F13x/14x to MSP430F23x/24x
The purpose of this TI application note is to facilitate the migration of designs based on the MSP430F133/F135/F147(1)/F148(1)/F149(1) device family to the MSP430F23x/F24x(1)/F2410 device family
2010-01-06 Long-term savings sustain VoIP growth
Frost & Sullivan says that the VoIP market earned $522.4 million in revenues in 2008, and estimates this to reach $657.3 million in 2012.
2004-05-14 Local talents propel India's tech industry
As more multinational companies settle their investments in India, the demand for more capable and qualified manpower will also increase.
2007-04-16 Leverage multicore processors with graphical system design tools
A key step in tackling a multicore design is developing a clear software design methodology
2010-04-29 Launching Freescale's MARS program for i.MX25
Freescale's Trio software library was originally developed to enable compressed audio formats, such as MP3 and WMA, to be added to portable CD players
2003-06-17 Jungo tool supports Solaris v.8, v.9
Jungo Software Technologies has released its WinDriver v.6 tool, which enables Solaris users to port their WinDriver-based driver systems from both Windows and Linux OSs to Solaris' Sparc
2005-06-06 IEEE 802.11i and wireless security
IEEE's wireless security amendment adds stronger encryption, authentication, and key management strategies that go a long way toward guaranteeing data and system security
2010-04-30 eNsemble alliance to boost multicore adoption
Hardware and software providers have joined hands to form the eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance to drive innovations in multicore parallel processing platforms for next-gen data center networks
2010-09-06 Enabling the IRTC module
This application note describes a driver for an independent real-time clock (IRTC). This application note is intended to be used by all software development engineers, test engineers and anyone else who has to use microcontrollers with IRTC
2002-04-23 EMC, Hitachi trade patent infringement suits
In a bitter exchange of barbs and lawsuits, EMC Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. have each accused the other of infringing patents for storage systems.
2013-03-18 Cisco: IoT is a $14 trillion cash cow
The trend will create business opportunities initially in manufacturing, government, energy and health care that extend far beyond today's budgets for computer and communication systems, according to Cisco's Rob Lloyd.
2004-09-03 Cadence emphasizes solutions in design tech symposium
As part of a promotional campaign of its portfolio in Southeast Asia, Cadence Design Systems showcased different versions of its electronics design software solutions in a design technology symposium held in Manila, Philippines, in Aug. 24
2004-05-21 AVID selects LSI ZSP400 DSP, ZSP multimedia platform
AVID Electronics Corp. has selected the ZSP400 DSP core and application software form LSI Logic Corp. for its next-generation portable multimedia semiconductor products
2002-09-23 Aldec: Taiwan to drive EDA development in Asia-Pacific region
Taiwan continues to be Asia Pacific's no.1 consumer of EDA tools.
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