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2012-03-15 Ulvac crafts new direct solder deposition processes
The process developed by Ulvac use sputtering to deposit solder, unlike conventional solder deposition which is done by evaporation or printing
2002-09-04 Speedprint stencil printer allows paste inspection
The SP200avi inline stencil printer features a "paste on stencil" inspection feature, enabling users to determine whether there is adequate paste on the stencil before running the print cycle
2007-05-16 Solder paste with SACX alloy delivers high throughput
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials adds to its offering the new ALPHA OM-350 Pb-free solder paste with SACX alloy developed by the Cookson Electronics' R&D group.
2003-01-16 Solder paste process control for CSPs and 0201s
This technical article discusses a more effective strategy to improve first pass yields and prevent defects from occurring in CSPs and 0201s.
2010-08-10 Solder paste is halogen-free, Pb-free
Indium Corp. introduced the Indium8.9HF-1 solder paste, highlighting the product's halogen-free, Pb-free formulation.
2006-05-25 Solder paste allows high print speeds
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials launched the Alpha OM-338 PT, a lead-free solder paste.
2012-02-14 Mill-Max outs solder barrier pin receptacles, sockets
The Organic Fiber Plug uses precision-machined brass housing with a press-fit beryllium copper 'multifinger' contact for through-hole soldering into PCBs.
2000-10-01 Evaluating solder-paste defects
A robust solder-system evaluation saves manufacturing facilities unnecessary expenses
2012-07-27 AIM solder paste is lead- and halogen-free
Product is designed specifically for alloys such as SN100C and SAC0307.
2002-01-31 Agilent releases solder-paste inspection system
Intended for solder-paste inspection of PCB assemblies, the SP50 automated optical inspection system produces accurate measurements of pad offset and skew, solder-paste area, height and volume.
2007-02-01 Agilent intros solder paste inspection system
Agilent has introduced a new solder paste inspection system that enables manufacturers of PCB assemblies to slash inspection time in half, without compromising capability.
2009-03-13 Ease real-time solder joint fault detection in FPGAs
Without early detection, electrical anomalies caused by solder joint faults can result in the catastrophic failure of mission-critical equipment
1998-10-01 Avoiding solder-ball formation
Solder balls occur in both wave and reflow soldering and can also occur if great care is not taken during hand soldering
1999-11-11 Surface mount: from design to delivery
There are many questions associated with the SMT process. This article examines them in greater detail, and reviews the basics behind the surface mount assembly process.
2002-01-04 Surface Mount Techniques, UPTIME sign strategic partnership
Surface Mount Techniques, a supplier of SMT solder paste printing machines, and UPTIME Inc., a PCB assembly equipment service organization, have entered into a strategic partnership.
2006-07-17 Stencil, squeegee blades affect aperture fill sub-process
This article reviews the impact of the stencil and squeegee blade on the aperture fill sub-process of Pb-free printing.
2013-08-16 SACM drastically improves drop-shock performance
The SACM solder alloy from Indium Technology offers drop shock performance far superior to other SAC alloys, without compromising on thermal cycling
1998-12-01 Rework BGAs for improved process yields
The removal and replacement of Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices requires proper equipment selection, robust process control, and proper training of staff. Rework involves the following sequence of steps: BGA module removal, BGA site preparation, sol-der paste deposition, module replacement, and reflow
2004-02-06 Indium releases Pb-free soldering products
Indium Corp. has developed several Pb-free soldering products.
2007-03-12 FCI touts 2mm headers for PiP soldering
FCI's Minitek 2mm headers are specifically designed for Pin-in-Paste (PiP) soldering processes, which allow through-mount components to be soldered using conventional reflow soldering processes
2006-12-05 FCI adds new options to PiP header line
FCI has expanded its FCI BASICS+ range of commodity connectors with two new versions of its Quickie Shrouded Pin Headers for cable-to-board applications.
2000-09-01 Dispensing for high-yield assembly
As components are becoming smaller and more complex, the ability to dispense increasingly tiny dots of adhesive or solder paste at precise locations on a board has become a vital requirement for many applications.
2002-02-01 DEK imaging system features upgrades
The ProFlow DirEKt imaging system features upgraded integrated thermal control (ITC) and software-controlled air regulator (SCAR), further improving the efficiency of the surface-mount pre-placement process.
2006-06-05 DEK concludes research on lead-free pastes
DEK said it concluded research into screen printing for 0201 surface-mount technology components using SnPb and SAC solder pastes
2015-02-17 Canadian start-up develops PCB printer
Each printer will come with a cartridge of conductive ink, insulating ink, solder paste, solder wire, blank boards in a few sizes and a sample pack of template boards.
2011-08-04 X-ray inspection system eases board failure detection
The Akila XR-3 X-ray inspection system claims accurate detection of defects such as excess solder, insufficient solder and voids in printed circuit fabrication
2015-02-11 Desktop PCB printer eases prototype development
The printer is targeted at surface-mount designs. In addition to being able to print two conductive layers separated by an insulating medium, it can dispense solder paste into the requisite locations.
2002-04-11 Asymtek dispensing system targets high volume inline SMT apps
Asymtek has released the Axiom X-1010 high-volume inline dispensing system that supports SMT processes such as surface mount adhesive, solder paste, and electrically-conductive adhesive applications.
2008-12-15 Taiwan govt offers assistance to photovoltaics industry
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will provide assistance to support the domestic production of low-iron glass, EVA (ethyl-vinyl acetate), silver/aluminum paste, solder and other raw materials that are needed in the photovoltaic (PV) industry but not currently produced in Taiwan.
2006-02-07 Test sockets come in three mounting styles
Emulation Technology has expanded its test socket line with a surface-mount QFN/MLF Quick Lock version. The sockets are also available in through-hole and compression-fit mounting styles.
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