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1999-11-10 Surface mount soldering recommendations
The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability.
2010-07-15 Soldering recommendations for the ceramic vertical mount package
This application note describes soldering recommendations for the ceramic vertical mount package (CVMP). The CVMP can be mounted either vertically or lying flat.
2003-05-26 Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors
This application note discusses the recommended procedure for Soldering of surface mount and multilayer metal oxide varistors
2005-06-09 Mounting and soldering recommendations for CATV modules
This app note deals with the mounting and soldering of CATV modules
2001-06-14 Assembly and soldering recommendations
This application note suggests some assembly and soldering guidelines for semiconductor devices
2003-05-29 Recommendations for Soldering Terminal Leads to MOV Varistor Discs
This application note discusses the proper procedures and materials required when soldering terminal leads to MOV varistor discs
2010-08-16 Mounting recommendations for STAC boltdown packages
This application note provides a set of guidelines to be considered for the proper attachment of STAC packages.
2009-06-16 Flip-Chip 300?m recommendations for audio power amplifier
This application note describes the Flip-Chip CSP features and species how ST's customers can use them.
2001-06-07 Lead-free soldering for the attachment of ?BGA packages
This application note will focus on review of alternative solder alloy compositions, furnish recommendations for solder process development, and review environmental testing requirements, comparing eutectic solder to lead-free solder on a 46 I/O ?BGA package
2005-07-21 New resettable overcurrent protection device from Raychem
Raychem Circuit Protection unveiled a low resistance, resettable overcurrent protection device designed for communications infrastructure applications.
2007-10-19 Flat-panel audio design: Only the screen is flat, not the audio
Designing audio amplifiers for flat-panel TVs involves several challenging and juxtaposed issues. Engineering is usually fraught with making trade-offs and there�s no better example than in flat-panel design.
2006-12-05 FCI adds new options to PiP header line
FCI has expanded its FCI BASICS+ range of commodity connectors with two new versions of its Quickie Shrouded Pin Headers for cable-to-board applications.
2014-12-22 Experimental methods for PCB design and manufacturing
EMS providers are being called upon to take on the task of design of experiments, also known as experimental designs, requiring them to work with OEMS to do the necessary research and development.
2008-08-01 Developing a green product development strategy
One of the most difficult steps in the initiation of a green product development strategy is where to get started. The green knowledge base for product development is widely distributed and not readily available within the organization, in the design or process teams.
2006-08-23 Designing and shipping after RoHS
RoHS compliance must become an integral part of a designer's development process, with RoHS checks conducted at each step: concept, development, prototype, first builds and volume production.
2012-07-23 Boost electronics system quality through IC supplier-customer cooperation
Know the ways through which IC manufacturers may address EOS/ESD/NTF issues by working closely with customers.
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