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2006-09-14 Tiny solid-state relay delivers bounce-free switching
Using an optical medium, Vishay's new miniature 1-Form-A solid-state relay provides clean, bounce-free switching for indoor security, instrumentation and industrial control systems.
2004-12-14 Solid-state relays withstand 250A surge
Hongfa Electroacoustic announced the availability of its new solid-state relays that feature a dielectric strength of 4kVac
2006-10-20 Solid-state relays include LED indicators
The new line of solid-state relays from Opto 22 includes LED input status indicators that indicate when a control signal is applied
2005-05-23 Solid-state relay integrates current-limiting circuitry
Designed to replace electromechanical devices, a new current limiting, normally open, 1 Form A optically isolated solid-state relay (SSR) from Clare Inc., an IXYS company, saves board space while enhancing the performance of wireline-interface applications
2001-09-13 Solid state relays versus electromechanical relays
This application note provides a comparison between solid-state relays and electromechanical relays
2007-06-01 Solid state relays deliver high throughput
With input drive as low as 2mA and fast switching speeds of less than 0.5ms, Avago's ASSR-301C/302C and ASSR-401C/402C solid state relays suit sensing and multiplexing applications
2007-09-07 Solid state relay delivers 0.25? on-resistance
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched a new 1 Form A solid-state relay that provides fast switching speeds and low on-resistance for a variety of test and measurement and industrial applications.
2014-05-20 Reed relays vs other relay technologies
In this article, we provide a comparison between various relay technologies such as reed relays, electro mechanical relays, solid state relays and MEMS switches.
2007-11-29 Quad high-side solid-state relay halves Rds(on)
A quad high-side solid-state relay that saves energy by cutting RDS(on) by 50% has been launched by STMicroelectronics.
2008-08-27 Pickering rolls new PXI solid-state high current switches
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI high current switching solutions with the introduction of a family of high power capacity solid-state relay solutions.
2004-11-18 Omron compact solid-state relays rated at 90A
Omron announced the availability of the latest high-current models for its G3NA series of compact solid-state relays
2002-07-10 Hongfa relay has 10ms response time
The JGC-4F solid-state relay from Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co. Ltd features a fully-sealed SIP casing and a response time of 10ms, making it suitable for use home appliances such as air conditioners.
2003-10-07 Gold Control solid-state relays have low heating
Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co. Ltd has released its three-phase ac solid-state relays
2006-01-17 Crydom solid-state relay is RoHS compliant
The LC series of compact SIL type PCB mounting relays from Crydom is ROHS compliant and suitable for switching AC loads up to 2A at 300C, at supply voltages up to 280Vrms.
2001-09-12 Connecting a solid state relay for dc switching
This application note illustrates the design of a MOSFET-based relay that is capable of switching a DC load
2002-08-28 Clare solid-state relay has output current limiter
Clare Inc.'s PAA140L optically-isolated, solid-state relay has an output current limit feature to drive the relay directly from logic signals without external components.
2003-07-10 Clare solid state relay blocks to 800V
Clare Inc. has announced the availability of the CPC1978J power OptoMOS SSR that is capable of blocking voltages up to 800V.
2002-11-22 Clare relay has output transient protection
Clare Inc.'s CPC1335P OptoMOS solid-state relay combines a 1-Form-A relay with a 600W transorb in a single surface-mount package.
2005-02-04 Adapter provides pin-for-pin replacement for obsolete Aromat relay
Aries offers a new adapter assembly that enables users of the obsolete Aromat HB2E relay to achieve a pin-for-pin replacement with no board design or rework
2001-09-12 This application note explains the loop current detection capability of Solid State Optronics' TR115 telecommunications relay.
This application note explains the loop current detection capability of Solid State Optronics' TR115 telecommunications relay.
2006-11-28 Solid-state relays promise highest insulation
Avago has unveiled three families of solid-state relays that promise the industry's highest insulation voltage in a miniature SO-4 package
2002-03-12 Minco solid-state sensor boast flexible mounting
Targeted to replace gas capillary tubes and their mechanical switches, the company's AS101894T solid state low temperature sensor features flexible sensor elements that can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or made to fit any shaped system
2013-10-23 IXYS intros 5A, 500V solid state power relay
The CPC1968J claims to offer the lowest on-resistance in the power relay family of devices with a load voltage rating of 400V or greater
2013-06-14 Global relay market to rebound this year
IHS revealed that the world market for electro-mechanical and solid-state relays contracted by $125 million, or 3.6 per cent, to about $3.35 billion in 2012
2001-09-12 Converting A 1 form A / 1 form B relay into a 1 form C relay
This application note illustrates how to configure Solid State Optronics' 1-Form-A/1-Form-B relays to create a 1-Form-C relay.
2000-12-12 Solid state control for bidirectional motors
This application note shows how triacs can substitute the function of the mechanical relays for controlling bidirectional motors, offering a higher level of quality and reliability for control purposes.
2004-03-11 Wuxi Gold SSRs feature 1.2V turn-on voltage
Wuxi Gold's solid-state relays feature an input and control voltage of 3Vdc to 32Vdc and input control current of 7mA to 20mA
2005-06-17 USB box controls, monitors relays
As a follow-on to its recently introduced digital I/O module, Measurement Computing announces its $299 USB-SSR24, a USB device for monitoring and controlling solid-state relays
2006-05-02 SSRs feature fast switching
Avago Technologies has introduced a pair of dual-channel, high-speed, optically-isolated MOSFET-output solid-state relays
2008-08-18 SSRs deliver increased load current capacity
Clare Inc., an IXYS company, has released LCB716, a 1-Form-B solid-state relay, and the dual-pole combination LBA716, integrating independent 1-Form-A and 1-Form-B relays into a compact package. Both are 60V devices with 0.5A and 1A of load current, respectively.
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