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2005-03-28 JDS Uniphase buys Lightwave for $65 million
JDS Uniphase Corp. announced Tuesday (March 22) it would acquire Lightwave Electronics Corp., a supplier of commercial solid-state lasers, for $65 million in cash.
2002-04-26 IXYS to acquire Clare for $55M
Power semiconductor manufacturer IXYS Corp. has agreed to acquire Clare Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage ICs, solid state relays, mixed-signal ASICS and driver ICs.
2013-04-23 IXYS rolls out 350V SSR in 8-pin SOIC package
IXYS latest device features 120mA maximum load current and 30Ohms of maximum on-resistance with 2mA of input trigger control current.
2010-07-06 iWatt sets up design center in Shenzhen
iWatt opened a new design center in the Shenzhen Science Park in Shenzhen, China to support the growing number of Asia manufacturers designing SSL, mobile phone chargers and network adapters.
2012-08-06 ITE, IDT reach licensing agreement for USB 2.0 controller
ITE Tech, Inc. and IDT have agreed on terms to license certain solid-state oscillator patents required in the design of an integrated USB 2.0 Flash Drive Controller.
2007-06-19 iSupply notes 'surprisingly slow' Q1 for HDD industry
It was a double knockout for the HDD industry as it got hit by plunging prices and declining shipments in Q1 according to Suppli.
2010-11-25 ISSCC highlights emerging technologies
The 2011 International Solid State Circuits Conference has accepted 211 papers, including a sleep monitoring system, a two-dimensional wideband antenna array for 3D imaging, and an AC power meter.
2007-09-13 IRC, OPTEK offer LED lighting solutions
TT electronics' IRC Advanced Film Division and Optek Technology have developed an LED microsite, showcasing their broad range of solutions to solid-state lighting challenges.
2005-04-06 IR SSRs target Hi-Rel apps
International Rectifier rolled out a quartet of devices in a new line of RAD-Hard solid state relays for high reliability apps
2005-04-19 IR high reliability facilities achieve AS9100/ISO9001 certification
International Rectifier (IR) has achieved a multi-site AS9100/ISO9001 certification for its high-reliability (HiRel) manufacturing and design facilities in Santa Clara, California; Leominster, Massachusetts; and Skovlunde, Denmark.
2009-12-29 Intel, Micron moves to reclaim NAND process lead
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology Inc. are looking to regain the lead in the NAND process technology race.
2010-02-08 Intel wants top spot in SSD market
Intel Corp. hopes to be the technology and solid-state storage (SSD) leader, but it is not seeking to be the top player in the discrete market.
2008-06-10 Intel takes wraps off SSDs for netbooks, nettops
Intel NAND Products Group is introducing its latest solid-state drive product with the Intel Z-P230 Parallel ATA SSD, a storage solution for value mobile and desktop systems.
2005-02-10 Intel reveals MIMO radio, dual-core Itanium processor
Intel will introduce a dual-core Itanium processor along with one of the first CMOS radio chips using multiple-input/multiple output antenna technology.
2013-01-30 Intel readies mSATA SDD for Ultrabook apps
The Solid-State Drive 525 series comes in a small mSATA form factor and boasts a 6Gb/s performance.
2010-08-20 Integrated SSDs pave the way for new memory class
SanDisk Corp.'s embedded solid state drives are smaller than a postage stamp and offer higher capacities and performance than existing storage solutions, for tablet PCs and ultra-thin notebooks.
2008-07-01 Integrate SMPS control in LED applications
Solid state lighting with LEDs can offer a combination of flexibility and efficiency unmatched by conventional lighting. It is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fields in electromechanical engineering and design. LED driver applications require buck converters because LEDs are current mode devices.
2007-11-14 Insights on using NAND flash in portable designs
As the raging success of Apple's iPod still rings in our ears, NAND flash memory is seen as the rising star of solid-state memory for portable and consumer applications.
2002-02-05 Innotech CMOS sensor delivers CCD image quality
Designed using the CMOS process, the Threshold Voltage Modulation Image Sensor (VMIS)-IV1018 delivers CCD sensor image quality by maximizing the efficiency in converting photoelectric charges from the photoetecting device into electrical charges.
2002-08-15 Infineon develops new chip stacking technique
Infineon Technologies has developed a new method in IC package stacking using a soldering method called solid liquid interdiffusion (SOLID).
2007-11-16 Image sensor packaging slims down for CE, cars
Solid-state image sensors must be packaged to protect against corrosion, mechanical damage and obscuration by dust particles. Current wafer-level packages provide a low-cost, chip-size solution with a total thickness of less than 500m that will also pass stringent automotive reliability standards.
2005-02-09 IBM, Sony, Toshiba tip 'Cell' processor at 90nm
At the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) on Monday (Feb. 7), IBM Corp., Sony Corp., Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and Toshiba Corp. disclosed more details of the long-awaited &quote;Cell&quote; processor.
2011-07-27 IBM's GPFS scans 10B files in 43mins
IBM researchers have exhibited a large-scale storage device using GPFS running on a cluster of 10 eight core systems and solid state storage and scans 10 billion files within 43 min.
2012-09-05 How to optimize PCIe SSD performance
Know why it is important for interconnect and flash controller suppliers to work together to achieve the best results.
2014-01-02 How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 1)
Here's a look at an AC/DC converter without active LED current control.
2012-04-20 How power failure affects flash-based SSDs
Know how to build more reliable solid-state drives by understanding the impact of power failure on flash devices.
2002-07-10 Hongfa relay has 10ms response time
The JGC-4F solid-state relay from Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co. Ltd features a fully-sealed SIP casing and a response time of 10ms, making it suitable for use home appliances such as air conditioners.
2008-12-04 Hitachi GST, Intel collaborate on enterprise-class SSDs
Intel and Hitachi GST have announced plans to jointly develop and deliver SAS and Fibre Channel enterprise-class SSDs for servers, workstations and storage systems.
2008-02-13 Hitachi eyes healthy future for hard drives
Overcoming stiff price wars and competitive upheavals from emerging storage technologies, the hard disk drive sector continues to rebound with renewed optimism. This bodes well for HDD makers such as Hitachi GST.
2006-02-09 Hitachi advances paper-thin RFID chip
Targeting radio-frequency identification, Hitachi has developed what it says is the smallest and thinnest IC in the world for those applications.
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