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2012-07-24 HDD maintains lead over SSD in notebook space
IHS noted that despite the line of devices that use SSDs in favor of HDDs such as the forthcoming Microsoft Surface, HDD-equipped notebooks retain market dominance.
2012-07-25 Grid-connected renewable energy storage project unveiled
A consortium of seven European partners has been formed to build a solid state hydrogen storage facility that will balance power supply and demand of renewable energy.
2015-12-23 Grasp soft-decoding in SSD controllers
In this article, we will take a look at what happens when that initial decode fails and how soft data can be used to recover data on the SSD.
2003-11-17 Gold Control relays provide optional LED indicator
Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co. Ltd has rolled out its SAP series of ac solid-state relays including SAP2405, SAP2410, SAP2415, and SAP2420.
2013-06-14 Global relay market to rebound this year
IHS revealed that the world market for electro-mechanical and solid-state relays contracted by $125 million, or 3.6 per cent, to about $3.35 billion in 2012.
2009-11-24 German government funds OLED research
Applied Materials Inc. and Merck will develop Light InLine OLED technology with funding from the German government.
2012-11-16 Gartner Inc. projects IC market to shrink in 2012
The technology research firm has revised downwards its forecast for the global semiconductor market, seeing the 2012 market being worth $298 billion.
2011-03-11 GaN-on-silicon LEDs tip 135lumens/W
Bridgelux Inc. demonstrates GaN-on-silicon based LEDs that offer commercial grade performance of 135lumens/W.
2011-08-15 GaN LEDs set record for highest luminous efficacy
A breakthrough for GaN-on-Si solid-state lighting shows cool white LEDs demonstrating as high as 160Lm/W at a CCT of 4350K and warm white LEDs with 125Lm/W at a CCT of 2940K.
2007-12-19 GaAs FET amplifier handles 1.5GHz
Stealth Microwave has introduced Model SM0520-36/36H, a 500-2,000MHz solid state GaAs FET amplifier designed for multipurpose use in multiple wireless and military markets.
2008-09-09 GaAs FET amplifier gears up for military, wireless apps
Stealth Microwave has designed Model SM06927-36H, a 690-2,700MHz solid-state GaAs FET amplifier designed for multipurpose use in multiple wireless and military markets.
2008-09-29 Future shines bright for OLED lighting
The OLED lighting market will hit almost $4.5 billion by 2013, according to a new report from market research group NanoMarkets.
2005-09-01 Four GB drive protects head from fall
Cornice's hard-disk drive has head-retraction features that protect storage media when the drive is dropped.
2006-07-19 Flash-based SSD to boot out HDD in laptop computers
Hard disk drives may face legitimate competition in the mobile computer mass storage market from flash-based solid state drives, particularly in laptop computers according to In-Stat.
2015-10-30 Flash storage: 3D TLC NAND to beat MLC (Part 2)
In the first instalment of this series, we discuss alternate methods to increase density, as well as how a new innovation addresses SSD challenges surprisingly well.
2007-10-01 Flash makers position for NAND surge
Seeking to gain ground on Samsung Electronics, NAND flash rivals Hynix Semiconductor, IM Flash Technologies and Toshiba are quietly expanding their production and readying a new class of sub-45nm devices.
2008-01-02 Flash into the future: Mtron marches ahead
Mtron Co. Ltd is a start-up company that produces flash memory SSDs. According to senior executive vice president and co-founder Young-Hyun Bae "Mtron's SSD are the world's best in terms of performance."
2013-07-25 FCI rolls 12Gbps SAS receptacles for enterprise storage apps
The 12Gbps SAS connectors from FCI complies with the SAS 3.0 and SFF8680 specification and are designed to support hot plugging and blind mating of HDDs and SSDs.
2002-02-26 Fairchild optically-coupled SSRs feature 4kVrms isolation
The company's new line of SSRs consist of an AlGaAs infrared LED optically-coupled to a photovoltaic generator that drives a power MOSFET detector, and features 4kVrms isolation.
2009-08-21 Experts take on NAND, SSD issues
The recently-concluded Flash Memory Summit brought a range of opinions on the state of the NAND industry, scaling, 3-bit-per-cell and solid-state drives (SSDs). Here are some of the comments from the experts.
2005-02-11 Experts chime in on future of camera phones
While mobile phone cameras represent the largest and fastest growing market for solid-state image sensors, the continued success of mobile camera phones may not be assured.
2014-08-28 Examining Intel's embedded DRAM
With its astronomical manufacturing costs, SRAM's viability is being questioned and the industry is looking for alternatives. This article examines an intriguing option in the form of embedded DRAM.
2012-07-13 Examining Everspin's MRAM technology
Here's a closer look at Everspin's MRAM technology and its implications for solid-state drives.
2010-12-16 Enterprise-class SSDs triple HDD read speed
With random sustained 90,000 read and 17,000 write IOPS and sequential sustained 510MB/sec read and 230MB/sec write throughput, Toshiba's MK x001GRZB SSD series realizes read speeds over 3x faster than its current enterprise HDD.
2010-01-08 Enterprise SSD achieves 20,000 P/E cycles
The device provides more endurance than SSDs based on commercial MLC NAND flash.
2012-12-11 Endurance of flash memory boosted to 100M cycles
Macronix International is set to present a paper on boosting the cycling endurance of flash memory through thermal annealing at the upcoming International Electron Devices Meeting.
2010-11-11 Embedded SSD tips SATA technology
The devices combine the company's integrated SATA NAND controller with various NAND flash capacities in a multichip package targeting enterprise, industrial, automotive and networking applications.
2011-05-06 Embedded SSD incorporates JEDEC form factor
Smart Modular Technologies introduces the XceedIOPS iSATA Slim solid-state storage module using industrial-grade single level cell flash for high reliability and performance.
2005-12-07 Elpida's Sugano awarded by JEDEC
The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association recently awarded Toshio Sugano, Elpida Memory's Technology and Development Office NPD Gr. Professional for his outstanding technical contributions to technology standardization.
2002-08-19 Electrodynamics event counter holds 99,999 events
The DDS101 solid state event counter has a nonvolatile memory that holds up to 99,999 events and outputs them into serial, binary-coded decimal format.
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