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2002-08-19 DTI switch modules drive 5kA peak level
Diversified Technologies Inc.'s PowerMod solid-state switch modules feature variable pulse widths up to <15s and can drive up to 5kA.
2002-01-25 DTI switch modules deliver >90 percent efficiency
The PowerMod solid-state switch modules feature >90 percent efficiency or <60V drop for a 9kV (270kW peak), 30A module.
2003-04-30 Digital Line Card Circuit Protection
This document presents the SIDACtor solid state overvoltage protection and TeleLink time lag fuse devices that can be used to protect digital line card circuits.
2007-01-29 Digital data storage replaces magnetic tape systems
The DDS-XM100 series of solid-state data storage unit from Bluewater is designed specifically to replace outdated magnetic tape and disc storage systems.
2003-09-12 Digital cellular modem has interval data recorder
TransData has introduced an internal CDMA digital cellular modem for its SSR-6000 Solid-State Demand Recorder and Pulse Totalizer.
2008-05-16 Design lighting systems with tunable WLEDs
Tunable lighting is a feature offered by solid-state lighting that is beyond the tactical economic benefits of energy reduction and extended service life that are already driving LED adoption in the lighting market. Discover how tunable white LEDs could enhance your lighting designs.
2007-04-27 Dell offers flash drive option in its laptops
Dell said it is offering solid-state flash drives as an option on its Latitude corporate notebooks, a move that potentially makes a better product for people on the road.
2002-02-07 Debate follows application of Moore's Law to analog ICs
Those looking for a brouhaha at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference almost got one Monday (Feb. 4) as technologists debated the future of Moore's Law for analog circuits.
2001-09-13 Current limiting
This application note is designed to provide insight into the technology of current limiting and how it can be utilized for certain applications.
2010-03-17 Cost-efficient SSDs roll for netbooks, desktops
Priced at $125, Intel's X25-V solid-state drive offers users the performance and reliability advantages of solid-state computing at an affordable, entry-level price.
2001-09-12 Converting A 1 form A / 1 form B relay into a 1 form C relay
This application note illustrates how to configure Solid State Optronics' 1-Form-A/1-Form-B relays to create a 1-Form-C relay.
2008-08-18 Controller LSI enables high-speed flash storage
TDK Corp. has developed the GBDriver RA8 series of NAND flash memory controller LSI that are compatible with 2KByte/page and 4KByte/page NAND flash memories.
2009-07-09 Controller firmware supports Intel SSDs
LSI Corp. has released new controller firmware for its 3ware 9650SE SATA RAID controller cards, which provides support for Intel X25-E Extreme SATA solid state drives (SSDs). The firmware upgrade is designed to provide full compliance with the Intel SSDs for servers, storage and high-end workstations.
2010-04-15 Compact LEDs deliver 100 lumens at 350mA
Avago Technologies has launched a compact and energy-efficient 3W miniature high-power LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications.
2011-01-03 Compact Intel SSD comes in 40-, 80GB capacities
Intel's SSD 310 is a new solid state drive (SSD) that measures 50x30x5mm and weighs 10 grams.
2002-02-12 Commercial drumbeat resonates at ISSCC
Even as technologists dazzled the International Solid-State Circuits Conference with presentations claiming to blow past worries about the future of CMOS, many of the engineers who gathered here last week seemed more preoccupied with the commercial viability of those advances than their technical bravura.
2002-11-22 Clare relay has output transient protection
Clare Inc.'s CPC1335P OptoMOS solid-state relay combines a 1-Form-A relay with a 600W transorb in a single surface-mount package.
2012-07-09 Choose the right storage for each part of the cloud
Find out how to identify the appropriate storage solution for each aspect of cloud architecture.
2015-08-07 Cheaper, denser NAND need better ECC
In this article, we expound why PMC-Sierra switched from Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem codes to low-density parity check codes for error correction in its solid-state drive controllers.
2013-02-05 Cell phones lead 2013 flash memory consumption
IHS forecasted that as a primary consumer of NAND flash memory, cell phones will jump to the lead spot with a 24.6 per cent share of global bit shipments, up from second place in 2012 with 23.3 per cent.
2005-03-21 Catalyst, TAOS to promote solutions for SSI market
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. and Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions Inc. (TAOS) have signed a non-exclusive agreement to jointly promote each others' products in the systems solutions they offer to their global solid-state illumination (SSI) customers.
2007-02-19 Camera-phone flash LED driver promises improved visual experience
NXP's news camera-phone LED flash driver promises increased flash performance that enhances picture quality in poor lighting conditions, enabling an improved visual experience.
2002-02-08 Broadcom implements OC-192 chips in CMOS
Broadcom Corp. engineers described CMOS transmitter and receiver ICs for SONET operating at 10Gbps in back-to-back presentations at the 49th International Solid-State Circuits Conference.
2006-07-19 BiTMICRO SoCs, flash SSDs to feature Kilopass memory tech
BiTMICRO Networks is integrating Kilopass Technology's XPM embedded, non-volatile memory technology in its next-generation SoC devices and E-Disk flash SSDs.
2004-07-26 BiTMICRO receives patent for flash storage device
BiTMICRO Networks has received a patent from the U.S. patent and trademark office for its storage device testing technology found in its E-Disk analyzer.
2006-04-25 BiTMICRO licenses ARC's configurable cores
BiTMICRO Networks has licensed ARC International' ARC 700 family of configurable cores.
2004-05-07 BiTMICRO E-Disk more than a storage solution
From a nonmemory expert's point-of-view, a solid state disk (SSD) would probably be a hard disk drive (HDD) or a tape drive that reads, writes and stores data.
2004-06-23 BiTMICRO E-Disk Flash drive chosen by VMETRO
VMETRO, a provider of products for high-speed sensor I/O, data recording, and bus analysis, has selected E-Disk fiber channel solid state disk from BiTMICRO Networks as the storage solution of choice for its solid state digital data recorder (DDR).
2005-05-09 Bitmicro certifies E-Disk SSD line with CaminoSoft's ILM solutions
Caminosoft Corp., a provider of information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions for Microsoft Windows 200X and Novell NetWare & GroupWise environments, announced that its ILM suite has been certified for use with Bitmicro Networks Inc.' E-Disk solid-state disk (SSD) storage subsystems.
2014-05-09 Battery manufacturing tech doubles voltage up to 8V
Ilika has just patented its cell manufacturing technology that uses the vapour deposition process for producing stacked solid-state batteries featuring several performance and safety benefits.
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