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2002-11-21 West Bay framers target low-cost SONET/SDH equipment
The company's SONET/SDH channelized framers and pointer processors are targeted for low-cost metropolitan access telecommunications equipment apps
2002-10-21 PMC-Sierra rolls dense OC-48 framer
PMC-Sierra Inc. calls its PM5332 Spectra 1x2,488 one of the highest-density, multirate SONET/SDH framers available
2004-03-25 Mapper preps SAN traffic for Sonet/SDH
Galazar Networks has released a storage-area-networking mapper that will allow operators to carry storage streams over Sonet/SDH links
2003-03-07 Cypress samples channelized GFP SONET/SDH framer
The company is sampling the POSIC2G framer, which is touted to be the industry's first 2.5Gbps channelized SONET/SDH framer with generic framing.
2002-05-27 Cypress framer extends 10GbE to SONET/SDH
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has announced the release of the POSIC10G single-chip framer that extends 10Gb Ethernet LANs over standard SONET/SDH networks.
2002-09-26 Agere ships multi-rate, multi-channel framer IC
The TSOT1610G is claimed to be the industry's first multi-rate, multi-channel framer IC, supporting 16-channels of OC-3/STM-1, 16 channels of OC-12/STM-4, four channels of OC-48/STM-16, or a single OC-192/STM-64
2002-11-12 10Gbps framer/mapper IC line rolls for ATM nets
The company's Columbia family of 10Gbps framer/mapper devices targets ATM and packet-over-SONET applications, including multiservice switches.
2002-06-03 West Bay rolls virtual concatenation data framer
West Bay Semiconductor Inc. has introduced the WB4500 48-channel multi-protocol virtual concatenation data framer for 2.5Gbps and 622Mbps next-generation SONET/SDH systems.
2003-12-16 SONET/SDH framers gird for multiservice
New framer ICs bring two important innovations to the SONET/SDH market that distinguish them from their predecessors: virtual concatenation and generic framing protocol.
2002-06-18 PMC-Sierra rolls out SONET/SDH chipset
PMC-Sierra Inc. has announced the availability of the CHESS-III chipset for transporting 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps metro services, and enables OEMs to use deployed line cards into advanced systems.
2007-01-01 PMC-Sierra announces scalable framer solutions
PMC-Sierra Inc. has announced the PM8310 TEMUX 336, the industry's most integrated and scalable framer solution for next generation voice, wireless and router platforms
2002-06-28 OptiX 40Gb framer integrates FEC
A 40Gbps IC that integrates SONET/SDH and Optical Transport Network framing and forward error correction is available from OptiX Networks Inc
2002-04-15 NEC PHY chip integrates four 622Mbps SONET/SDH channels
The 5PD98413 ATM and POS PHY device from NEC Corp. integrates four 622Mbps SONET/SDH framer function channels on one chip, making it suitable for 3G mobile basestations, DSLAMs, and other high-end WAN edge equipment.
2002-03-25 NEC ATM, POS chip packs four 622Mbps SONET/SDH framer channels
The 5PD98413 ATM and POS PHY chip from NEC integrates four 622Mbps SONET/SDH framer function channels on one chip, enabling faster 3G mobile basestations, DSLAM, and WAN edge equipment.
2002-03-14 Infineon releases single-chip 40Gbps framer/pointer processor
The Titan 19244 single-chip framer and pointer processor is capable of handling data at 40Gbps in both upstream and downstream directions, as well as supporting pointer processing up to STS-1 granularity
2003-07-14 Infineon expands SONET/SDH framer chip family
Infineon Technologies has expanded its portfolio of optical networking solutions with the release of the multi-rate, multi-channel SONET/SDH framer chips.
2004-05-12 Framer/mapper cuts evolutionary path for Sonet design
Galazar Networks has added a framer/mapper device called the VersaNode to its Sonet/SDH chip family.
2004-09-17 Evaluation platform enables next-gen SONET/SDH protocols
PMC-Sierra introduced its 10/100M Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH evaluation platform which enables multi-vendor interoperability for next-gen SONET/SDH protocols
2002-06-28 Cypress samples SiGe SONET/SDH serdes
Cypress Semiconductor's CYS25G0102DX OC-48/STM-16 serdes is designed for use in OC-48/STM-16 switches, routers, DWDM systems and add/drop MUXs.
2002-08-30 AMCC mappers, framers aggregate SONET channels
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. is putting emphasis on the aggregation of multiple SONET channels to capitalize on the push by incumbent carriers to preserve legacy SONET backbones
2001-03-19 Interfacing to the quad OC-3 SONET/SDH transceiver (CY7B9514V
This application note provides guidelines for interfacing the CY7B9514V to SONET/SDH framing devices and optical modules
2004-07-08 Transwitch signs distribution pact with Cytech
Transwitch Semiconductor has announced that Cytech Technology Ltd will market and sell its solutions such as Sonet framer, TDM and data mapper over Sonet, high speed cross-connect, TDM over IP and carrier class Ethernet controllers/aggregators in mainland China and Hong Kong.
2003-04-10 Agere multirate, multiprotocol line card ICs roll
Agere Systems Inc. bills its Mars T LT multirate, multiprotocol line card chips for framing and mapping applications in metro and access networks as a single hardware/software platform that can be used in many line card designs.
2002-04-18 TDK LIU hits 155.52Mbps
A SONET/SDH LIU from TDK Semiconductor Corp. operates at 155.52 Mbps (STS-3 or STM-1) and provides a synchronized clock that can be used for backplanes running at 311MHz
2001-10-12 S3083, S3044, S3056 and S4802 MISSOURI OC-48 with Sumitomo fiber optics
This application note describes a Physical Media Dependent (PMD) layer solution for SONET/SDH data transfer with the use of AMCC's S3083 transmitter, S3044 receiver, S3056 CDR and MISSOURI S4802 framer, and Sumitomo's SDM7128-XC fiber optic transceiver.
2002-03-19 PMC-Sierra network IC terminates up to 12 DS3/E3 channels
The PM5383 S/UNI-12xJET is claimed to replace up to four discrete devices in performing the aggregation, transport and termination of up to 12-channels of DS3/E3 and J2 protocols, enabling DS3 services to be deployed in both new and existing platforms.
2005-10-26 Mapper supports all protocols
Exar is expecting their new mapper/framer, which is actually part Infineon Technologies AG, to jumpstart its entry into the Ethernet-over-Sonet (EoS) market.
2002-08-29 Frame processor supports four 10Gb channels
Ample Communications Inc. is coming out with the first integrated frame processor based on its 40Gbps native core.
2001-10-18 Channelized OC-48 with pointer processing
This application note describes a complete OC-48 Physical Media Dependent (PMD) layer solution for SONET/SDH data transfer with the use of AMCC's S3032 and S3055 transceivers, MISSOURI S4802 framer and NILE S1202 mapper and Infineon's V23818-N15-L353 fiber optic transceiver.
2003-02-17 Bridging optical and Ethernet
Through the use of flexible bridging technologies, the existing optical infrastructure can support today's data-heavy traffic patterns allows new features without overly taxing unavailable corporate investment.
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