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2004-10-21 Video switch provides ultra wide bandwidth
Fairchild's new video switch provides ultra wide bandwidthallowing full design flexibility while maintaining absolute signal fidelity
2004-11-11 Toshiba announces smallest GaAs MESFET switch for Bluetooth, WLAN apps
Toshiba released a small, low-profile GaAs MESFET SPDT switch that is suited for use in multi-band/mode cellular ASMs, Bluetooth modules and WLAN apps.
2004-09-08 TI SPDT switch tailored for general purpose analog apps
The new dual SPDT analog switch from TI provides low power consumption and high-speed while maintaining excellent signal integrity.
2002-12-20 STMicro switch IC fits portable systems
The STG3157CTR SPDT analog switch operates from a 1.65V to 5.5V supply and is packaged in a SOT-323 6-lead surface-mount package.
2005-12-30 SPDT switches offer low capacitance
ADI's new ADG1233 and ADG1234 SPDT switches operate with 12V or 15V supplies to deliver low capacitance and charge injection
2006-04-24 SPDT switch suits WLAN, Bluetooth systems
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd announced the NJG1615HA8, a medium-power single-pole double-throw switch
2005-08-09 SPDT switch serves WLAN, WiMAX
NEC introduced the UPG2163T5N GaAs MMIC SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switch that delivers industry-leading insertion loss performance in a new miniature, low profile 6-pin package.
2005-08-01 SPDT switch module spans 20GHz
Hittite Microwave has introduced the first wideband GaAs MMIC switch within the company's Connectorized Module Product Line
2006-02-28 Spdt switch allows time-sensitive systems to respond faster
M/A-COM announced a new RoHS-compliant spdt switch for applications that require fast settling time, high linearity, low insertion loss, high isolation and small size.
2006-05-12 Single-power quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signals
Maxim's quad, SPDT analog switch handles negative signal with a single power supply, reducing external component count and improving audio-signal quality.
2005-11-16 RF switch delivers 10W power rating
Anadigics' new RF switch provides a 10W power rating, which is suitable for automotive telematics, as well as GSM, CDMA and WLAN mobile platforms
2010-04-21 Potentiometer switch packs rotary, push-on functions
From Electro-Mech comes the SW44687 potentiometer switch assembly that offers both rotary and push-on functionality for maximum operation control
2007-03-06 MEMS switch touts 26GHz operation
MEMS switch maker TeraVicta Technologies is announcing a 26.5GHz spdt MEMS switch, claimed to be the world's fastest.
2004-07-20 Intersil SPDT switch supports portable battery-powered apps
Intersil launched a low-voltage, dual single-pole double throw analog signal switch for portable battery-powered products
2011-06-07 Integrated switch saves PCB space
Avago Technologies has launched a new set of high-power switch and low noise amplifier modules for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base transceiver station applications
2002-05-28 Fairchild SPDT switch protects vs. negative voltage spikes
The NC7SBU3157 SPDT analog switch from Fairchild Semiconductor features a -2V undershoot protection against damage caused by negative voltage transients.
2004-06-10 Fairchild SPDT switch has extensive ESD protection
The new dual SPDT switch from Fairchild is claimed by the company to feature low distortion and exceptional ESD protection.
2004-05-20 Fairchild SPDT switch eyes USB apps
Fairchild has unveiled its FSUSB11 dual SPDT USB switch providing fast-switch-time multiplex/demultiplexing of analog audio and USB 1.1 signals.
2008-07-29 Compact SPDT switch renders improved functions
NEC Corp. has developed an SPDT GaAs MMIC switch that delivers low insertion loss with high isolation from 2.4GHz to 6.0GHz frequency ranges.
2006-01-03 CMOS device combines two SPDT switches for cellphone apps
Analog Devices' new CMOS device contains two independently selectable, single-pole, double-throw switches for portable electronic devices such as cellphones.
2002-09-12 ANADIGICS switch exhibits low distortion capabilities
The AWS5518 SPDT GaAs MMIC combines an isolation of up to 32dB, insertion loss of 0.4dB, and linearity of 48dBm, to deliver low distortion and power consumption
2014-08-28 Amp up power handling via carrier-grade WiFi switch
The UltraCMOS PE42424 SPDT switch from Peregrine is aimed at transmit/receive switching applications for outdoor WiFi access points requiring high power handling and high-temperature performance.
2013-05-02 AEC-Q100 certified SPDT RF switch for harsh environment
Developed on Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology, the PE42359 integrates on-board CMOS control logic with a low voltage CMOS-compatible control interface and is designed to cover a 10 to 3000MHz.
2004-03-08 ADI releases SPDT switch in SC70 package
Analog Devices has released its ADG849 high-performance analog switch that is designed to provide best-of class audio switch quality
2002-10-24 A 5GHz - 6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged pin diodes
This application note describes a new design for an SPDT switch in the 5GHz to 6GHz range using PIN diodes in a low inductance SOT-23 package.
2001-04-19 A 5-6GHz switch using low-cost plastic packaged PIN diodes
This application note describes the design and performance of a SPDT switch covering a 5GHz to 6GHz frequency range utilizing low-cost PIN diodes in SOT-23 packages that use a low-inductance internal lead configuration.
2013-09-19 1W SPDT switches tout 1-20GHz frequency band operation
Richardson RFPD introduced the switches from Wavelex that targets S- to Ku-band applications including satellite communications, broadcast, RF bench test and mobile base stations.
2007-09-17 Switch drivers simplify design validation
Agilent Technologies Inc. has released attenuator/switch drivers designed for both bench-top and ATE environments
2005-06-23 SPDT shrinks to 1mm?
NEC introduced three new Single Pole Double Throw GaAs IC switches in 6-pin TQFN packages that measure 1mm? and 0.37mm high.
2012-09-28 SPDT RF switches for portable wireless, general-purpose RF apps
The PE42422 from Peregrine Semiconductor provides linearity of 115dBm IIP2, 70dBm IIP3, an insertion loss of 0.4dB at 3GHz and isolation of 28dB at 3GHz.
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