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2008-02-27 TI debuts closed-loop, digital-input Class-D amp
TI claims the industry's first digital-input, 20W stereo Class-D speaker amplifier with closed loop feedback.
2004-02-24 Taiyo Yuden speakers offer 0.7mm thickness
Taiyo Yuden's MLS series of multilayer ceramic piezoelectric speakers suits 3G cellphones, MPEG players, digital cameras and PDAs.
2008-11-10 Switches allow multiple audio signals sharing
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX14504/MAX14505/MAX14505A/MAX14506 dual SPDT analog switches for multiplexing high audio-output signals with low distortion.
2004-12-01 Sound Source raw speakers offer 88dB SPL
Sound Source disclosed the release of its new raw speakers that feature an SPL of 88dB and have an output power of 300W.
2011-08-01 Sony, Audio Pixels to co-develop low-cost MEMS speakers
Sony and Audio Pixels are working on developing low-cost MEMS digital speakers to enable speaker products that are better than conventional speakers but come in a small, 1mm-thick package.
2004-03-03 SMK terminals improve sound quality
The company has launched its EX series of speaker terminals as a response to the rising demand for DVD and home theater applications.
2004-09-28 Shinhan micro speakers rated at 1.5W
Shinhan announced the availability of its new micro speakers that operate between the 500Hz and 10kHz frequency range.
2009-01-08 SDK fit for high-quality Bluetooth headsets, speakers
CSR has unveiled the TrueWireless Stereo, a new software development kit for high-end Bluetooth stereo headphones and speakers.
2003-11-21 Sanyo LSI incorporates Dolby functions
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd has developed a single-chip LSI that incorporates all the functions required in the Dolby Virtual Speaker System.
2003-01-27 Sanhuan NdeFeB magnets are resistant to erosion, oxidation
The M series of NdeFeB magnets exhibits high resistance against erosion and oxidation, and is suitable for use in automotive, audio, magnetic inspection system, and magnetic transmission machine applications.
2003-06-16 Q surround processor: Monolithic IC MM1454
This application note discusses the MM1454 device, which is a virtual surround sound processor for entertainment systems.
2002-10-14 Philips to restructure components division
Royal Philips Electronics has made public the conclusions of an earlier announced review of its Components Division.
2009-03-06 Performing DAC operations with CPLDs
This article shows how a CPLD can replace a DAC, allowing it to drive an audio speaker or control things like LED intensity, motor speed, and servo position.
2002-09-19 Obo telephone receivers feature 108dB sensitivity
The OBO-MR13008-01 telephone receiver from Obo Pro-2 Inc. includes a receiver and a speaker, making the device suitable for use in cellphones and PDA phones.
2003-07-22 NetPack speakers utilize liquid filled chambers
NetPack Technologies has introduced a home theater bookshelf speaker system that utilizes a series of internal liquid filled chambers based on the "Helmholtz Resonator Theory."
2005-03-03 Micro speakers tout ruggedness, performance
Transducers USA has introduced a complete line of micro speakers that use rare earth magnets for improved ruggedness and output performance.
2008-09-02 Low-power stereo DAC improves sound of digital devices
AKM Semiconductor has released AK4373, a 24bit stereo DAC with advanced DSP and integrated speaker and headphone amplifiers, providing advanced sound field effects for digital music sources.
2010-09-10 Low-cost audio IC takes out amplifier, regulator
Nuvoton's latest ChipCorder IC eliminates need for separate amplifier, regulator
2004-12-27 Koyo mylar speakers/receivers rated at 0.5W
The new AF series of mini mylar speakers and receivers from Koyo Electronics feature rated power output of 0.2W to 0.5W.
2003-10-31 Koyo mylar speakers offer 74dB sensitivity
The AF series of mylar speakers from Koyo Electronics Co. Ltd feature a power rating of 0.2W, and frequency range of 650Hz to 20kHz.
2004-12-29 Koyo micro speakers have 90dB SPL
Koyo Electronics released a new series of micro speakers that are engineered for use in GPS and mobile phone apps.
2002-11-08 Konit NdFeB magnets offer 48MGOe energy product
Ningbo Konit's NdFeB magnets exhibits a coercive force between 10.2kOe and 11.5kOe, which is suitable for use in motors, speakers, and sensors.
2004-03-04 Kingstate speakers suit mobile phones, PDAs
The micro speakers from Kingstate Electronics feature low distortion and a wide frequency range.
2004-04-20 Kingstate speakers suit mobile phone, PDA apps
The KDMG13008L-02, KDMG15008-03 and KDMG16008-03 speakers from Kingstate Electronics are available in ? of 13mm, 15mm or 16mm, respectively.
2004-08-24 Kingstate micro speakers rated at 0.5W
Kingstate disclosed the availability of its latest series of micro speakers that features a rated input from 0.2W to 0.5W.
2005-02-14 Kingstate micro speakers offer 86dB SPL
The new micro speakers from Kingstate Electronics Corp. come in dimensions of 10(?)-by-2.9mm.
2003-09-15 Kingsate micro speakers feature polyphonic sound
The KAS-15008L series of two-in-one speakers with receivers from Kingstate Electronics Corp. measures 15(?)-by-3mm.
2004-11-26 Jinlida micro speakers with 113dB 3dB sensitivity
Jinlida Electron disclosed the availability of its new micro speakers that provide a sensitivity of 113dB 3dB.
2014-07-29 Introduction to PurePath Smart Amp technology
Learn about the Texas Instruments PurePath Smart Amp technology as well as the hardware and software tools used for Smart Amp evaluation and implementation.
2004-04-14 Intensity speakers measure 15(?)-by-2.8mm
The P15CS08M9-25NT4+C ultra-thin micro speakers from Intensity Electronic come in 15(?)-by-2.8mm dimensions.
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