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2004-07-19 Intensity micro speakers have 91dB sensitivity
The latest micro speakers from Intensity Electronic feature a power rating of 0.5W (nominal) to 1W (max.) and operate within the 290Hz to 5.4kHz frequency range.
2004-07-19 Intensity Electronic micro speakers offer 10mW power
The new micro speaker from Intensity Electronic is available with measurements of 15(?)-by-2.2mm and features a power rating of 5mW (nominal) or 10mW (max.).
2010-08-09 Improving small speakers' audio quality
Handset manufacturers face various constraints in improving audio quality, with two of the main ones being the size of the cellphone case and how compressed the audio file is.
2004-01-07 Hosiden speakers target PDAs, digital still cameras
The HDR9189 and HDR9199 micro speakers from Hosiden Corp. are designed for use in cellphones, PDAs and digital still cameras.
2003-10-28 Hosiden micro speakers have 14mm(?) profile
Hosiden Corp. has launched its HDR9189 and HDR9199 micro speakers that come with a profile of 14mm(?).
2002-11-15 Holtek amplifier drives mono speakers
The company's HT82V733 audio power amplifier operates from a 5V supply and is capable of driving low-voltage mono speakers found in portable audio devices.
2003-07-21 FST speakers exhibit 93dB SPL
Designed for use in telecom apps, the N3607 series of ultra-thin and lightweight speakers from Fusungta Electric Co. Ltd have high-fidelity performance.
2005-10-20 Freescale DSP brings Dolby capabilities to consumer, auto apps
Freescale Semiconductor introduced an advanced cost-effective digital signal processor (DSP) that features Dolby Digital, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone technology functionality.
2008-06-30 FAN3800 application guide
The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for typical operation of and layout guidelines for the FAN3800 speaker drivers, a low-cost solution to integrate the discrete parts used in stereo and mono headset applications. It provides mono/stereo speaker drivers and a complete microphone interface. Manual and remote Send-End switching is also supported.
2006-03-16 Design audio interfaces for portable products
Several circuit implementations may be used to create an audio system that accepts both single-ended and differential inputs.
2002-09-13 Dain mylar speakers fit portable apps
The M9A516S series of mylar speakers measures 9(x)-by-4.5mm and is suitable for hands-free earphone applications for MP3 players and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.
2002-12-02 Dain mylar speakers fit digital camera systems
The M16A238S series of mylar speakers measure 16(?)-by-2.5mm and has a sensitivity of 86dB.
2009-05-26 DAC/amp enhances audio quality in mobile apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has begun sampling a single-chip mono DAC and speaker amplifier targeted at improving audio quality in a range of devices such as mobile phones, conference speakerphones, digital radios and PNDs.
2003-05-08 CSR Bluetooth selected for BridgeCo wireless speakers
Cambridge Silicon Radio has shipped its BlueCore wireless technology to BridgeCo AG, to be used on its wireless speaker designs.
2008-07-09 Class-D amp does dynamic range compression
Texas Instruments has introduced a highly advanced, filter-free, stereo Class-D amplifier that provides a 1.7W per channel output drive capability across an 8 load and improves overall volume vs. traditional Class-D products.
2008-04-16 Class G amps key in driving ceramic speakers
Today's portable devices drive a need for smaller, thinner and more power-efficient electronic components. Cellphone form factors have become thin that the traditional dynamic speaker has become the limiting factor in how thin manufacturers can make their handsets. Ceramic or piezoelectric speakers are quickly becoming a viable alternative to dynamic speakers.
2012-04-19 Class D audio amp for MP3 docking station
Know how to incorporate the MAX98400 Class D audio amplifier in a stereo audio docking station application.
2008-04-29 Class D amps claim 'lowest' solution cost
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9736A/B, a family of versatile single-supply, filterless Class D speaker amplifiers, which provide high-performance, thermally efficient amplifier solutions at the lowest solution cost.
2008-07-15 Chip creates 3D stereo sound from 2-channel audio
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd have developed the NJU26040-16A with eala Stereo Expander for 2ch speaker systems, which makes ordinary two-channel sounds transform into stereo sounds and 3D surrounds.
2003-09-15 Changzhou Tongda mylar speakers offer 85dB SPL
The TDM30N-D, TDM26N-A, TDM36N-B, and TDM36N-T mylar speakers from Changzhou Tongda Wan King Electronic Co. Ltd have a rated power of 0.5-, 0.25-, 0.5-, and 1W, respectively.
2004-08-20 BeStar mylar speakers rated at 1.5W
The 021_BMS-4008H mylar speakers from BeStar Electronics offer an SPL of 86dB 3dB and have a rated power of 1W to 1.5W.
2004-08-23 BeStar mylar speakers offer 68dB SPL
BeStar has developed a new mylar speaker that features an SPL of 68dB 2dB and rated power of 0.2W to 0.3W.
2003-08-21 BeStar micro speakers suit portable devices
The BMS 13 series of micro speakers from BeStar Electronics Industry Co. Ltd features 763dB SPL and 0.2W rated power.
2003-06-16 Audio: Monolithic IC MM1407
This application note discusses the MM1407 IC, which is an audio IC developed for notebook PCs.
2006-01-11 Audio subsystem integrates smart phone, VoIP phone functions
The audio subsystem with a mono Class D speaker driver from National integrates all the analog and digital audio functions needed for smart phones and VoIP phones.
2010-02-15 Audio amps deliver high-quality sound at low cost
Wolfson Microelectronics has developed two cost-effective audio amplifiers that provide high quality audio and low power consumption for optimal audio playback time.
2012-01-13 Audio amplifiers tout 3.2W/mm2 power density
ST's TDA7498E amplifiers enable the design of platform solutions where the speaker impedance can be simply changed from 8? down to 2? without any power or current limitation.
2003-10-30 AL Goodwell mylar speakers suit PCs, notebooks
Suitable for PCs and notebook computers, the A5785D816BK mylar speaker from AL Goodwell Industries comes with a transparent mylar cone.
2004-12-29 AL Goodwell mini speakers rated at 1W
AL Goodwell disclosed the availability of its new slim mini speakers that have a rated power of 1W.
2013-10-04 20W audio amp reduces mid-power stereo apps BoM cost
The TAS5760xx devices from TI are digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers geared for TVs, soundbars, portable docking stations, Bluetooth speakers and aftermarket automotive audio products.
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