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2014-07-02 Voice, face secure data in personal electronic devices
TrulySecure is available to OEM product developers in the form of an SDK that unites Sensory's speaker verification technology with its newly developed, proprietary, face recognition engine.
2007-03-09 USB audio controllers roll for PC-based VoIP apps
Winbond's two new USB audio controllers are designed for PC-based VoIP applications targeting USB handset, USB speaker phone, PSTN/USB dual-mode phone, USB PSTN gateway and USB analog telephone adapters.
2006-10-06 TI unveils 'highest-power' single-chip Class D amp stage
TI says its TAS5261 is the industry's highest power single-chip Class D amplifier stage, delivering more than 300W into a 4-ohm speaker (or 220W into 6 ohms, 125W into 8 ohms) for AV and DVD receivers and home theater systems.
2002-02-06 Technologist backs low-voltage CMOS for SoC devices
Plenary speaker Dennis Buss, technology vice president of Texas Instruments Inc., told thousands gathered for the ISSCC that low-voltage CMOS offered the best hope for building portable Internet appliances.
2003-11-04 STMicro driver IC cuts cellphone component count
STMicroelectronics has introduced a headset and speaker driver IC for mobile phones that includes an audio amplifier and digital volume control.
2013-07-02 ST offers virtual lab for audio design
The Audio Processor Workbench claims to be the first solution on the market enabling comprehensive evaluation of a full audio and acoustic chain, from microphone to sound amplifier and output speaker.
2008-09-01 Soundbars invigorate flat-panel TV audio
Cramming high-quality audio components into the confines of a flat-panel TV simply isn't a feasible solution. The answer is the soundbar--a modern-styled speaker located directly below a flat-panel TV. The soundbar significantly improves audio experience without the complexity of an entire home theater setup.
2007-03-26 Samsung takes interesting route in media player race
Samsung's latest effort, the YP-K5, features an MP3 player, FM radio and JPEG image viewer designed with a slide-out, pop-up stereo speaker panel to serve up tunes sans headphones.
2006-09-26 Oki Electric ships samples of 'smallest' MP3 decoder LSI
Oki Electric announced it is shipping samples of its MP3 playback device that integrates an MP3 decoder and speaker amplifier in a single W-CSP chip, achieving the world's smallest package of 3.6-by-4.2mm.
2002-09-12 Obo ships three-in-one telephone receiver
The OBO-MR24008-1 three-in-one telephone receiver integrates a speaker, a receiver, and a buzzer inside a 24(x)-by-2.85mm package that weighs 1.5g, making it suitable for use in cellphones and PDAs.
2005-07-28 New decoder from NJR
The NJU26220 decoder from New Japan Radio provides 5.1 surround sound from two speakers or headphones by Dolby virtual speaker and Dolby headphone
2006-09-21 Low-power stereo DAC delivers high audio quality
Wolfson Microelectronics has unveiled a highly efficient stereo DAC with integrated 1W Class D stereo speaker driver and capless headphone output offering outstanding audio quality.
2006-10-30 Keynoters criticize embedded systems tools
Embedded systems development tools are likely to improve in qualify and simplicity, enabling developers to work faster, according to a speaker at an international conference on embedded systems.
2010-11-26 IEDM zooms in on energy saving
One keynote speaker will argue that the biggest potential for energy savings lies in the way we use our available energy, and that state-of-the-art power semiconductors and circuitry can help reduce losses along the entire electrical energy chain.
2003-10-02 Hosiden connectors have 1.8N contact pressure
Hosiden has developed 2-pin connectors for connection between a microphone or a speaker and a PCB.
2004-12-01 Hearing, seeing the sound of change: From analog to digital audio amplifiers
Digital amplifier systems keep audio signal in the digital domain virtually all the way to the speaker; analog-based systems convert the signal to analog early in the process.
2015-10-02 Google exec shares insights on IoT, wearables
Colt McAnlis, a developer advocate at Google, will be a keynote speaker at the forthcoming ARM TechCon where he promises to challenge our perceptions and offer his unique view of the world we live in.
2011-06-16 Fairchild beefs up mobile audio chip portfolio
Using high-performance mixed signal technology, Fairchild will develop mobile audio products that deliver higher output power, dynamic range compression, speaker protection and power management.
2007-08-28 Engineers in medical sector told to learn from nature
Engineers need to understand the physics behind natural processes and mimic those forces to bring new technologies to life, a keynote speaker said at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society conference.
2009-06-26 DSP packs equalizing function
New Japan Radio has introduced the NJU26124 DSP with equalizing functions that provide fine sound adjustment for TVs, speaker-systems, car audio systems and mini-component stereos.
2008-12-25 DSP packs Dolby Volume decoder
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has launched the NJU26207 DSP designed for digital TVs and sound bars speaker system.
2013-11-04 Diodes intros compact 20W mono Class-D audio amp
PAM8320's low-impedance drive capability enables it to deliver 20W into a 4 bridge-tied-load speaker, aimed at small-enclosure speakers in wireless headphones, PCs and docking station products.
2002-01-24 Comms OEMs urged to adopt configurable platforms
OEMs need to abandon proprietary systems architectures and adopt configurable platforms to weather the current recession, said a keynote speaker at the Bus and Board conference Monday (Jan. 21).
2007-02-01 Class AB amps retain place in audio design
A quick look at many new low-power speaker amplifiers on the market highlights the move to Class D audio performance. But when it comes to low cost, distortion and noise, Class AB still has the edge. The differential input/differential output amplifier is similar to the conventional single-ended output op amp in terms of the equations that determine its gain.
2010-02-24 Audio subsystems integrate Class D, H amps
Maxim Integrated released mono audio subsystems that combine Class D mono speaker amplifier with distortion limiter; DirectDrive II Class H stereo amplifier; and ultralow-noise, analog bypass switch.
2006-01-25 Audio amps cut power consumption
National Semiconductor expanded its ceramic speaker driver family with two Boomer audio power amplifiers in tiny packages that are said to provide high capacitive loads for portable apps.
2003-09-10 ART Technologies rolls smARTspeak XGT
ART Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc. has introduced its latest embedded speaker independent speech interface solution for wireless mobile devices, the smARTspeak XGT.
2000-11-28 Analog switch in audio applications: Using PI5A100 to replace a reed relay
This application note shows how Pericom's PI5A100 can be used to suppress the noise when the switch of a high-fidelity speaker or headphone is turned off, yet maintain low distortion when the switch is turned on.
2007-06-05 Amplifier gives mobile phones 3D audio effects
STMicroelectronics introduces a compact audio power amplifier chip for portable audio products which creates 3D audio effects in stereo speaker outputs to add impact and a surround-sound feel to MP3 and video files.
2003-02-27 AKM ships integrated audio CODEC in 28-pin QFN
Asahi Kasei Microsystems' AK4536 16-bit mono codec integrates an ALC, microphone, and speaker amps into a single 28-pin QFN package.
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