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2006-11-03 WirelessHD group to develop 60GHz specification
Special interest group WirelessHD is developing a specification to pass high-definition multimedia material using an unlicensed frequency band at 60GHz.
2013-04-09 Weightless SIG releases IoT over white space specification
Ultra low cost terminal hardware and license free frequency spectrum promises ground breaking cost savings comparable with PAN technologies such as Bluetooth.
2002-11-18 Using QDR for NPF's LA-1 specification
The NP Forum voted to use QDR, which is a proven technology as the basis for the LA-1 interface, thus reducing the implementation risk for NPE vendors
2008-06-23 Understanding TI's PCB routing rule-based DDR timing specification
This application report motivates the way the DDR high-speed timing requirements are now going to be communicated to system designers. The traditional method of using data sheet parameters and simulation models is tedious.
2002-05-07 Understanding the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) specification
This application note defines the interfaces and operation behavior of the Flash Translation Layer, or FTL as it is more commonly known.
2005-08-18 Transceiver supports newly released ULPI specification
SMSC has announced its support of the newly released UTMI+ low-pin interface industry specification through its USB3300 ULPI standalone peripheral, embedded host or On-the-Go transceiver.
2014-12-22 The nitty-gritty of product specification
It's not practical for makers to provide performance data for every conceivable test conditions, which is why performance characteristics range from maximum or worst-case performance scenario.
2011-11-14 Test cases for China State Grid Specification
Read about the test procedures developed for the China State Grid specification-based electricity metering code.
2003-09-12 Telecom operators develop new mobile specification
Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia, and Motorola have announced the completion of a jointly developed Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) specification based on the IMS as defined by 3GPP.
1999-12-18 Standard 4" wafer adhesive tape specification
Specification for standard 4" wafer adhesive tape
2002-12-18 ST-BUS generic device specification
This article describes specifications of the st-bus generic device.
2003-08-15 ST-Bus generic device specification
This application note provides device specifications such as timing parameters of the ST-BUS interface for different data rates.
2009-01-28 Specification, handling, thermal management and design-in
The following application note gives the necessary instructions for an efficient application and a long LED life time.
2003-08-01 Specification targets clock distribution
Multipoint low-voltage differential signaling technology will fill this need to support clock distribution for future infrastructure equipment.
2001-08-27 Signal transformer application and specification
This application note provides an introduction to the basic design and application of the wide band transformer and autotransformer.
2009-05-15 Serial bus specification
The shared 3-wire serial interface is a common interface developed for Intersil optical products, including LDD, PDIC and PMIC, or other receiving devices on the OPU.
2013-01-08 SATA-IO ready to ratify SATA Express specification
SATA Express, a new specification that standardizes PCI Express as an interface for client storage, has moved into the member review stage, the final step before its release to SATA-IO members.
2001-08-24 RDRAM thermal interface material specification
This application note specifies the thermal interface material properties for robust thermal/mechanical performance of the RIMM assembly. It applies to RIMMs with cover assemblies over the RDRAM components
2002-01-30 RapidIO completes interconnect specification for intra-system communications
RapidIO Trade Association has completed its newest specification, the Serial RapidIO, for high-performance, low pin-count and switch fabric serial interconnect suitable in backplanes.
2010-07-30 Proof kit verifies DFI specification
Jasper Design Automation Inc. has released proof kits for the DFI (DDR-PHY) specification. The kits are written in System Verilog.
2004-11-24 Power supply meets AMD K8 low-power mobile specification
This app note describes a two-phase, synchronous, step-down converter that uses MAX1937 to achieve a power supply that is fully compliant with the AMD K8 low-power mobile specification.
2003-05-09 PCMCIA releases latest PC card specification
PCMCIA has introduced its latest PC Card specification, codenamed "Newcard".
2001-08-24 PCI local bus specification revision 2.1 vs. revision 2.0
This application note discusses the technical differences between the 2.0 and 2.1 revisions of the PCI Local Bus Specification as they might impact the developer of PCI devices.
2002-04-24 ON Semiconductor data line protection IC meets USB 2.0 specification
The NP4201 data line protection device from ON Semiconductor delivers a maximum line-to-line capacitance of 5pF, and is claimed by the company to be the industry's first four-line protection device to meet the USB 2.0 requirement for signal integrity.
2004-12-14 MPC190 PCI device driver design specification
This app note contains information on a new product under development by Motorola.
2000-05-13 Motorola receiving bar code specification
This application note describes the Motorola guideline for the print and apply labels on intermediate and shipping containers and packing lists.
2005-06-23 Motor drivers from ST eliminate need for over-specification
STMicroelectronics unveiled a family of monolithic motor drivers, including devices suitable for driving DC motors, stepper motors and brushless DC motors.
2006-02-15 MMCA approves SecureMMC Interface Specification V1.1
The MultiMediaCard Association announced that Version 1.1 of the SecureMMC Interface Specification has been unanimously approved by the association's executive members.
2004-12-02 Migrating from RS-232 to USB bridge specification (USB microcontrollers)
This app note describes how to migrate from a RS-232 to the USB into the firmware using the Atmel USB RS232 virtual com port library.
2010-05-21 LCD driver specification
This application note describes a driver for twisted nematic displays (TN) or super twisted nematic displays (TNS).
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