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What does SPICE stand for?
Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis is a program widely used to simulate the performance of analog electronic systems and mixed-mode analog and digital systems. SPICE solves sets of non-linear differential equations in the frequency domain, steady state and time domain and can simulate the behavior of transistor and gate designs.
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2009-06-05 Zener macro-models provide accurate SPICE simulations
Zener macro-models provide an accurate SPICE simulation of a diode's current vs. voltage characteristics. The macro-models are created by combining standard SPICE devices into a sub-circuit.
2002-04-19 Write your own generic SPICE Power Supplies controller models
This application note consists of writing your own generic model of the PWM controller and then adapting its intrinsic parameters to comply with the real one being used. Fixed frequency Current Control Mode and Voltage Control Mode models are covered here as well.
2005-08-15 With FSA Spice checklist in place, is oversight needed?
The Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA)'s standardized mixed-signal/RF Spice model checklist has been finalized and published. All of the major foundries have pledged to deliver the completed checklist with all Spice models by the end of the year.
2015-04-27 Verilog-AMS vs SPICE view for SoC verification
In this article, we comparatively analyse the usage of Verilog/Verilog-AMS and SPICE views from the perspective of data converters and clocking IPs in an SoC.
2015-02-12 Verilog-AMS vs SPICE view for power management
Verilog-AMS is a behavioural abstraction of the circuit that sacrifices accuracy for the sake of run time, while SPICE does exactly the opposite. Here's a comparative analysis from a power management perspective.
2015-05-11 Verilog-AMS vs SPICE view for DDR, LCD verification
In this instalment, we comparatively analyse the usage of both views from the perspective of DDR interfaces, LCD controllers and on-chip memories.
2001-04-19 Varactor SPICE models for RF VCO applications
This application note discusses a varactor equivalent circuit model for RF VCO applications.
2002-09-20 Varactor spice models for RF VCO applications
This application note describes the varactor parameter models for RF VCO applications.
2008-05-08 Thermal simulation of power MOSFETs on the P-Spice platform
R-C thermal model parameters for Vishay power MOSFETs available under the product information menu offer a simple means to evaluate thermal behavior of the MOSFET under a defined transient operating condition.
2007-04-26 T-Spice simulator promises up to 80% faster runtimes
Tanner EDA introduced their T-Spice simulator for analog and mixed-signal chip designs, which offers up to 80 percent faster runtimes when used on two-processor, dual-core machines.
2006-09-18 Spice tools rev speed, accuracy
Berkeley Design Automation released in August two products that claim to speed Spice simulation by five- to tenfold while preserving full Spice accuracy.
2008-04-25 Spice tool addresses chip design bottleneck
At its 2008 Technology Symposium, TSMC moved to address a bottleneck in chip design: simulation.
2009-01-09 SPICE software aimed at multicore processors
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTspice IV, a major update to its free SPICE circuit simulation software LTspice/SwitcherCADIII.
2008-05-26 Spice simulator speeds past rival tools
Legend Design's MSIM high-accuracy Spice circuit simulator runs five to 10 times faster than most popular Spice simulators when characterizing the CCS Timing Model under PrimeTime accuracy requirement.
2007-11-09 Spice simulator aims at 1M transistor circuits
Berkeley Design Automation Inc. has introduced a 64bit version of its Analog FastSpice circuit simulator, which the company says delivers true SPICE accuracy on greater than 1M transistor circuits.
2005-08-01 Spice simulation tool adds support for latest BSIM models
Tanner EDA released a new version of the company's T-Spice analog circuit simulation platform, including support for the latest Berkeley BSIM models up to version 4.4.0.
2002-04-22 SPICE models for power electronics
This application note explains the process of creating SPICE models for power electronics, particularly transformers.
2008-08-25 Spice model shapes up organic TFT panels
Cambridge Display Technology has collaborated with Silvaco Data Systems to develop Spice model for organic TFT technology.
2000-12-08 SPICE model eases feedback loop designs
This application note shows the benefits of using a SPICE model when designing SMPS. It also details the way to introduce various poles/zeroes combinations when implementing a shunt regulator.
2006-09-21 Spice circuit simulator speeds time-to-results
Magma Design Automation has released a circuit simulator that dramatically speeds time-to-results for simulation and analysis while maintaining the accuracy of leading Spice simulators.
2003-05-26 Simulation SPICE Models for Comlinear's Op Amps
This application note discusses PSpice compatible models for National Semiconductor Corp. amplifiers.
2002-04-19 Simulating with SPICE: An electromechanical example
This application note describes how SPICE can be used to model a relay in detail.
2007-06-15 Simple DC SPICE model for the LLC converter
This application note shows us how a simple SPICE model operated in DC sweep, can help us in designing an LLC converter using the NCP1395 controller.
2011-11-01 Signal chain basics: Analyzing RL drive in ECG front end with SPICE
Learn about the analog front end for this ubiquitous, vital medical instrument.
2002-04-15 New SPICE features aid motor simulation
This application note explores capacitance motors using SPICE as a simulation tool and taking advantage of some new features added to IntuSoft's latest simulator.
2002-04-17 Modeling non-ideal inductors in SPICE
This application note illustrates the process of modeling non-ideal inductors in SPICE.
2002-04-15 Modeling board level dc/dc converters in SPICE
This application note is a macro model which is applicable to any fixed frequency dc/dc converters and provides a fast and accurate simulation of the circuit behavior at the device terminals.
2005-05-02 Micrel releases SPICE models for MOSFET driver ICs
Micrel Inc. announced the immediate availability of a suite of SPICE models for its MIC44xx family of low side MOSFET driver ICs.
2006-07-14 Mentor integrates fast-SPICE with simulation platform
Mentor Graphics announced the integration of the fast-SPICE simulation technology with its mixed-signal simulation platform, ADVance MS.
2000-12-07 MECL 10H SPICE kit for Berkeley SPICE (PSPICE)
This application note presents SPICE parameters and schematics for a particular set of MC10H MECL logic devices. The devices to be presented are the MC10H101, H102, H103, H104, H105, H116, H131, H188, H189, H210 and H211.
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