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2002-04-08 FPGA clock trees and their efficient use
This article provides description on the features of proASIC and proASICPlus' clock tree as well as its design issues and applications.
2014-12-02 Puzzlephone rivals Google's modular handset
A new modular phone from Finland is being developed as an alternative to Google's Project Ara. Called the Puzzlephone, it divides the handset into three parts: the Brain, the Heart and the Spine.
2014-09-02 What's switching: Nine takeaways from Hot Interconnects
The event sizzled with announcements and discussionsFacebook introduced its high-profile switch, critics attacked Ethernet's shortfalls, experts scrutinised Wi-Fi, and silicon photonics took centre stage.
2007-07-02 The anatomy of the digital home
Parks defines the "digital home" as having two-way connectivity between two or more subsystems thus, it must start with a reliable, robust and secure wired and wireless platform fed by a broadband connection.
2012-03-08 Solve hierarchical signal planning, routing issues
Learn about a methodology that relies on custom design tools to address hierarchical signal planning and routing concerns.
2006-07-19 Oki adopts Pulsic's tech for custom LSI designs
Oki Electric and Pulsic announced that Oki has adopted Pulsic's routing and full interactive editing technology, which is designed to handle Oki's custom LSI layout designs.
2010-11-15 Neural device market grows
Several startups are starting to offer neural devices as electronic solutions for medical conditions such as epilepsy, stroke and depression, including neural implants.
2006-06-15 Mobile TV faces a physical match during World Cup
Mobile TV faces a huge challenge when it attempts to broadcast the World Cup this month: the physical world is the natural enemy of mobile TV.
2003-10-10 Japan-based tech collaboration develops x-ray sensor
Shimadzu Corp., Sharp Corp., and Shindengen Electric Mfg Co. Ltd have developed an a-Se film and direct-conversion flat-panel detector x-ray process.
2015-08-31 Facebook looks to deploy 100G optical Ethernet
The Web company specified a 100G transceiver using single-mode fibre it believes it can drive to a cost of $1/GB.
2008-02-01 Enabling e-paper displays
We've all heard the sizzle of e-paper displays, with their promise of wraparound advertising signs, wearable wrist monitors and e-newspapers that we fold or roll up and stick into our pockets. While the age of these gee-whiz products is not yet upon us, their enabling display technologies are on the move.
2006-06-01 Brain-to-comp links yield neurotherapies
Techniques that might help restore neurologically-impaired people's command over their environment are nearing commercialization.
2013-02-22 Analysts: Will there be an Apple designed GPU?
Two technology analysts discusses what's in store for Apple's A-series processor family.
2014-07-04 25G Ethernet Consortium cloud-scales network
The consortiumwhich comprises Arista, Broadcom, Google, Microsoft, and Mellanoxwill define a new Ethernet specification for speed grades that will meet the requirements of datacentre workloads.
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