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2013-08-27 Ultrabooks open growth opportunities for notebook market
TrendForce estimates that ultra-like devices will represent 20 per cent of notebook shipments by the end of the year, becoming the market mainstream by 2016
2005-05-26 Spot price index reflects DRAM, NOR flash woes
The spot price indicator for ICs is rated "neutral to slightly negative" for the week of May 16, due in part to ongoing downward pressures in the memory market, according to a report from Jefferies & Co.
2012-12-21 Spot market affects rise in 1HDec DRAM contract price
DRAMeXchange revealed that although 2HNov DRAM contract prices took a slight 3.17 per cent dip, 1HDec module prices have gone on an uptrend thanks to stimulation from the spot prices
2012-04-13 Solar PV market stumbles due to subsidy cuts
According to EnergyTrend's data, offers from traders are nearing previous lowspolysilicon offers for instance are about $21-22/kg, while on average, selling price is about $0.5-1/kg higher.
2012-06-26 Solar polysilicon market prices decline in May
A study by IHS shows the average pricing for polysilicon has declined in the spot market when compared to its price in contract negotiations.
2012-08-03 Solar market stays bleak amid anti-dumping cases
Solar demand for August suffered as prices and orders declined, while midstream and downstream solar firms remained conservative on procurement with spot prices continuing to plummet
2010-08-20 Solar cell spot price to grow 2.87% in Q3 2010
Spot market price of solar cell wafers continues to rise with strong demand, and it is estimated to reach $1.43 per watt in Q3 2010.
2013-02-15 PV spot market price expected to rise again
The spot market in December of 2012 accounted for 20 per cent of total polysilicon sales, down dramatically from its peak of 47 per cent in May, according to IHS.
2013-03-07 PV market comeback needs policy, efficiency
There is still a long way before the industry achieves grid parity, there is still a long way to go before achieving this and thus a stable policy could still greatly affect the global PV industry.
2011-11-14 PV firms struggle in harsh market
Solar products continue to fall as inventory pressure builds up, driving firms to cut utilization rates and engage in alliances and mergers.
2012-08-27 Poor PV market drags BOS firms
Makers have become less flexible when it comes to cost control and keeping ROI on a profitable level, pushing companies to shift their focus to cutting down the balance-of-system (BOS) price.
2009-07-31 Oversupply, low demand hit solar market
iSuppli Corp. reports that average inventories throughout the solar supply chain soared by 64.3 percent.
2007-08-28 Motorola defends 2nd spot in Gartner's list
According to Gartner figures, Motorola continued its steep decline in Q2, but it managed to defend its second position in the list of top mobile phone makers.
2005-08-12 Memory market requires new buying strategies
More complex supply/demand balance spurs need for greater flexibility
2007-11-20 iSuppli: DRAM, NAND flash market in the dumps
Oversupply and plunging prices in the DRAM and NAND flash markets have prompted Market research firm iSuppli to downgrade its rating for near-term conditions for the memory markets from "neutral" to "negative
2007-08-30 iSuppli sees DRAM market relapse
After a brief respite, the DRAM market is poised to take a turn for the worse in September, according to iSuppli
2011-12-27 Is the struggle over for polysilicon market
A report said the spot market price for polysilicon has ceased falling while some products have even seen a price increase.
2007-11-14 Hynix posts strongest Q3 growth in DRAM market
Global DRAM sales posted a mild growth in Q3, and Hynix Semiconductor posted the strongest sales among vendors.
2011-09-26 High inventory dampens solar market
The worldwide solar market hasÿentered a state ofÿharshÿprice competition with average solar cell price falling by 0.42 percent
2006-10-05 DRAM spot prices wobble at high level; contract prices sustain gain
DRAM demand recessed amid inventory pressure since industry players are aware of their inventory level during month ends and the anticipated demand swell during this week's long holiday at China, is not as strong as expected.
2007-07-05 DRAM spot prices down, contract prices up
There's good and bad news in DRAMs: Spot prices are down, but contract prices are up
2013-10-02 DRAM spot prices across the board shoot up post-SK Hynix fire
The incident at SK Hynix's Wuxi plant, which has led to a sudden surge in market demand, pushed spot market prices for mainstream PC DRAM 2Gb to 36 per cent since the day of the fire, noted TrendForce.
2008-08-06 DRAM market manifests new signs of weakness
With prices anticipated to decrease because of the bloated inventories, iSuppli Corp. said Q3 may be gloomy for the DRAM market worldwide as the renewed signs of weakness start to surface
2013-09-02 DRAM market finds revenues dropped in 2012, says analyst
TrendForce reported that due to the memory price drops and the shrinking spot market, the 2012 global module revenues reached $5.5 billion, a 13 per cent decrease from 2011's $6.3 billion.
2002-03-04 DRAM contract, spot prices show steady rise
Spot prices for DRAMs have risen rapidly since Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. increased DRAM contract prices
2011-08-02 Conservative PV market expected for 3Q11
The Chinese government is supporting the solar cell industry with a range of subsidy programs as the risk of oversupply threatens PV profitability, according to EnergyTrend.
2009-03-03 Will Nokia deal boost Qualcomm market share
Qualcomm is likely to see its spot as the leading supplier of baseband chips for next-gen cellphones following its recent deal with Nokia
2005-10-11 U.S. suppliers to grab half of semi processing market in '05
U.S.-based manufacturers will account for 50 percent of the global front-end wafer processing market this year, according to just published data from market research group The Information Network
2008-06-27 TV IC market up 26% y-on-y in Q1 08
The worldwide market for TV ICs reached 26.6 million units in Q1 08, up 26 percent from Q1 07. Shipments were down 6.4 percent from Q4 07, as TV set makers cut back in line with seasonality. This is according to the shipment data for the Quarterly TV Electronics Report of DisplaySearch
2008-09-16 TV chip market up for growth, consolidation
The global market for TV ICs was 29.8 million units in Q2 08, up 21 percent on the same period last year, with shipments 7.8 percent better than in Q1 08, according to DisplaySearch. However, the market researchers warn that vertically integrated players like Samsung and Panasonic are set to force consolidation in the market
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