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What is an SRAM?
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM): A type of semiconductor memory where the word static indicates that, unlike dynamic RAM (DRAM), it does not need to be periodically refreshed. SRAM uses bistable latching circuitry to store each bitthere are only several transistors used in the memory cells with no capacitors involved. SRAM exhibits data remanence but is still volatile because data is eventually lost when the memory is not powered.
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2002-09-13 Zarlink SAR ICs integrate PLL, SRAM
Zarlink Semiconductor has announced the immediate availability of what they claim to be the industry's two most highly integrated AAL1 segmentation and reassembly chips for TDM-to-ATM conversion.
2004-06-25 Xilinx launches 200MHz QDR II SRAM memory tool kit
Xilinx developed a programmable 200MHz QDR II SRAM Memory Tool Kit that provides a comprehensive resource for system designers interfacing to QDR II SRAM devices.
2006-11-01 Winbond touts 'highest-density' Pseudo SRAM
Winbond Electronics has announced what it touts as the Pseudo SRAM with the largest density in the market.
2004-07-13 Winbond eyes Nanya as possible 1T SRAM partner
Winbond Electronics Corp. is considering Nanya Technology Corp. as its 1T SRAM partner.
2002-07-05 WEDC 4MB SRAM has 16-by-18mm footprint
White Electronic Designs Corp. has announced the release of the WEDPS512K32-XBX 4MB SRAM that integrates four 512K-by-8 SRAMs into a single 16-by-18mm, 143-pin BGA package.
2006-11-20 VeriSilicon, MoSys partner to expand 1T-SRAM adoption
VeriSilicon Holdings Co. Ltd and MoSys Inc. are joining efforts to further increase the adoption of MoSys' proprietary 1T-SRAM technology by providing seamless access to the patented technology.
2013-04-19 Variability, reliability interplay damaging to SRAM design
A study by GSS describes the development of a unique simulation framework and a set of validated tools that could greatly enhance design and yield predictions in advanced technologies.
2008-08-21 Using the MIPS32 M4K processor core SRAM interface in microcontroller applications
There are several features of the MIPS32 M4K core that make it well suited for use in the MCU application space. This paper will address one of those features: the SRAM interface, which is a standard feature of the MIPS32 M4K core.
2000-06-05 Using SRAM With A PIC16CXX
This application note uses the PIC16C74. Since the PIC16C74 does not have an external address/data bus, one was created using the I/O ports.
2009-03-04 Using CellularRAM memory to replace single- and dual-chip select SRAM
This technical note discusses the changes required to convert single- or dual-chip select (CE#) SRAM to Micron CellularRAM memory.
2009-05-25 Using C30 compiler to interface serial SRAM devices to dsPIC33F and PIC24F
This application note is part of a series that provide source code to help the user implement the protocol with minimal effort.
2009-09-11 Using C18/HI-TECH C compiler to interface serial SRAM devices to PIC16F/PIC18F microcontrollers
This application note offers designers a set of firmware routines to access SPI serial SRAM.
2010-12-15 Use QDR II SRAM interface for FPGA
Read about the implementation and timing details of a Quad Data Rate SRAM interface for Virtex-5 devices.
2004-05-10 UMC, AMIC team up in 90nm SRAM production
UMC and AMIC Technology Corp. announced that they have produced AMIC's high-speed Zero Bus Latency (ZeBL) SRAM using UMC's 90nm process.
2006-11-22 UMC produces 45nm SRAM chip
United Microelectronics Corp. has cleared a key 45nm process hurdle by producing an SRAM chip with a bit cell size of less than 0.25?m?.
2002-11-22 UMC licenses MoSys 1T-SRAM
United Microelectronics Corp. has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM technology as part of the foundry's IP strategy to offer SoC designers memories that are more tightly aligned with its processes.
2009-06-19 TSMC claims first 28nm SRAM cell
TSMC claims it has developed the first functional 64Mbit SRAM cell, based on its 28nm technology.
2008-12-19 Trio develops 'world's smallest' FinFET SRAM cell
Toshiba, IBM and AMD have jointly developed an SRAM cell that has an area of only 0.128?m?, the world's smallest functional SRAM cell that makes use of fin-shaped Field Effect Transistors (FinFETs).
2003-01-14 Toshiba to transfer SRAM process technology to SMIC
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. and Toshiba Corp. have jointly announced a technology licensing and foundry agreement that will introduce 0.155m low power SRAM technology to SMIC's manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.
2013-02-25 Toshiba outs low power tech for embedded SRAM
The technology cuts active and standby power in temperatures ranging from room temperature to high temperature by using a bit line power calculator and a digitally controllable retention circuit.
2013-07-01 Toshiba MCU offers 1MB flash ROM, 258KB SRAM
The TMPM36BF10FG touts 2KB of backup memory and targets applications such as energy management systems, motor control equipment, communication devices, monitors, printers and POS terminals.
2002-02-04 Toshiba 8Mb SRAM boasts 40ns access time
The company is set to commercialize 8Mb low-power SRAMs designed to maximize the operation of mobile phones.
2006-02-13 TI, MIT, DARPA collaborate on 65nm SRAM
Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented an ultra low power 256Kb SRAM test device manufactured in Texas Instruments' 65nm CMOS process.
2002-01-18 Taiwan suppliers prevail in SRAM dumping case
The U.S. Department of Commerce officially rescinded an anti-dumping order against Taiwanese SRAM manufacturers on Monday (Jan. 14), ending a long-running case filed by Micron Technology Inc. in 1997.
2000-06-23 Synthesizable 143MHz ZBT SRAM interface
This application note demonstrates a Virtex design that interfaces to megabytes of external high-speed ZBT (Zero Bus Turnaround) SRAM in order to provide interleaved read/write without wasteful turnaround cycles.
2002-10-07 STMicro MCUs offer 8KB SRAM, 288KB Flash memories
STMicroelectronics' ?PSD3200 family of embedded Flash 8051-based microcontrollers feature up to 288KB of Flash memory and 8KB of SRAM.
2005-12-28 Stacked SRAM cells support programmable startup
Viciciv has been assigned a patent that appears to cover the construction of an SRAM inverter pair stacked vertically or with the SRAM laid out in single plane stacked on top of logic transistors.
2006-01-16 SRAM offers upgrade path to 2Mb in same footprint
Mintech introduced a 1M x 32 asynchronous SRAM that is pin-compatible with its 512,000 density SRAMs and can be upgraded to a 2Mb density in the same footprint.
2005-08-17 SRAM market flat in Q2 and full year, says Semico
The SRAM market in the second quarter rose approximately 6 percent in unit shipments and one percent in revenues from the first quarter, according to Semico Research Corp.
2009-09-02 SRAM market consolidates with merger, biz exit
The SRAM market continues to consolidate, observed Needham & Co. LLC.
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