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2001-10-03 ST9+ interrupt response time
This application note presents the ST9+ microcontroller's interrupt response time calculation for each kind of interrupt in the best and the worst cases.
2001-10-03 ST9 Flash programming
This application note gives guidelines to program the ST9 Flash devices depending on these programming situations: in the manufacturing line (ISP); in the development laboratory (with the EPB); and in the field (ISP).
2001-10-02 ST7 and ST9 performance benchmarking
This application note discusses STMicroelectronics' set of test routines relevant to 8-bit and low-end 16-bit MCU applications to evaluate computing performance and interrupt processing performance of MCU cores.
2009-04-29 Overview of enhanced CAN controllers for ST7 and ST9 MCUs
This application note presents a new generation of CAN controllers optimized for 8bit MCUs and designed to meet the needs of car body applications.
2001-10-01 Initialization of the ST9
This application note suggests a programming structure and philosophy to aid the designer in the initial configuration of the on-chip peripherals of the ST9 family of microprocessors.
2002-12-16 STMicro MCUs feature CAN 2.0 support
STMicroelectronics has added a series of microcontrollers with CANbus interfaces to its ST9 controller family.
2004-11-29 ST92R195 and external memory
This app note explains how to use the different features of the ST9+ clock system to optimize external memory access.
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