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2008-08-07 China Display tapped to work on power LED standards
China Display Technologies Inc. has formed a technical team to work in conjunction with the Guangdong Flat Panel Industry Association, a semi-governmental institution involved in drafting the standards for the high power LED lighting industry in China.
2007-04-02 Standards afoot to curb CE power usage
Some of the same engineers who helped create power consumption standards for PCs and printers are turning their attention to network gear and consumer electronics
2003-09-19 SEMI expands standards push for MEMS to Asia
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International is approaching Asia-Pacific designers and manufacturers of MEMS, hoping to corral support for a global standards-setting process
2009-05-08 IEEE to jumpstart smart grid standards effort
The IEEE 2030 group aims to gather computer, communications and power engineers to draft a design guide to smart grid interoperability issues that could spawn a family of standards
2008-07-18 Update: 60GHz group opposes Gbit Wi-Fi plan
The initiative to create a standards group to define a Gbit/s version of Wi-Fi is getting a significant push back from a separate group that sees conflict with its work in the 60GHz space
2009-08-27 Group to plug Ethernet into cars, professional media
A new ad hoc industry group plans to drive standards that could bring Ethernet to new automotive and professional audio/video markets and enhance tomorrow's home networks
2008-06-26 Group pushes common framework to manage connected apps
A new industry group is forming to define what standards are needed to manage the ballooning number of connected devices in both the business networks and the digital home
2010-01-28 ESD group urges more OEM support
An ad hoc group drafting guidelines for ESD specifications for ICs is hammering out a new campaign and white paper that hopes to get more of the systems-level community on board
2013-02-13 Conflicting proposals hold back IEEE spec
A key standards group is set to draft the spec by May, but so far none of the conflicting proposals from silicon photonics vendors appear to have adequate backing
2011-03-09 3D TSVs get boost from IMEC, Microtech
Cascade Microtech and IMEC are working together to develop standards, test methods and methodologies for emerging 3D-TSV structures
2002-03-11 Wireless tech providers see chance for growth in China
Wireless technology companies struggling to recover from a year of record losses continue to turn to China's telecom market for new business.
2004-05-17 Standard to address precise locationing
Ultrawideband might well form the basis of a newly proposed wireless standard for positioning and low-data-rate communications.
2015-02-16 Sigfox raises $115M to build IoT network
Sigfox said it closed a $93 million round with a $22 million extension, and would spend the funds on building out networkstargeted at the Internet of Thingsespecially in the United States and Asia.
2015-11-04 Qualcomm outlines 5G roadmap for cellular, IoT
Qualcomm is proposing interfaces mostly based on existing OFDM, but adding support for multi-user massive MIMO for higher spectrum bands and a non-orthogonal technique for lower bands and IoT uses.
2010-10-27 IEEE setting guidelineS for electricity storage
The group will begin work on guidelines for smart grid interfaces before the end of 2010 as an extension of the work already done on utility storage systems for transmission and distribution networks.
2007-07-24 IEEE plots road map for 40/100Gbps Ethernet
Arriving at a consensus to pave a road map to both the 40Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet options, the IEEE is expected to set up an official task group to start writing specifications for these data rates starting March.
2004-09-01 From telecom backplanes to computer servers
Getting to next-gen backplane speeds of 10Gbps has sparked a debate around Serdes approaches and the requirements of passive-backplane and connector channels.
2006-11-16 Battery recalls spur safety testing in Japan
Japan's pride in the prowess of its electronics industry took a hit recently as images of burning laptops blazed across the Web.
2007-01-01 Asia sets eye on more design activities
With the slew of investments and expansion projects undertaken in India, Singapore, Malaysia and even Vietnam last year, global companies have reaffirmed their confidence in the huge potential of these nations.
2008-06-19 Apple tips OpenCL for parallel programming
Apple Inc. has submitted the Open Compute Language (OpenCL) to an ad hoc industry group that aims to define a programming environment for applications running across both x86 and graphics chips.
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