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2008-02-21 India Design Center in Kolkata attracts IBM
IBM has expressed interest in establishing a prototype fab in the India Design Center in Kolkata, West Bengal.
2009-05-06 In-Stat: No more UWB by 2013
The UWB technology is effectively dead in consumer and computer markets, according to a new report from In-Stat.
2013-01-14 Implementing asynchronous logic in COTS FPGAs
To pave the way for the widespread adoption of asynchronous logic design, Javier D. Garcia-Lasheras has started an open source project.
2002-10-22 IMEC, UMC enter foundry service agreement
IMEC and United Microelectronics Ltd have signed a three-year foundry service agreement which concerns IMEC's Europractice IC Service.
2014-09-05 If Moore's Law hangs back, revert to using old nodes
As the cost of scaling below 28nm multiplies, there has been a corresponding push to create new designs at established nodes using everything from near-threshold computing to back biasing and analogue sensors.
2006-11-02 IBM, Lehman Brothers to invest $180M in China
IBM and Lehman Brothers will invest $180 million in the China Investment Fund to drive financial and business transformation for enterprises in the region.
2007-07-18 IBM, HKSTP team to promote IC foundry services in APAC
IBM and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. have partnered to promote semiconductor foundry services in the Asia Pacific region.
2015-03-06 IBM strengthens Watson's platform with AlchemyAPI buy
IBM will integrate AlchemyAPI's deep learning technology into Watson, augmenting Watson's ability to quickly identify hierarchies and understand relationships within large volume data sets.
2013-08-16 IBM outlines flash direction
IBM Flash Systems VP Michael Kuhn shared the details of Big Blue's road map which includes putting flash in DIMM slots.
2014-03-03 IBM competition spurs Watson-based app development
The IBM Watson Group has launched an app-building competition using the Watson technology to analyse, and discover answers and insights to complex questions from massive amounts of disparate data.
2009-05-26 IBM boosts Vietnam IT with new innovation center
Expanding its reach into growing nations, IBM Corp. has opened the first IBM Innovation Center in Vietnam to help local communities build skills and develop new technologies to support demand for digital infrastructure projects in banking, telecommunications, energy and government industries.
2015-04-24 Huawei, NXP get ready for Industry 4.0
The partnership will fully integrate Huawei's ICT infrastructure and connectivity solutions and NXP's secure connectivity solutions. Collaboration will focus on Industry 4.0 applications.
2015-06-01 Huawei and Xiaomi: Charting the future of IoT
Huawei's technological prowess in telecom and Xiaomi's agility in consumer electronics show both companies' potential and weaknesses. Understanding the differences offers a glimpse into the future.
2014-11-06 How to turn fabless runts into world's largest vendors
In the early 1990s, semiconductor companies that didn't own their own fabs were considered runts. Today at least five of them rank among the world's largest chip vendors. Some of the credit for the shift goes to the sector's trade group, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary soon.
2008-07-23 HKSTP-IBM partnership sees extension
A new chapter awaits the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. (HKSTP)-IBM partnership.
2008-06-04 HKSTP, Canada government ink deal on tech biz
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp. and The Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology of the government of Alberta, Canada have signed a memorandum of understanding to help firms from Alberta find an easier path to Hong Kong and China's expanding markets.
2008-05-27 HKSTP inks MOU with Canadian gov't
HKSTP has signed a MOU with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology, government of Alberta, Canada that will allow firms from Alberta to find an easier path to Hong Kong and China's expanding markets.
2006-02-24 GUC, Tensilica disclose 'comprehensive' processor partnership
GUC disclosed it will create hardened versions of Tensilica's new Diamond Standard Series processors for TSMC foundry for technologies at 0.13?m and below.
2010-01-04 Green energy VC funds shift to advanced tech
The green energy sector had been a recipient of growing investments from the VC community until the economic downturn, following which VC investments shrank in 2009.
2013-01-22 Graphene market set for an explosive growth in 2020
According to Lux Research, the Graphene market is projected to grow to a $126 million market in 2020, from its $9 million base in 2012.
2014-08-04 GPS tracking device market to hit $3.5B in 2019
ABI Research forecasted that health, commercial/enterprise, wearables and iBeacons will bring new life to the GPS tracking device market despite a number of barriers.
2015-06-22 Google uncloaks SDN for data centre networks
Showing support for the emerging approach, systems giants from Brocade to ZTE participated in software-defined networks demos for carriers, data centres and enterprises.
2004-12-10 Global Nanosensor market to reach $17.2B, says NanoMarkets
Sensors designed and built using nanotechnology will generate global revenues of $2.7 billion in 2008 and reach $17.2 billion in 2012, according to NanoMarkets LC in its latest report, "A Market Opportunity Analysis."
2006-08-09 Funding on nanotech projects down, says report
The amount of money venture capital firms provided to MEMS and Nanotech companies combined in the first half of 2006 is reportedly down by 15.4 percent compared to the first half of 2005.
2014-04-04 Flextronics' Volkerink calls for an open innovation
Flextronics CTO Erik Volkerink believes that open developments to qualify technology building blocks will help close the gap between complexity and productivity, and accelerate product innovation.
2014-09-25 Flexible sensors to boost wearable market through 2024
Printed, flexible and organic electronic sensors are expected to offer flexible form factors, larger area, lower cost, lower power and better disposability for wearables, stated Lux Research.
2014-08-12 Flash Summit drives memory innovation
The biggest takeaway of the Flash Memory Summit was on the breadth and depth of work to turn solid-state drives into processing nodes for big data centres.
2013-08-06 Filed patent cases hit all-time high in 2012
The market for selling and licensing patents has grown in diverse ways so the value of a patent is still very subjective and often inflated, according to a panel of licensing experts.
2013-05-28 Experts: Innovation in danger due to lack in basic research
According to Bill Spencer, former head of PARC and Sematech, the decline of big corporate R&D groups have left a hole in the innovation pipeline.
2014-01-08 Examining the sparse matrix problem
The semiconductor ecosystem itself is transitioning towards an increasingly complex yet transparent Internet, making it harder for upstart companies to get into the microprocessor business.
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