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2014-06-19 Enabling cars that truly sense their environment
We may soon see the radars for the masses as developments in radar chip technology will make traffic safer for everyone and bring autonomous driving a step closer.
2005-06-15 EDA industry consolidation seen continuing
The EDA industry is expected to consolidate further over the next several years, reflecting many of the same forces that are shaping the global economy.
2006-09-25 Dual-interface MCU features 66Kbyte EEPROM
STMicroelectronics unveiled a dual-interface secure microcontroller with 66Kbytes of embedded EEPROM and 224Kbytes of user ROM.
2014-08-18 Doubts dampen investment activity in chip industry
Semiconductor funding deals dipped by 2.4 per cent over the previous year due to weakened investor confidence. Despite the drop, firms are receiving more funding dollars on the average.
2009-11-19 Digital media devices sprout for connected homes
In-Stat has identified over 40 competitors offering digital media adapters, players and receivers.
2013-02-26 Dialog on the hunt for acquisitions
Germany-based Dialog Semiconductor is on the lookout for investment opportunities and other avenues to best utilise its cash pile of $312 million as of the end of 2012.
2002-09-16 Design test offers Asian fabless competitive edge
Fabless companies can use design-to-production test methods to further strengthen their competitive advantage.
2013-04-30 Cypress semiconductor readies for 32bit PSoCs
Over the next two years, Cypress aims to expand the amount of memory and the programmable analogue and digital blocks on PSoC 4 by a factor of four or more.
2014-09-30 Creating winning designs for wearables
Know the features and functions that drive a wearable product's energy budget and computational requirements, including the selection of MCUs that meet the product's design requirements.
2015-07-14 Create safety certified code for industrial systems
In this article, we illustrate how the right design framework and RTOS can help simplify and cost-reduce creation and certification of safety-critical software.
2013-02-13 Conflicting proposals hold back IEEE spec
A key standards group is set to draft the spec by May, but so far none of the conflicting proposals from silicon photonics vendors appear to have adequate backing.
2014-06-11 Computex 2014 missed the boat on innovation
As with the other major industry events, there were plenty of new devices at this year's Computex, but nothing remarkably new, this according to Jim McGregor of Tirias Research.
2007-12-28 Commentary: A few fabless fables
As the fabless companies jostle and compete for market positioning and market share, they are subject to the larger trends that transact in the fabless supply-chain world.
2014-08-15 CoinTerra wields 28nm ASIC in bitcoin arms race
The emerging virtual money economy has firms racing to market with bitcoin mining chips, and for CoinTerra's part, all it needed was eight months to develop an ASIC packing 120 hash engines into a single chip.
2014-07-22 Cloud provides chip design education to developing countries
SRC and SCI hope to grow a whole new crop of qualified SoC design engineers in developing countries worldwide by deploying EDA hardware and software in a private cloud.
2008-07-08 Cisco expands investment in Russia tech industry
Cisco has furthered its investment in the Russian technology industry with an anchor investment in a venture capital fund that will focus on Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
2015-09-11 Cisco commits $10M to boost innovation in ASEAN
Cisco Investments invested in Monk's Hill Ventures' innovation fund for start-up companies to drive IoE and big data innovation and technology disruptions across the region.
2013-01-31 Cisco banks on silicon photonics for 2.5D, 3D ICs
Cisco is one of many firms pushing silicon photonics on 2.5D and 3D chips to lessen the cost of next-generation networks.
2002-10-02 Choosing an IP core
IP cores allow design teams to rapidly create large SoC designs by integrating pre-made blocks that do not require any design work or verification.
2014-03-21 Chinese vendors set their sights on MEMS
While barrier-to-entry remains high for the MEMS market, China has thus far four pioneering vendorsMEMSIC, Senodia, QST, and MiraMEMS.
2008-01-02 China's spark of EMC hope
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a vital consideration in designing electronic devices. In China however, despite the huge growth of the electronics industry, EMC design and validation are not given much attention. This sorry state of affairs is something that Wu Weibing, chief EMC expert of start-up company Shenzhen SES-Tech Co. Ltd, hopes to ameliorate.
2014-03-26 China to funnel up to $15B on IC industry
The idea that has gained consensus in China recently is to set up a fund and let professional investors place bets on which Chinese entities deserve the funding instead of just the government dictating which IC industry sectors should get investment money.
2015-05-21 China start-up to drive smartwatch market
Reportedly, a number of smartwatch fence-sitters and traditional watchmakers harbour high hopes for 3Wearable. They will be using its technology to dabble in the nascent smartwatch market.
2015-05-19 China mulls future of wearables market
Chinese vendors see the nascent wearable market, despite its uncertainties, as their chance to seize the initiative, compared to their catch-up/copycat status in smartphones.
2015-06-01 CES Asia: Riding China's consumer electronics wave
The latest CES Asia saw a plethora of products from a number of startups, as well as from long-standing companies, evidently showing a close proximity between product design and manufacturing.
2015-06-30 CEA-Leti realigns research focus: FD-SOI takes centre stage
Leti, equipped with 200nm and 300nm wafer fabs, pioneered in its labs one of the key technologies in manufacturing SOI wafers, transferred it to Soitec, and worked with ST in chips based on FD-SOI.
2009-11-04 Car camera market keeps on rolling
The supplier landscape for automotive camera modules has become more complex over the last two years says IMS Research.
2012-10-02 Can China ever shed its shady IP reputation?
While having a tainted record when it comes to IP protection, China is showing signs of wanting to break from the mold.
2003-07-07 Cambridge Display reorganizes, seeks strategic partners
Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) has launched a major restructuring that will close two of its facilities and result in the loss of up to 30 jobs.
2004-11-18 Cadence plans EDA tools, VC money to curb China piracy
With the hope of curbing rampant piracy of EDA tools in China, Cadence Design Systems Inc. is considering ways to offer stripped down versions of its design suites in a move that mirrors similar efforts by Microsoft Corp.
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