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2014-12-30 Benefits of data acquisition for vehicles
In-vehicle data acquisition can help you diagnose engine problems and improve performance in vehicles. Measurements can help in finding the right trade-off between ease of engine cranking and kickbacks.
2011-01-28 Bandwidth demand propels industry innovation
In 2011 and beyond, a key growth driver for the electronics industry is an insatiable bandwidth demand from all corners of the globe.
2013-04-23 ASIC's communications days could be numbered
A new breed of merchant networking processors will replace ASICs in routers and switches over the next decade, Stanford University engineering professor Nick McKeown believes.
2015-05-18 Asian teams to show progress in smart cities
Innovation leaders will gather in June to describe experiences from smart city projects they have worked on. IBM will be showcasing work it has done through collaboration in three cities.
2013-07-01 ARM, Imagination collaborate to boost UK electronics
The CEOs the world's leading processor IP licensors, ARM and Imagination Technologies Group, have set aside their commercial rivalry to work together on a blueprint to boost electronics business in the UK.
2009-12-15 ARM invasion moves past mobile market
ARM claims 15 new processor licenses, including four next-generation processors, for a broad range of markets including digital TV, MCUs, HDDs and networking applications.
2009-01-07 Are tech workers back to a 9-to-5 existence?
Cash is king in a recession, both for companies and for their employees.
2015-09-30 Apple's thin-film battery start-up buy seen as long shot
Of the recent high-profile deals, only Xerox's tie-up with smart packaging developer, Thin Film Electronics, represents a clear winning transaction, according to Lux Research.
2015-05-15 Apple Watch: Does it give enough bang for your buck?
Despite the anticipation leading to the Apple Watch release last April 24, the supposedly game-changing wearables has failed to tip the scales the way the iPhone did when it first came out.
2013-05-06 Apple suppliers top MEMS microphone rankings
IHS noted that suppliers that had significant sales to Apple occupied the top 4 MEMS microphone ranks. Together the top 4 players last year commanded combined revenue of $513 million.
2006-08-11 App-specific solutions challenge nanotech developers
Advancements in the nanotechnology industry promise to offer improvements in capabilities across a spectrum of applications.
2008-05-12 APAC readies for mobile WiMAX boom
As the market for mobile WiMAX expands, manufacturers are targeting new customer segments, and there will be a correspondingly huge opportunity in the Asia-Pacific regions.
2004-07-19 Another good session for NexTone as it raises $10M
Session controller specialist NexTone Communications has closed a $10 million Series C funding round, bringing the company's total venture capital financing to $32.5 million.
2008-04-01 Another bleak year ahead for RFIC market
A new report from Strategy Analytics forecast that profits are going to be hard to come by for RF chipmakers over the next year, just as they have been for the past two years.
2012-09-27 Android tablet wars putting the pressure on Rockchip
Rockchip faces stiff competition from multinational chip companies like Samsung Electronics and Taiwanese behemoth MediaTek.
2013-03-12 Analyst: Smart lighting market to hit $6.7M by 2018
MarketsandMarkets revealed that there is growing demand for smart lighting solutions that include LED, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps.
2014-05-06 AMD takes massive strides with ARM cores
AMD has apparently upgraded its on-chip fabric, I/O and memory-management units for its upcoming ARM cores, saying that it is well along in implementing its architecture work and custom designs.
2007-04-04 Altera opens 30th joint lab, training center in China
Altera announced the opening of its 30th Joint Laboratory and Training Center (JLTC) at South China Normal University in China.
2013-06-28 Altair takes on Qualcomm with WiFi with low cost LTE
Altair aims to make its lack of 3G an asset, claiming that its LTE-only chip is smaller and cheaper and modules that are using it are smaller with a lower bill of materials.
2013-09-16 A*STAR DSI, IDA to create local cloud-enabled sol'ns
The collaboration seeks to promote and accelerate the adoption of cloud-based technologies by local ICT companies through solutions that will enhance efficiency and productivity based on industry needs.
2015-09-10 60 start-up companies to watch in 2015
EE Times has selected 30 start-up companies to come on to version 16.1 of its list of 60 firms that are worth keeping an eye on. Readers are welcome to nominate their own emerging companies.
2015-02-27 5 things to expect at Mobile World Congress
The Mobile World Congress has morphed into a gathering place to discover and debate connected devices and new network technologies tailored for different applications.
2014-08-18 15nm process design kit spurs innovation
The FreePDK released by North Carolina State University includes a more complete set of tools that anyone can download to design state-of-the-art chips and tools.
2013-02-20 10 silicon proven IP cores unveiled by S3 group
The latest cores from the S3 Group can be used in applications such as DVB-C2/S2 Demodulators, System Power Management Unit ICs, wireless and wireline communications, LTE and Satellite Transceivers.
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