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2008-10-06 Using EDAC RAM for RadTolerant RTAX-S/SL and Axcelerator FPGAs
In space applications, storage elements like SRAMs are susceptible to the impact of heavy ions from cosmic galactic rays. CGRs can collide with the silicon lattice of a RAM cell with sufficient photovoltaic energy to produce a change of state, thus invalidating the stored data and producing bit errors
1999-10-15 Synchronous dual-port static RAMs for DSP and communications applications
Data transfers are moving towards being more synchronous and may be random, sequential, pipelined, and/or non-pipelined applications. If dual-ported technology is the answer, then synchronous dual-ported SRAM will carry today's designs even further.
2006-10-31 Sanyo Epson makes LCD with pixel-integrated RAM
Sanyo Epson has announced the development of a 2.8-inch transflective low-temperature polysilicon LCD with pixel-integrated RAM that offers low power consumption
2000-05-12 Motorola BurstRAM: Fast static RAMs for Level 2 cache and the communications market
This application note discusses the BurstRAM. The BurstRAM is a synchronous fats static RAM designed to provide a burstable, high performance, Level 2 (L2) secondary cache for the PowerPC, Pentium, and other high performance microprocessors.
2008-10-20 QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and embedded FIFO controller
This document outlines QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and FIFO controller features and modes
2010-01-06 Quad Ethernet system packs up to 2GB RAM
From BVM Ltd comes the CMB-575 quad Ethernet system based on 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, and can address up to 2Gbyte of RAM
2015-06-09 Non-volatile RAM seen as replacement for DRAM, flash
Startup Nantero has raised $31.5 million that will be used to speed up development of its NRAM, sometimes known as Nano-RAM, for use in both enterprise and consumer applications
2009-10-02 Non-volatile RAM delivers up to 800MHz
AGIGA Tech's non-volatile RAM system delivers speeds up to 800MHz with peak transfer rates equivalent to DRAMs
2014-07-07 Microchip MCUs offered in larger flash, RAM
The PIC32MX1/2 MCUs are intended for designs in digital audio with Bluetooth, USB audio, graphics, touch sensing and general-purpose embedded control.
2010-07-02 MCUs pack USB, 96KB RAM for improved throughput
Microchip Technology has integrated USB for Embedded Host/Peripheral/On-the-Go and 96KB RAM into its latest microcontrollers to improve throughput and data buffering
2015-04-22 Is resistive RAM the next NVM star
Resistive RAM features low power consumption and a small cell areaboth compelling reasons for their adoption as a non-volatile memory
2008-05-22 Implementing depth expansion with the Cypress FLEx72 18Mbit dual-port RAM
This application note discusses the Cypress FLEx72 18Mbit dual-port RAM (CYD18S72V) is the industry's first DP RAM with support for a 72bit wide data bus
2011-11-29 DDR3 mobile RAM touts 6.4GB/s data transfer rate
Elpida's 30nm LPDDR3 claims to consume 25 percent less power and has data transfer rate twice as fast than LPDDR2.
2010-01-26 D/A PMC module packs RAM, external SRAM
Tews Technologies LLC has released a high-density 16bit D/A PCI mezzanine card (PMC) module with FIFOs.
2014-11-03 Bluetooth Smart/ANT multiprotocol SoCs boast more RAM
Nordic Semiconductor improved on its nRF51 series SoCs by including variants with 32kB RAM, and 128kB flash wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) options
2012-04-09 Advantages of resistive RAM for next-gen NVM
Here's a discussion on the strengths of hafnium-oxide-based resistive RAM cells, and the main challenges ahead for this technology
2015-06-23 KAIST team creates first flexible phase-change RAM
The research team developed a low-power non-volatile PRAM for flexible and wearable memories enabled by self-assembled BCP silica nanostructures and self-structured conductive filament nanoheater.
2008-05-22 Interfacing the FLEx72 18Mbit synchronous dual-port RAM to the TI TMS320C641x DSPs
. This application note describes wiring, EMIF register settings and other design considerations for connecting the TMS320C6416 DSP to the Cypress FLEx72 18Mbit synchronous dual port.
2002-10-21 WEDC introduce 72Mb NoBL SSRAM
White Electronics Designs Corp. has released what it claims to be the industry's first 72Mb No Bus Latency SSRAM.
2002-07-05 WEDC 4MB SRAM has 16-by-18mm footprint
White Electronic Designs Corp. has announced the release of the WEDPS512K32-XBX 4MB SRAM that integrates four 512K-by-8 SRAMs into a single 16-by-18mm, 143-pin BGA package.
2002-05-02 Virage offers multiport memory for SoC designs
Memory designer Virage Logic Corp. intends to market a configurable SRAM-based multiport memory that can perform three R/W operations simultaneously, increasing data throughput in today's embedded systems and meeting the expected demands of parallel or pipelined processors in future SoC designs.
2002-07-31 Virage Logic memory platform consumes lesser power
Virage Logic Corp. has introduced its ULP embedded memory platform that utilizes an architecture enabling it to consume four to 26 times less active power than competing products.
2003-01-16 Toshiba ships 128Mb Pseudo SRAMs
Toshiba Corp. has announced the availability of a pair of 128Mb Pseudo SRAMs that have a standby current of 250?A.
2002-07-29 STMicro NVRAM features 3.05mm profile
The M48Z32V ZEROPOWER NVRAM integrates battery switchover and write-protect functions, and a low-power SRAM device, into a 44-pin SOIC package with a 3.05mm profile.
2002-06-26 Simtek receives first silicon from Amkor
Simtek Corp. has received its first silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon from Amkor Technology Inc. as part of their development, licensing and product agreement.
2002-01-15 Samsung develops 0.115m low-power SRAM
Claiming to be months ahead of competitors, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd said it has developed the world's smallest low-power 32Mb SRAM, which will target next-generation mobile phones.
2002-11-26 NV SRAM Frequently Asked Questions
This application note list down the frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers for NV SRAMs.
2009-07-31 NV FRAM promises 10-year data retention
Ramtron has developed the FM23MLD16 8Mbit, 3volt ferroelectric RAM memory in a streamlined 48-pin FBGA package that features fast access, virtually unlimited read/write cycles and low power consumption
2003-04-30 NOVRAM AUTOSTORE Considerations
This application note lists considerations when using the AUTOSTORE function of the NOVRAM devices.
2005-12-07 NOR flash supports 133MHz speed
STMicroelectronics disclosed that they have started to manufacture 1.8V, 256Mb and 512Mb NOR flash memory devices using 90nm multi-level cell process technology.
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