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What is a stepper motor?
A motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used to control the movement of the access arm on a disk drive.
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2001-04-12 Using COP800 devices to control dc stepper motors
This application note describes the use of National Semiconductor's COP820 motor controller chip to control the speed, direction and rotation angle of a stepper motor
2014-01-24 Trinamic unveils driver stage for NEMA 17 stepper motors
Trinamic Motion Control's TMCM-1043 energy and cost-efficient embedded driver stage is custom designed for direct mounting on NEMA17 stepper motors.

Trinamic Motion Control has released its TMCM-1043 energy and cost-efficient embedded driver stage that is custom designed for direct mounting on NEMA17 stepper motors. The board is pre-programmed and pre-configured with all operating parameters to support standard 1.1A (rms) motors. It is designed for fast design-in and off-the-shelf use without the need for additional programming.

2007-04-18 Stepper motor drivers feature auto start function
AMI Semiconductor's enhanced single-chip stepper motor driver and control ICs feature an automatic start function that allows a stepper motor to start automatically when powered up
2006-05-23 Single-axis stepper motor offers data acquisition
RMV Electronics has introduced the Sport 232-ST, an intelligent single-axis stepper motor with data acquisition and control features
2010-09-15 Simplifying stepper motor system design
Contemporary stepper motor drive systems typically use an integrated power IC that drives the motor and may integrate some simple controls like the current control
2007-04-18 Quick start for beginners to drive a stepper motor
A stepper motor is an electrically powered motor that creates rotation from electrical current driven into the motor. Physically, stepper motors can be large but are often small enough to be driven by current on the order of milliampere. Current pulses are applied to the motor, and this generates discrete rotation of the motor shaft.
2008-09-30 ON Semiconductor's stepper motor designs receive updates
ON Semiconductor has extended its bipolar stepper motor control family
2002-01-14 NPM four-axis control chip drives stepper motors
The company's PCD-4541 is a four-axis motion control chip designed for two-phase unipolar or bipolar stepper motors in manufacturing and inspection equipment.
2002-08-13 NPM card controls stepper motors, servomotors
Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd has introduced the PPC17443 4-axis motion control card that incorporates a PCL6045 control chip that controls stepper motors or servomotors.
2006-01-13 NJR H-bridge driver IC targets small stepper motor apps
The NJU7382 dual H-bridge driver IC from New Japan Radio is designed for low voltage small stepper motor applications
2003-07-30 Moon stepper motor adopts unipolar induction
Shanghai Moon Electronics Co. Ltd has introduced its 14HY series of hybrid stepper motors that is suitable for portable systems.
2009-12-08 Mini driver IC cuts space in stepper motor designs
Designed for use with two-phase stepper motors, the mixed-signal motor drivers eliminate external switches and sense resistors.
2002-09-17 Micronas dashboard MCUs drive up to seven stepper motors
Micronas GmBH has launched what it claims to be the world's first fully-integrated series of dashboard microcontrollers that are capable of driving up to seven stepper motors for car instrumentation.
2013-04-30 Market for DC brushless motors in car apps to grow
IMS Research forecasted that DC brushless motor shipments are expected to increase by 52 per cent from 2012 to 2017 to reach more than 462 million units.
2007-12-17 Low-cost stepper controller has wider step size range
LSI Computer Systems has introduced the LS7290 low-cost precision stepper motor controller designed for two-phase bipolar or four-phase unipolar stepper motors with minimum burden on the MCU.
2008-05-22 Industrial stepper motor driver
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor describes stepper motor control based on PSoC
2000-05-25 Increasing the high-speed torque of bipolar stepper motors
This application note shows that increasing the slew rates of the winding currents in a bipolar stepper motor pushes the motor to deliver more torque at high speeds
2008-01-02 Increase options for stepper motor control
ASSP solutions for stepper motor drive electronics integrate all necessary driver, feedback and correction functions while implementing sensorless control
2011-11-21 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 2
The second part of this series tackles torque effects and detection circuitry.
2011-11-07 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 1
Learn about this method that takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection of current and duty-cycle sensing.
2002-09-04 Densitron presents accurate stepper motor
The DSM423LN stepper motor from Densitron Corp. features a leadscrew nut formed in the shaft that has an M4 hole threaded through the center, allowing the device to achieve accurate movement
2016-01-07 Cost-effectively transition to brushless DC motors
Brush-type DC motor solutions can be replaced 1:1 by a BLDC motor system, that on the outside, look like a conventional motor but inside pro- vide all advantages needed to realise intelligent motion control.
2016-02-16 Boost current control for better stepper motor motion
Implementing internal, bi-directional current sensing inside a stepper motor driver IC results in improved motion quality with lower system cost than legacy solutions
2002-03-08 Basic Stamp I application note: A serial stepper controller
This application note demonstrates simple hardware and software techniques for driving and controlling common four-coil stepper motors.
2009-12-11 AMIS-3052x/NCV7052x stepper motor driver failure diagnostics and protection
This application note gives an overview of the failure modes that can occur in a stepper motor application and describes the coverage of the 52x for their detection. For specific error conditions, algorithms are described
2003-05-06 Allegro MOSFET pre-driver controls dc brush motors
The company's A3940 power MOSFET pre-driver IC provides four high-current, gate-drive outputs capable of driving n-channel power MOSFETs.
2003-01-09 Allegro IC drives 750mA stepper motors
Allegro MicroSystems has introduced the A3967 microstepping motor driver IC that is targeted at bipolar stepper motors that run up to 30V, 750mA.
2006-09-08 Stepper motor delivers up to 40% more torque
Portescap said the stator-enhanced magnets of the h3 stepper motor series deliver up to 40 percent more torque in the same footprint as competing devices
2007-03-27 Stepper motor card offers fast control, smooth motion
Adlink's PCI-8144 stepper motor control card supports both T-curve and S-curve speed profiles, as well as unsymmetrical acceleration and deceleration to fit a variety of applications that require fast control with smooth motion
2008-07-16 Allegro presents low voltage dual DC/stepper motor driver
Allegro introduces a new low voltage dual full bridge motor driver designed to drive one bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors.
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