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2011-09-15 Integrated pre-driver saves 60% space
TI has launched DRV8301, a three-phase brushless motor pre-driver, which integrates step-down voltage regulator and dual current-sense amplifiers, resulting to a 60 percent reduction in board space.
2010-12-20 How to use LM8801 evaluation board
Read about the evaluation board for LM8801 that provided a working demonstration of a step down DC-DC converter.
2010-05-17 HBLED driver integrates PWM dithering
Micrel Inc. is rolling out the MIC3203 step-down high-brightness LED (HBLED) driver controller IC with high-side current sense and PWM dithering feature for EMI control.
2011-01-07 Guide to using LMZ14203 3A demo board
The LMZ14203 Simple Switcher power module is a step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 3A load.
2011-01-03 Guide to using LMZ12003 3A demo board
The LMZ12003 Simple Switcher power module is a step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 3A load.
2009-03-30 GPU core controllers handle wide I/O voltage ratios
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX17007A/MAX17008 dual, synchronous, step-down, switch-mode power-supply (SMPS) controllers.
2007-08-07 Get negative auxiliary output from a buck regulator
Buck switching-power converters are the most common method used to efficiently step down positive input voltages.
2011-09-13 Gate drivers target 3-phase motor drive apps
TI's new brushless motor pre-driver ICs include 1.5A step-down voltage regulators that operate from 3.5 to 60V.
2013-10-30 Functions of 60V high current LED driver
Read about a 60V synchronous, step-down DC/DC controller designed to regulate LED current at 20A with PWM dimming.
2009-01-29 Dual-output controller delivers up to 25A
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX15023, a low-cost, dual-output, synchronous step-down controller capable of driving external MOSFETs to deliver at least 12A per output.
2007-03-14 Dual-mode DC/DC delivers 1.4A per channel
Linear Technology has announced the LT3508, a dual-channel current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter that delivers 1.4A of output current with efficiencies up to 89 percent per channel.
2013-10-08 Dev't board features eGaN FETs in parallel operation
The EPC9017 is geared for high current, high step down voltage, buck intermediate bus converter (IBC) applications using eGaN FETs.
2009-08-10 DC/DC regulator tailored for POL apps
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its portfolio of integrated power management switching regulators with the ADP2114 dual-output, synchronous, step-down DC/DC regulator.
2006-05-05 DC/DC regulator adds power-management smarts
Texas Instruments' step-down regulator is the first DC/DC chip compatible with SmartReflex technology.
2005-01-27 DC/DC converters with automatic PFM-PWM mode operation
National unveiled the first two products in a family of miniature, high efficiency synchronous step-down DC/DC converters for portable systems.
2006-01-27 DC/DC converters target cellphones
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced the AAT1146 and AAT2512 step-down DC/DC converters for GSM phone applications.
2006-03-01 DC/DC converters offer the simplicity of a buck regulator
Linear Technology Corp. introduced a family of DC/DC converters that offers the performance and simplicity of a buck (step-down) regulator for the design of isolated power supplies.
2007-06-22 DC/DC converters have synchronous rectifying system
Sanyo's new step-down DC/DC converter control ICs, adopting synchronous rectifying system, are power ICs incorporating numerous functions on a single chip with easy external setting.
2007-05-09 DC/DC converter withstands transients up to 80V
Linear Tech's H-Grade version of the LT3437 step-down switching regulator operates from continuous inputs of 3.3-60V and withstands transients up to 80V.
2006-07-10 DC/DC converter tailored for data-storage apps
STMicroelectronics has introduced an advanced high-frequency step-down DC/DC converter particularly suited for use in data-storage and handheld applications.
2006-04-28 DC/DC converter saves space
AnalogicTech announced the AAT1121, a new step-down DC/DC converter for space-constrained portable applications.
2012-04-26 DC/DC converter resists 80V transients
Linear Tech's LT3988 is a 2.5MHz step-down DC/DC converter that uses dual, high efficiency 1.3A switches, with the necessary boost diodes, oscillator, control and logic circuitry integrated into a single chip.
2009-02-12 DC/DC converter offers 60V transient protection
Linear Technology has released the LT3509, a dual-channel current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with two internal 36V and 1A power switches.
2011-10-28 DC/DC converter offers 4.2-42V input voltage range
Linear Tech's step-down switching regulator delivers up to 750mA of continuous output current to voltages as low as 1.21V.
2012-01-17 DC/DC converter offers 150C max junction temp
The H-grade version of the LT3692A , a monolithic, dual output step-down switching regulator, delivers up to 3.5A of continuous output current from each channel.
2013-10-09 DC/DC converter manages 3G,LTE bandwidths up to 20MHz
The LM3290 step-down converter with integrated DC boost enable the use of envelope tracking techniques in RF transmitters to reduce the power amplifier temperature by 20C.
2008-10-08 DC/DC converter keeps quiescent current under 75?A
Linear introduces the LT3972, a 3.5A, 33VIN step-down switching regulator with Burst Mode operation to keep quiescent current under 75?A.
2008-11-06 DC/DC converter highlights light-load efficiency
Texas Instruments has expanded its SWIFT DC/DC converters with a new 65V input, 1.5A output step-down switcher with integrated FET that achieves significant energy savings in light-load efficiency.
2009-06-18 DC/DC converter delivers accurate voltage reference
Texas Instruments has extended it s family of easy-to-use SWIFT power management ICs with the introduction of the single-chip, 6A, 17V step-down synchronous switcher with integrated FETs.
2009-05-07 DC/DC converter cuts cost, space in automotive apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has released an automotive-qualified DC/DC step-down converter that offers a combination of high voltage up to 60V, a switching frequency up to 2MHz, and ultralow quiescent current of 65?A in a small, monolithic package.
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