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2009-03-26 DC/DC controllers deliver fast transient response
Linear Technology Corp. has launched the LTC3878 and LTC3879 high efficiency no RSENSE synchronous step-down DC/DC controllers.
2006-08-01 DC/DC controller targets N-channel MOSFETs
Linear Technology announced it is offering a low input voltage, synchronous step-down DC/DC controller for N-channel MOSFETs.
2006-01-06 DC/DC controller tailored for automotive apps
Linear Technology introduced the LTC3827, a low quiescent current, 2-phase dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller suitable for automotive applications.
2008-09-15 DC/DC controller regulates pre-biased loads
Linear Technology has launched a highly efficient, triple-output, synchronous step-down switching regulator controller with coincident or ratiometric tracking that safely powers pre-biased loads.
2007-12-28 DC/DC controller produces up to 30V output
Linear Tech says its LT3742, a 100 percent duty cycle dual output step-down switching regulator DC/DC controller produces output voltages up to 30V.
2010-03-16 DC/DC controller integrates 1.1? MOSFET drivers
Linear Technology offers the LTC3890/-1 high-voltage, dual-output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller that draws only 50?A when one output is active.
2003-01-10 dc/dc controller IC has 1 percent output accuracy
The LTC3832 step-down dc/dc controller converts an input ranging from 3V to 8V to an output as low as 0.6V with an accuracy of 1 percent.
2009-05-26 DC/DC controller drives n-channel MOSFET
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3854, 2mm x 3mm DFN-12 packaged, wide input voltage range synchronous step-down switching DC/DC controller that drives all n-channel power MOSFET stages.
2009-05-11 DC/DC ?Module regulator printed circuit board design guidelines
The LTM8020, LTM8021, LTM8022 and LTM8023 ?Modules are complete easy-to-use encapsulated step down DC/DC regulators intended to take the pain out of implementing a switching power supply onto a system board.
2005-02-04 Dc-dc converter cuts external component count, solution size
Linear Tech's new 40V Micropower step-down dc-dc converter includes boost and catch diodes in a ThinSOT package, reducing external component count and solution size.
2004-12-24 Dc-dc controller with fast transient response
Linear Tech rolled out a new 2-phase step-down synchronous dc-dc controller with fast transient response.
2005-01-19 Dc-dc controller provides fast transient response, high output accuracy
Linear Tech released a synchronous step-down dc-dc controller with fast transient response, high output accuracy, integrated tracking and sequencing functions, and output margining capability.
2005-01-14 Dc-dc compensates for PCB traces
Linear's LTC3709 is a two-phase step-down synchronous dc-dc controller with a true differential amplifier at the output that eliminates voltage-drop errors introduced by a PCB's traces and high load currents.
2006-02-23 Corrigan steps down as LSI Logic chairman
Wilfred Corrigan, chairman of LSI Logic Corp., will step down and won't stand for re-election to the company's board.
2005-04-22 Converter with wide input range
Linear Technology recently released a current mode PWM step-down dc-dc converter with an internal 1.9A power switch, packaged in an 8-lead thermally enhanced MSOP package.
2014-08-20 Converter with cable voltage drop compensation
Here is a circuit that addresses a problem at the output of a low voltage, highly efficient and small step-down converter typically used in applications where weight and connection count is critical.
2006-01-25 Converter IC suits POL systems
TI announced a high efficiency, 500kHz, step-down DC/DC IC with integrated FET that delivers 3A of continuous output current and supports input voltages of 5.5V to 36V.
2008-10-17 Controller IC promises smooth power conversion
A new high-performance triple-output step-down controller IC from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is designed for efficient power conversion.
2001-03-29 Compact, Low Cost, On-Board Power Supplies Uses No Heat Sink
This paper presents several switch-mode power supply (SMPS) solutions for step-down, step-up, step-up/down and positive-to-negative applications.
2001-07-02 Compact, Low Cost, On-Board Power Supplies Uses No Heat Sink
This paper presents several switch-mode power supply (SMPS) solutions for step-down, step-up, step-up/down and positive-to-negative applications.
2008-02-26 Catalyst gets patent on switching scheme for green LEDs
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has received a patent for unique step-down switching regulator circuit architecture applicable to step-down regulators for driving high brightness LEDs.
2008-05-13 CAT4201 LED driver evaluation board
This document describes the CAT4201EVAL2 evaluation board for Catalyst's CAT4201 high-efficiency step-down LED driver.
2011-07-28 Buck regulators,?LDOs occupy 69mm2 board area
Analog Devices has unveiled its ADP5024 and ADP5034 regulators/LDOs that features 3MHz and 1.2A step down regulators.
2010-01-08 Buck regulator boasts over 95% efficiency
Micrel's MIC22950 synchronous step-down regulator achieves more than 95 percent efficiency over a broad load range with just a 1?H inductor and a 100?F output capacitor.
2008-08-15 Buck converters guarantee high-efficiency power conversion
AnalogicTech has unveiled a new family of high-voltage, high-current, non-synchronous step-down converters capable of providing high-efficiency power conversion from 24V supplies.
2005-10-27 austriamicro's new power mngt IC
The AS3654 power management IC from austriamicro includes high performance voltage regulators, a lighting unit, step down battery charger and a stereo audio DAC.
2010-08-24 Analysis: Will Intel eventually rely less on chips and more on software?
An analyst sees Intel's acquisition of McAfee as a step down the road to diversification that will find the company eventually relying less on chip sales and more on software and consulting services.
2007-12-14 AMD preps Meyer to be Ruiz successor
News reports claim that AMD is grooming president and chief operating officer Dirk Meyer to assume the top executive position even though Hector Ruiz has no immediate plans to step down.
2015-09-15 80A encapsulated digital power module offers POL conversions
The ISL8273M from Intersil is a complete step-down regulated power supply that promises up to 80A output current and operates from industry standard 5V or 12V input power rails.
2009-08-20 6A RGB LED driver reference design for a portable projector
This is a reference design for a 6A step-down LED driver for a portable projector. The reference design is based on the MAX16821, a PWM HB LED driver.
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