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2009-01-07 Automotive output controller handles up to 38V
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX17019, a high-input-voltage, quad-output controller for automotive applications.
2008-01-14 Audio front end halves power draw, doubles performance
austriamicrosystems has extended its audio front end portfolio with a new device that promises low power consumption at a high audio performance by featuring a sub-7mW stereo DAC at over 100dB SNR.
2007-12-28 Audio codec/power management IC enhances Core Logic PNDs
austriamicrosystems has announced that Core Logichas selected its AS3518 audio codec and advanced power management IC (audio front end) to power a reference design aimed at PNDs and multimedia phones.
2004-01-12 Atmel power management IC suits 3G wireless apps
Atmel Corp. has release its AT73C203 Power Management standard product for 3G wireless platforms.
2014-05-20 Army places Thailand under martial law
The Thai army made the surprise declaration reportedly unbeknownst to the government in an attempt to restore order in the country.
2013-06-05 ARM processors geared for mid-range mobile devices
ARM took the stage at Computex 2013 in Taiwan to unveil its CPU, GPU and video cores, which it claims fuses area- and cost-efficiency for the mid-range smartphone and tablet computer market.
2004-07-16 Are we ready for a 42V automotive system?
Though unclear of the exact boom point for 42V, many are working on making their products 42V compatible in order not to be left out when the waves ride in.
2004-07-16 Applications approach regulates telematics power systems
Address power-management problems in telematics and infotainment systems through an application-driven approach.
2009-04-24 Analyst: Inconsistent profitability brought Sun down
While Sun Microsystems struggled to keep costs down, the most significant challenge it faced was its inability to show consistent performance, according to analysts.
2003-08-27 AnalogicTech dc-dc converter minimizes part count
Advanced Analogic Technologies has released the AAT1150, a synchronous buck dc-dc converter that delivers an output current of 1A.
2007-11-15 Analog renders ultrasizzling 3G phone
The N95 gets anointed in Nokia's marketing as a "multimedia computer," but in one view, it's the still the analog IC that sets it apart.
2007-06-27 Analog ICs aid low-power handset designs
A cluster of new, analog-centric, components from National Semiconductor can help handheld designers implement the low-power tactics essential to longer operating times.
2008-10-09 AMD succumbs, finally, to spin-off
After a year in the works, AMD has obtained an investment of up to $8.4 billion from the Abu Dhabi government and separately plans to split the company into two parts
2010-04-14 AM3517/05 power reference design 3.6V to 6.3V input, high-efficiency, integrated 5-output PMIC
This application note proposes one power solution each for 3.3V operation and for 1.8V operation based on the TPS650732.
2004-12-10 Altera, power tool vendors offer solutions for Stratix II FPGAs
Altera Corp. and power management vendors Bellnix Co. Ltd, Linear Technology, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments Inc. and Volterra Semiconductor Corp. have announced the availability of a complete power management solution for customers using Altera FPGAs.
2010-06-03 Adding hysteresis to low-battery input on the TPS62113
This application report describes how to add hysteresis to the LBI circuitry for the TPS62113 converter.
2013-04-01 Add multi-cell battery system to single-cell designs
Front-end power management units will unite multi-cell battery stack designs of future systems and single-cell-based designs of past systems.
2008-06-26 A simple model for DC/DC charge pumps
This application note from AnalogicTech summarizes the benefits and limitations of charge pump DC/DC converters for low-current portable applications, typically below 300mA output current.
2008-06-03 A matter of light: The ABCs of LEDs (Part 1)
Newly enhanced LEDs have the potential to achieve efficiency improvements while maintaining high performance and reliability that supersede many currently used sources.
2015-07-10 A breath of fresh air: Naked ambition for a female CEO
The resignation by Renee James, Intel's president, has made headlines, but the real story lies behind her reason for doing so, which is rather unconventional.
2015-05-28 60V synchronous buck controller eases power supply design
The ISL8117 from Intersil enables buck conversions such as 48V direct to 1V through a very low minimum-on-time-specification, and can also permit point-of-load supplies to be fed from 48V rails.
2010-04-14 4A converter extends battery life in portable apps
Texas Instruments Inc. is rolling out what it claims to be the smallest and highest-performance buck-boost converter with a 4A switch and up to 96 percent efficiency.
2016-05-17 3.5A switching regulator targets automotive, industrial space
Offering efficiency as high as 96%, the 42V LT8610A and LT8610AB feature Burst Mode operation that keeps quiescent current under 2.5A in no-load standby conditions.
2010-05-04 2.2MHz PMIC equipped for automotive apps
Maxim Integrated Products has released a 2.2MHz, high-voltage, four-channel PMIC optimized for automotive applications that require up to four power rails at medium power levels.
2012-01-30 100V buck regulator features integrated MOSFETs
The 600mA LM5017 enables direct point-of-load voltage regulation from input voltages and operates at switching frequencies up to 1MHz.
2008-10-17 'Smallest' PMIC rolls for portable media players
Maxim Integrated Products has released what it claims to be the smallest power management IC (PMIC) that integrates a single-cell Li-ion/lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) charger with proprietary Smart Power Selector circuitry that seamlessly distributes power within the system.
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