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2002-10-25 Micronas USB controller fits mini, micro stereo systems
Micronas' UAC 3553B USB controller allows users to stream digital music files from the PC into the stereo system.
2003-03-10 Micronas stereo DAC targets portable devices
Micronas GmbH has introduced the DAC 3560C stereo DAC, which is available in a 6-by-6-by-0.9mm QFN package that eyes portable multimedia devices.
2004-06-23 Lucky First stereo jacks withstand 350C soldering temperatures
Lucky First has released its ST-360G17-104 stereo jacks that have a rated voltage of 50V and current of 0.5A.
2008-09-02 Low-power stereo DAC improves sound of digital devices
AKM Semiconductor has released AK4373, a 24bit stereo DAC with advanced DSP and integrated speaker and headphone amplifiers, providing advanced sound field effects for digital music sources.
2006-09-21 Low-power stereo DAC delivers high audio quality
Wolfson Microelectronics has unveiled a highly efficient stereo DAC with integrated 1W Class D stereo speaker driver and capless headphone output offering outstanding audio quality.
2010-07-15 Low-cost audio DAC packs stereo line drivers
From Cirrus Logic Inc. comes the CS4354, its lowest-cost 24bit DAC with integrated stereo line drivers.
2005-09-29 LG Innotek adopts Broadcom Bluetooth for wireless stereo headset
Broadcom announced that its Blutonium Bluetooth technology is now included in a new wireless headset from LG Innotek Co. Ltd.
2001-05-04 Interfacing a TMS320C3x to the TLC320AD58C 18bit stereo A/D converter
This application note discusses how to initialize the TMS320C3x DSP to interface with the TLC320AD58C 18bit stereo A/D converter without glue logic.
2007-03-01 Integrate voice, stereo in Bluetooth devices
The requirement of Bluetooth music and voice to co-exist brings to the fore an array of challenges.
2009-04-28 Improve stereo performance with active biasing
This application note discusses trade-offs of active and passive biasing circuits used in consumer audio products. The use of these circuits in digital potentiometers and volume controls is compared in terms of audio parameters like separation and mute. Equations help designers evaluate their design trade-offs for a specific situation
2003-06-11 IC for headphone stereo: Monolithic IC MM1104
This application note discusses the MM1104 IC, which is designed for 3V headphone stereo systems with compander applications.
2011-06-06 HTC unveils stereo 3D handset
Available on the Sprint WiMax network later this year, HTC's EVO 3D smartphone can capture and display 3D images and videos, specifically stereo 3D games, user-generated content and 3D movies.
2007-10-10 High-performance stereo DAC suits high-end audio apps
Wolfson Microelectronics has unveiled the WM8741, an ultra high performance stereo DAC for high-end audio applications.
2015-12-01 Exploring ADAS stereo vision apps (Part 1)
Read about ADAS applications and how cameras in general, and stereo vision in particular, is the basis for safe autonomous cars that can see and drive themselves.
2005-07-20 Digigram stereo sound card now comes in short-length PCI format
Digigram has resized its VX222-Mic stereo sound card with built-in mic-preamplifier to the compact short-length PCI format, which is required by a growing number of PCs.
2007-08-03 Codec nudges forward wireless stereo headsets
Open Interface North America rolls out a lossless audio codec that provides better performance than its competitors without requiring new hardware.
2007-06-13 Class D stereo amplifier offers low power consumption
Rohm Co. Ltd has developed a digital input Hi-Fi class-D headphone amplifier LSI designed specifically for portable audio devices such as MP3 players, IC recorders, electronic dictionaries, digital cameras and notebook PCs.
2007-12-19 Class D audio subsystems render 3D stereo sound
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9775/MAX9776 highly efficient Class D audio subsystems that provide 3D stereo enhancement.
2008-07-15 Chip creates 3D stereo sound from 2-channel audio
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd have developed the NJU26040-16A with eala Stereo Expander for 2ch speaker systems, which makes ordinary two-channel sounds transform into stereo sounds and 3D surrounds.
2003-11-28 Chenshen power capacitors suit car stereo systems
Nantong Chenshen Capacitor has announced the availability of its XP series of audio power capacitors that is suitable for use in car stereo systems.
2008-09-29 CD/MP3 stereo 2:1 multiplexer promises ultralow distortion
Intersil has developed the industry's optimal CD/MP3 stereo 2:1 multiplexer designed to deliver ultralow distortion audio source or load selector solutions with very high signal muting.
2008-08-22 Buzz: Intel to drive stereo 3D to TVs
Though details remain unclear, early reviews hold that Intel has taken a "great leap ahead" in extending its x86 jewel into consumer electronics.
2008-01-31 BTSC encoder achieves stereo audio sans alignment
AKEMD's new digital BTSC encoding process achieves high audio performance without alignment of external components.
2005-07-15 Broadcom's new solution targets wireless stereo headsets
Broadcom has developed a single-chip Bluetooth solution specifically designed for wireless stereo headsets.
2007-02-27 Bluetooth 2.0 module streams MP3 stereo
Free2move's F2M03MLA embedded multimedia Bluetooth module wirelessly streams MP3 stereo sound, handles voice communication and enhances data transmission connectivity.
2009-12-29 Audio IC delivers high-quality stereo at 10W
The chip is the first audio device to use the company's proprietary eighth-generation Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS process technology.
2002-09-09 AKM stereo ADC integrates HPF for dc offset
The AK5381 24-bit, two-channel ADC from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd integrates a high-pass filter to eliminate dc offset.
2005-10-25 AKM rolls new audio ADC for mobiles and stereo microphones
Asahi Kasei Microsystems introduced AK5701, a small, low power ADC with integrated microphone amplifier ALC and PLL, making it suitable for mobile phones, smart phones and PMP stereo microphone systems.
1999-11-13 24bit stereo A/D converter for digital audio
The CS5360 is a two-channel, single 5V supply, 24bit ADC for digital audio systems. The device performs sampling, ADC conversion, and anti-alias filtering. This note deals with the CS5360 and its application for digital audio.
2013-10-04 20W audio amp reduces mid-power stereo apps BoM cost
The TAS5760xx devices from TI are digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers geared for TVs, soundbars, portable docking stations, Bluetooth speakers and aftermarket automotive audio products.
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